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Shiro Wa Gp
Listing #94911 by ›› pavilion on 27-Aug-2012    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 1,692 views . 5 comments . Printed 43 times

›› Toto_Safi  27-Aug-2012, reply_765167   › Flag Comment
unadhani k-list ni ya wakikuyu pekee yake?? weka vitu kila mtu anaeza kuelewa.. ..
›› Soundbyte  27-Aug-2012, reply_765192   › Flag Comment
Is that ka-chick married by the way?Getting some ideas in my head....!
›› waitina  27-Aug-2012, reply_765379   › Flag Comment
That Jungu guy couldn't be in a worse place!
›› Tom Bayeye  28-Aug-2012, reply_765530   › Flag Comment
madiabz nazo.......kama imeshika ,wapi nduru.the jungu guy is looking for an excuse at the back so he can use it to vacate the premises in an orderly fashion,talk about being held against your will
›› Tom Bayeye  28-Aug-2012, reply_765531   › Flag Comment
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