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For Luck,Business And Relationship Problems
Why Is It That?
Pesa Ni Muhimu Sana (True Story Ya Jana)
Teren Teren
Usmanov Blasts Wenger
Pink Handles-Family Planning
Dj Mo Arrested!!
Academic Writing Accounts
Smartphone Deals Call 0710733183
Fake Photos' Propagandists
Dry Fry Mode:Two Sisters At The Same Time
Call Us For Your Ssd Chemical Solution For Cleaning Black Do
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When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
The missionaries came holding the bible and found us holding our land, they asked us to close our eyes for prayer after amen we were left holding the bible and they were holding the land
kusema na kutenda
Laptop chargers, laptop batteries and samsung galaxy battery call 0710942903
You either win some or lose some,success is neva free
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Newest Quotes
Don't try to find out if the person you are dating accepts you. Try to figure out if you accept the person.
As much as the fish lives in water for its entire life, still it has to be cleaned before being cooked
Kyle: You could have totally f---ed the sh-- out of that girl. Adam: No one wants to f--- me. I look like Voldemort.
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The constitution is clear on how many offices an individual may hold, hence by swearing in they effectively resigned from the cabinet. They can choose to be one or the other not both. (Quote by sasa)
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