| So Many Churches In Nairobi, So Much Wickedness :'(
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So Many Churches In Nairobi, So Much Wickedness :'(
Listing #81763 by ›› Ndauwo on 09-Mar-2012 8:54 am . 641 views . 10 comments . 129 prints .  › Flag This Listing
When you drive around Nairobi you would be amazed by the amount of beautiful churches.
Kwani Kenya is a country of hypocrites?
Malaya ndio hao wamejaa all over.
Mashoga kila mahali
Conmen wa plots for sale ni wengi tu sana.
Agents ma conmen wa Middle East Jobs ni wengi tu sana.
Nyama za hoteli ni za punda na sijui dogi
Polisi ndio wanasupply drugs mitaani
Enyewe kuna ma false prophets wengi kina Pastor Kiuna, Gilbert Deya etc etc
Walimu wanatomba wanafunzi kila mahali
›› @miro  09-Mar-2012, 9:17 am, reply_682252
sasa unataka kusaidiwa aje....?
›› Ndireaga Ngimahehu  09-Mar-2012, 9:41 am, reply_682269
.....pia watu wa kupost listing za ujinga!
›› Msuper  09-Mar-2012, 10:57 am, reply_682325
Good observation. It means we need to assess the content that is being given in those churches because God don't operate like that...
›› mutemi  09-Mar-2012, 10:58 am, reply_682326
tunaomba serikali.....
›› haze  09-Mar-2012, 3:34 pm, reply_682573 churches zimekuwa business venture....

that answers your querry
›› murangiri  09-Mar-2012, 4:03 pm, reply_682590
::: pami :::
hehehee , next time enda gerish ama club65 pi
›› Ule msee  09-Mar-2012, 4:14 pm, reply_682591
its a country of more religions but less God
›› malalao  09-Mar-2012, 5:56 pm, reply_682642
A church is not the beautiful buildings that you see.A church is in the heart of a man.Those buildings are only beautiful shelters to protect from hot sun and rain.What matters is what is in the heart of those gathered therein.Jesus was sometimes very angry when he entered one church and found people trying to do business inside the church that he got a whip and chased them all out.Some preachers are now demanding money openly in these buildings.Its not scriptural.Give to God willingly but not coz of conditions put to you.
›› malalao  09-Mar-2012, 6:03 pm, reply_682645
The whole world and not Kenya only has become one huge SODOM and GOMORRAH connected by internet and Sattelites.What Ndauwo mentions above is not unique to Kenya.Its as if evil sinful and invicible spirits have taken over the hearts of men and made them captive to do their will which is to rebel against God and his word.A captive is at the mercy of the jailor.Unless they are set free things will get worse.Satan will use their bodies to do his dirty work until they repent and turn to Jesus who is able to set them free from the grip of Satan.
›› mrseksy  09-Mar-2012, 6:40 pm, reply_682666
end of times........
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Call Nairobi From U S & Canada At 2.5 Cents/min  Listing 27787, 136,893 clicks, 34,409,531 impressions
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