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Spiritual Dating
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Warning Don'T Open The Link Virus V V V
Kenya’S Top Websites (Alexa Rankings)
Music & Character!
The Modern Way To Plant Rice Vs The Kenyan Way
Nilikua Hapa
So Season 2 Finale Ni Monday??
We Are Recruiting...Chinese Company Wants Presence Here
We Are Recruiting...Chinese Company Wants Presence Here
I Can Invade Eastern Europe In 2 Days --Russia Declares
American Currency Is Beautiful
Simba 2 @ Ol Kalau Nyandarua 4 Witeithie Women Empowerment
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Newest WhatsUps
Now how much weed the devil smokes, he will never be the most high!
referedum nayo
Persistence wears out resistance.sisitiza na utapenya
you can't climb the ladder of success dressed in costumes of failure
Women are like fruits....everyone has its unique colour, shape,aroma and taste........problem is with MEN......!they want fruit salad
Am going for Broke
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Newest Quotes
Setbacks are the set-ups of the came back
My wife ndari clitoris na mboco iri murio william kabogo kiambu governor.
Seeing a spider is nothing; it becomes a problem when it disappears.
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The government should use every security organ military included to curb politically instigated crime. No one is above the law despite fanatical following. Economic sabotage is treason. Act now (Quote by utu)

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