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Man Dies After Being Kicked In 'balls' For Being Stingy
Listing #89496 by ›› LeoKim on 17-Jun-2012    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 598 views . 3 comments . Printed 47 times

For those broke ass brothers who mooch off others at the local.

Man dies after being kicked in 'balls' for being stingy:

Two Buhera men were last week arrested after they allegedly assaulted a 32-year-old man by constantly kicking him on his testicles until he died.

Police confirmed the incident which happened in Munyonho Village under Chief Nyashanu and said Lazarus Munyonho (20) and Leonard Madzivaidze (33) were drinking beer at a local bottle store and started teasing the now deceased, Ephraim Manyika (33) whom they accused of being stingy.

'Munyonho asked for beer from Manyika and his did not go down well with the two after the later refused to give them beer. A fist fight ensued and Manyika was severely beaten and he was constantly kicked on his private parts. The two accused persons left him lying haplessly on the ground. Ephraim's young brother took him to their homestead.

His health deteriorated and he was taken to Chirozva Clinic where he died upon arrival. Munyonho and Madzivaidze have since been arrested and are assisting police with investigations,' said acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Enock Chishiri.

Source: The Kenyan DAILY POST
›› Qamquot_The_Imperson  17-Jun-2012, reply_730834   › Flag Comment
a big man like you sticking his nose in other men's balls... sad
›› Rapper  17-Jun-2012, reply_730837   › Flag Comment
^^^ha ha

Acha hizo

I had a nasty incident associated with drinking the Devil's Drink.

Nitaacha pombe very very soon.
›› otoyo-W-Goldy  17-Jun-2012, reply_730883   › Flag Comment
This is surely bullshit being kicked in the balls is definatly painful but you can't die from it he must have died from something else
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