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Atm Card Skimming Is Now In Kenya...mafox Beware
Listing #99465 by ›› j0j0 on 12-Oct-2012    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 583 views . 4 comments . Printed 29 times . Favorited 1 times

Next time u see some funny withdrawals that u never made in your ATM transaction receipt then Fox just know u have been skimmed by clever criminals.
How it works: [Copy pasted]
Thieves can install devices inside an ATM card slot at night that skim, or steal, information directly from the card's magnetic stripe, which carries account and PIN information programmed into the card by the bank. These devices are known as CARD READERS . Using this information, thieves can duplicate the card, program their own magnetic stripe, and use it to withdraw money.

NB: They are targeting Equity bank ATMs

Blame this on the high number of unemployed Graduates tarmacking especially computer science / I.T graduates like fox joji who graduted half a decade ago and still cannot find a job.

An Equity bank ATM skimmed machine

›› crazydude  13-Oct-2012, reply_796613   › Flag Comment
To use your logic...its only equity bank atm at risk coz they are somehow unique n easy. The others are safe n are designed differently. You are a genius. Asante sana nitahama immediately to another bank..
›› wildcard  13-Oct-2012, reply_796643   › Flag Comment
my kcb card was skimmed at kcb atm outer ring near donholm. luckily the bank realised and blocked my card which kind of really fcuked up my travel plans at the time coz it was a visa card. aich. but at least kcb realised the machine had a skimmer early enough. so i dont think any bank atm is safe...
›› dushisky  13-Oct-2012, reply_796809   › Flag Comment
Ati equity pekee. Mko manyu kama matako. This is happening in all banks and has become a serious threat. Its time they introduce atm machines that use biometrics identification like finger prints. Cards are too easy to skim nowadays
›› Curtains  14-Oct-2012, reply_797304   › Flag Comment
Its only equity bank. other banks are safe
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Jana it was Kenchic, leo its Kenya meat commission, kesho am sure it will be Farmers Choice and we are not even in the 4th quarter...mtasahau nyama (Whatsup by Msuper)

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