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Caroline Mutoko Tells Ladies Nt 2 Date Foxes Who Drink .....
Listing #91273 by ›› j0j0 on 13-Jul-2012    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 1,222 views . 22 comments . Printed 61 times

During a womans only conference, Caroline Mutuko adviced ladies to

1.Not date foxes who are drunkards or abuse drugs
2.Not to date foxes who take them on a date 2 dingy places like njungunas
3.Not to date foxes who do not drive...ati if a fox uses a matatu as his mode of transport basi his mentality ni ya makanga
4. Not to date foxes who only made it upto form 4
5. Not to date muchatha foxes (village material) .

and many more......yawa is this woman even married?

the video

›› mbo-I-kamiti Away < 15 minutes   13-Jul-2012, reply_742852   › Flag Comment
useless crap, why doesn't she get married first?
›› Mayekeke  13-Jul-2012, reply_742854   › Flag Comment
Hafai huyu.....How does an un-married woman like her give other women advise on relationships?Shagging Patrick Quarcoo doesn't count as making her a specialist in relationships.
›› Isaack Newtøn Sonko Online < 7 minutes   13-Jul-2012, reply_742860   › Flag Comment
she and Maina Kageni have a thing in common. Never will they ever Marry/get married to
but number one advicers to the public regarding marriage issues... not even close to being logical★
›› wildcard Online < 7 minutes   13-Jul-2012, reply_742871   › Flag Comment
Condolence Carol. You do something terrible to yourself, like miscalculating your age for instance...when it dawns on you, you want everyone else you know to make the same error so you can have a large group of failures to compare notes with....

A middle aged woman who missed her train while she was busy painting the railway station...and the guys she dreams of don't want her coz they got hitched already and are running around shagging extremely beautiful chicks half her age. That's life.

›› kingangi  13-Jul-2012, reply_742883   › Flag Comment
mkamba ni mkamba tu.they think coz they re professional sex machines they should be treated like queens!!!!
›› wichlum  13-Jul-2012, reply_742892   › Flag Comment
›› mkenyachizi  13-Jul-2012, reply_742897   › Flag Comment
na wana take notes SMH
›› Alb  13-Jul-2012, reply_742900   › Flag Comment
no wonder she's still single and miserable with all her quid
›› B-Boy  13-Jul-2012, reply_742901   › Flag Comment
she is cravin for abik dik..tell her to come and sit on mine
›› Slopo  13-Jul-2012, reply_742915   › Flag Comment
Idol that brat you will be a looser just like her my sisters take it as u see it she is just ditching u in a seawer line
›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk Online < 7 minutes   13-Jul-2012, reply_742921   › Flag Comment
Anyway.........ALL will listen and ALL should judge. FEW will follow.
›› mine  13-Jul-2012, reply_742925   › Flag Comment
she got some lovely message in there for the gals....and boys as well...at random i picked;
1. Get done with the average!
2.Never ever arrive!
....am sure there are other lessons
›› bulloh  13-Jul-2012, reply_742932   › Flag Comment
@joji what the fcuk are doing nosing around some womens only talk,listening to womens gossip. from your ranting it seems yu were talking notes. let carol be na utafute kazi badala ya kusikiza mushene ya wanawake na hao mafox wengine.
›› N.W.A  13-Jul-2012, reply_742935   › Flag Comment
it shows how stupid she is , average this average that .damn she is ugly
›› junkie  13-Jul-2012, reply_742941   › Flag Comment
that night when she went home she got comfort from her 12 inch dildo
›› Theuri  13-Jul-2012, reply_742943   › Flag Comment
@wilcard yuo nailed it on the head
›› biraru  13-Jul-2012, reply_742964   › Flag Comment
she can suck my cock
›› Msuper  13-Jul-2012, reply_742998   › Flag Comment
I am with her on no.1 but for the rest,i concur with @wildcard.
›› Njoti power  13-Jul-2012, reply_743123   › Flag Comment
huyu anataka nimpe bastola ya msedes aka good d---lack of d---ndio hizo symptoms

anakaa kuwa na kinembe mrefu
›› Njoti power  13-Jul-2012, reply_743144   › Flag Comment
huyu anataka nimpe bastola ya msedes aka good d---lack of d---ndio hizo symptoms

anakaa kuwa na kinembe mrefu
›› karachuosh  14-Jul-2012, reply_743311   › Flag Comment
She had very valid advice for these girls- set your standards higher- which was all lost to the losers here who began thinking with their dicks. Badly needed advice for young guys who think that life is all about staggering from one drinking joint to the other and one hangover to the other, and one high to the next.

Why would any right thinking girl marry such a loser? Unfortunately, from the posts here- there is no shortage of losers in klist!

Haya, anzeni matusi!
›› 4makind  16-Jul-2012, reply_744025   › Flag Comment
And you wonder why all the young ladies have turned to gold miners (not diggers) that claim that there are no good men!!! hio ni 'Advice mchina'.
Set an example grandma!!!
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