| Rita Dominic’s Birthday Party
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Rita Dominic’s Birthday Party
Listing #91500 by ›› gitemethu on 16-Jul-2012 2:53 pm . 4,377 views . 10 comments . Printed 70 times . Favorited 1 times .  › Flag This Listing
Beautiful Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic celebrated her birthday on Thursday July 12th in company of her friends and Colleague.. And here are photos from her birthday party.







›› Mayekeke  16-Jul-2012, 3:04 pm, reply_744026
Bleach nayo!!!
›› baba raj  16-Jul-2012, 3:11 pm, reply_744034
haituhusu sisi wakenya, picha kama hizi onyesha nyanya yako ukiwa idle ad explain to her who she is to you, kubaff
›› c3  16-Jul-2012, 3:38 pm, reply_744054
›› 4makind  16-Jul-2012, 4:06 pm, reply_744072
And I thought these oga stars were living large!!! kumbe ni masufferah wa kawaida and only put their oga swagga when they go abroad!!
›› troll  16-Jul-2012, 6:39 pm, reply_744187
›› Nipples   16-Jul-2012, 8:29 pm, reply_744241
she looks very old....
›› machopevu  16-Jul-2012, 11:38 pm, reply_744298
Adi bleacher gal....nice MILF alafu post thz on Nigerianlist OK?? fukhead
›› kuna Dawa-Mpenda cli Online < 7 minutes   17-Jul-2012, 12:00 am, reply_744314
she's just a kawaida chic...would not turn my head to look at her twice down the street !
›› webdev  17-Jul-2012, 1:13 am, reply_744331
maceleb wa mamboch
›› webbz  17-Jul-2012, 11:37 am, reply_744493
naaah looks like a cougar
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