| Carols Adopted Girl
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Carols Adopted Girl
Listing #88554 by ›› wanjoro58 on 01-Jun-2012 5:12 pm . 2,908 views . 15 comments . 83 prints . 2 favorites .  › Flag This Listing
her girl is growing well hope she will b as gud as her foster mother


›› Ndauwo  01-Jun-2012, 5:22 pm, reply_724617
I like Caroline. I know she will provide about everything this baby girl will ever need. What about a father figure? Fathers are still important, I think
›› wamuthuti  01-Jun-2012, 5:24 pm, reply_724620
Carol akiwekwa tree hakuna kitu inaeza toka? never knew that
›› wanjoro58  01-Jun-2012, 5:28 pm, reply_724624
sure @ndauwo a father figure. but i hear she advocates for toy penis i dont know.. you know some girls these days says they only need men coz toys cant buy beer. who will talk to them?
›› Coolest  01-Jun-2012, 5:29 pm, reply_724625
Is she barren?
›› Ndauwo  01-Jun-2012, 6:00 pm, reply_724639
Acheni udaku! her fertility or infertility is non of your business.
›› Chizzin  01-Jun-2012, 8:24 pm, reply_724690
Not that i don't like carol but her hardline stands pushed potential men away. Unless she cools down kidogo, toys will be her companion for a very long time.
›› kuna Dawa-Mpenda cli  01-Jun-2012, 9:44 pm, reply_724705
...these media chis have slept with all the who's Who in Nairobi. you are more likely to get AIDS from them than a slut in Koinange. The koinange ones provide you with kodoms. Mutoko will not ! Remember Catherine Kasavuli...alitombwa by every minister of her days !
›› The Redeemed one.  01-Jun-2012, 11:33 pm, reply_724715
She looks like fertile land unused!
›› Dammy  02-Jun-2012, 12:30 am, reply_724721
nani atachapa hii mama
›› Nipples   02-Jun-2012, 12:54 pm, reply_724786
Acheni udaku! her fertility or infertility is non of your business.
›› kingangi  02-Jun-2012, 1:48 pm, reply_724804
ndauwo=nipples hahahahahahaha
›› ceznov  02-Jun-2012, 4:30 pm, reply_724842
Btw, you cant go against nature or else at one point, your body parts will wilter or become cancerous...
›› acey  03-Jun-2012, 2:47 am, reply_724954
Sina say.... endelezeni udaku!!!
›› waziri  06-Jun-2012, 12:15 pm, reply_725941
carol forget about the above listings just approach me upate pombo mzuri.
›› bolt79  06-Jun-2012, 1:05 pm, reply_725979
cant she bore hers? [thu congrats 4 adopting]
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