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Shocking:this Girl Died After Having Sex With Monkey
Listing #88707 by ›› kelvin.mwedu on 04-Jun-2012    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 3,432 views . 8 comments . Printed 76 times . Favorited 1 times

This is yet another Shocker….

Her name I got was Cynthia, she was picked by an Alhaji, and they went to have fun, after that the Alhaji took her to his guest house, and gave her $2000 to suck and sleep with his monkey, she refused at first, but on a second thought, she agree to do it, after all its just a matter of 5 to 10 mins for that huge amount.
After the ordeal the alhaji went to drop her and drove off, few hours later she started complaining of stomach ache, she thought it was normal thing, but from what we gathered fews hours later, maggots start coming out from her private parts, her friend tried to rush her to the hospital but it was too late…………. She died before they could do anything.
Sometimes I wondered why our girls refuse to learn, they hear and see things happening every day, but for the love of money, they can do anything
Her full identity was not given as it’s a thing of shame…………
Please ladies be careful..

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›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk  04-Jun-2012, reply_725374   › Flag Comment
let them all die..........bestiality is probably what got AIDs circulating in the first place.
›› New-Yorker  04-Jun-2012, reply_725381   › Flag Comment
what a waste of feminine ass n p**** #sad
›› highlander  04-Jun-2012, reply_725383   › Flag Comment
@mwendu please keep this Nigerian crap to yourself. The story just sounds so stupid and hollow. Kenyans are very intelligent. You just need hits on your shoddy web site.
›› Pop-eye  04-Jun-2012, reply_725385   › Flag Comment
Hehehehe...imagine the noises the monkey was making...kwii..eeekkk...
›› negrowegro  05-Jun-2012, reply_725476   › Flag Comment
mwedu faggot, kwani your stories are about bestiality, cults, murders and rape.....Get a life nigga and stop wanking to these gory stories, you might be as well be the leader of those cults and you are trying to replicate them here. gonnards
›› MBOMB  05-Jun-2012, reply_725507   › Flag Comment
Nyc try...NEEEEXXXT!
›› wanjohi wa kigogoine  05-Jun-2012, reply_725557   › Flag Comment
juzi, it was a dog, today, ni monkey. Are you a serial killer, by any chance?
›› Majaji  07-Jun-2012, reply_726541   › Flag Comment
There is a video on klist for a cow with a fat human b--ch, see the real thing- what women can do...
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Call Nairobi From U S & Canada At 2.5 Cents/min . Listing # 27787

125,127 views, 22,307,007 ad impressions
We democratically elected representatives.Parties should emancipate themselves from impunity and respect the will of the majority.Leadership should concede gracefully if so warranted. (Whatsup by sasa)

Call Nairobi From U S & Canada At 2.5 Cents/min . Listing # 27787

125,127 views, 22,307,008 ad impressions
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