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Hawa Wa Liddos Wameamua Kujianika Kwa Facebook
Listing #90825 by ›› fundamendo on 06-Jul-2012    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 7,967 views . 9 comments . Printed 170 times . Favorited 1 times

the girls r daring


Web Page:

›› junkie  06-Jul-2012, reply_739849   › Flag Comment
weka link ya facebook page
›› jirani  06-Jul-2012, reply_739851   › Flag Comment
Newsflash: FB users who use such pics as their profile pics are not really female. These are just kawaida wankers whose motive i dont really know / understand and these pics are foreign. Avoid them like a plague
›› Rapper  06-Jul-2012, reply_739873   › Flag Comment
Hapa hakuna kitu worth checking out

Imagine sijasteady...
›› fundamendo  06-Jul-2012, reply_739978   › Flag Comment
those douting visit liddos this evening moja hao ni kate mwingine violet 4real. uliza huko.
›› charlieboy254  06-Jul-2012, reply_740062   › Flag Comment
›› Ndauwo  07-Jul-2012, reply_740112   › Flag Comment
Do these heifers realize that what is put on the internet stays there forever?? They should ask Ms. USIU
›› kmn  07-Jul-2012, reply_740164   › Flag Comment
was at smallworld jana n i think i saw no. 2 there.
›› mangasi  02-Sep-2012, reply_769155   › Flag Comment
There real IV seen them
›› karema_hiti  02-Sep-2012, reply_769181   › Flag Comment
Pic 1 - Kikuyu legs, Pic 2 - Scarecrow, Pic 3-Beer pot.... Generally ugly
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Call Nairobi From U S & Canada At 2.5 Cents/min . Listing # 27787

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All mentioned in corrupt dealings pertaining government funds should be investigated, persecuted and refund funds with interest. Dead looters estates should be annexed by the state. (Whatsup by sasa)

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