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Rita Dominic’s Birthday Party
Listing #91500 by ›› gitemethu on 16-Jul-2012    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 4,343 views . 10 comments . Printed 68 times . Favorited 1 times

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic celebrated her birthday on Thursday July 12th in company of her friends and Colleague.. And here are photos from her birthday party.

Web Page:

›› Mayekeke Away < 15 minutes   16-Jul-2012, reply_744026   › Flag Comment
Bleach nayo!!!
›› baba raj  16-Jul-2012, reply_744034   › Flag Comment
haituhusu sisi wakenya, picha kama hizi onyesha nyanya yako ukiwa idle ad explain to her who she is to you, kubaff
›› c3  16-Jul-2012, reply_744054   › Flag Comment
›› 4makind  16-Jul-2012, reply_744072   › Flag Comment
And I thought these oga stars were living large!!! kumbe ni masufferah wa kawaida and only put their oga swagga when they go abroad!!
›› troll  16-Jul-2012, reply_744187   › Flag Comment
›› Nipples   16-Jul-2012, reply_744241   › Flag Comment
she looks very old....
›› machopevu  16-Jul-2012, reply_744298   › Flag Comment
Adi bleacher gal....nice MILF alafu post thz on Nigerianlist OK?? fukhead
›› kuna Dawa-Mpenda cli  17-Jul-2012, reply_744314   › Flag Comment
she's just a kawaida chic...would not turn my head to look at her twice down the street !
›› webdev  17-Jul-2012, reply_744331   › Flag Comment
maceleb wa mamboch
›› webbz  17-Jul-2012, reply_744493   › Flag Comment
naaah looks like a cougar
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