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Revealed: Uhuru Kenyatta With His Gay Lover Wakiwa Boston
Listing #82119 by ›› zito on 14-Mar-2012    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 8,087 views . 14 comments . Printed 97 times

This is a pic the couple walipiga when they were stil students at Boston university. Hapa walikuwa tayari wamevuta bhangi

›› Rapper  14-Mar-2012, reply_684694   › Flag Comment
Kwani hiyo bhangi amevuta ni wewe ulimnunulia? Shenzi type...
›› montanaelianto  14-Mar-2012, reply_684696   › Flag Comment
@zito op ur sos is verified!
›› ja_siaya_kababa  14-Mar-2012, reply_684700   › Flag Comment
I would have believed you much as i know and everybody else that uhuru is gay, but this face looks so recent. Photoshop.
›› kim63  15-Mar-2012, reply_685111   › Flag Comment
Have you noticed they are wearing the same outfit?
›› joliz  15-Mar-2012, reply_685120   › Flag Comment
Hiyo background doesnt look anythink lyk Boston...........hizo mamikebe za paint??? Za ovyo kabisa.
›› rebman  15-Mar-2012, reply_685143   › Flag Comment
kwani hiyo bangi yaonekana ilikuwa kali muno hata macho zao ziko karibu kutoka

›› IronySP  15-Mar-2012, reply_685150   › Flag Comment
Uhuru's head is off, you are sure this isn't photoshop? And what shows that he is gay? Same suit? Have any of you @#$% ever gone to a wedding?
›› jolleys  15-Mar-2012, reply_685162   › Flag Comment
wewe.kichwa yako imejaa bhangi....even if he is gay,live you own life ama unawishi akupe bonoko....shenzi type.
›› Waititu 4 Governer  15-Mar-2012, reply_685178   › Flag Comment
@Ironysp, Hiyo hairstyle yake ndio ina mumlika.
›› IronySP  15-Mar-2012, reply_685229   › Flag Comment
That head is too big to be on UK
›› Sahau  15-Mar-2012, reply_685233   › Flag Comment
Photo shop.
›› gitemethu  15-Mar-2012, reply_685530   › Flag Comment
@ Zito wewe ndio alikua anafungua mkudu .... sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhenzi wewe think twice and dont use yua dik use ya brains !!!
›› mzeekobe  16-Mar-2012, reply_686237   › Flag Comment
These are old rumors, never confirmed, they surfaced in 2002 when UK was MO1's project. Anyone who's lived in Worcester knows how crazy the Kenyan crowd there is. It wont be a shocker but so what, that's his life.
›› haiwesekani  29-Sep-2012, reply_786190   › Flag Comment
I don't like the man, but I don't see how a photo of two decent looking people in ordinary pose makes them gay, straight or otherwise. If they were caught schmoozing, in bed (or sofa or grass), or such other compromising circumstance, then, yes. But I fail to see anything in this photo that corroborates this thread.
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