| Why Husband Battering May Spread To Other Counties In Kenya
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Why Husband Battering May Spread To Other Counties In Kenya
Listing #79814 by ›› cucu on 14-Feb-2012 9:05 am . 862 views . 13 comments . 4 emails . 93 prints .  › Flag This Listing
Happy valentine dear villagers and good health. Today we will continue from where we left yesterday. There is no let up to the discussion of kenyan men being battered....not so fast. This is a copy paste article from another website. ignore it at your own peril. here goes......

Reports reaching my desk indicate that kikuyu men have become the punching bags for their wives all over Central Kenya.
Whilst one may naturally feel obliged to sympathize with these men, a quick dose of common sense prohibits such feelings.
The reasons for this sad of affairs is deeper than what NMG ‘writers ‘ can reveal.
To objectively analyze this strange phenomenon, one must invoke into the discussions several constants prevalent amongst all kikuyu men and women:

a)Kikuyu men are inherently obsessed with making money and such personal decisions such as marrying are made casually over beer in smoke filled dens. For as long as a certain ‘njeri’ says yes to ‘kamau’, the latter will quickly organize tribal ceremonies and quickly get married. What these men don’t realize is that in most cases they get married to hardened, conniving, rough , barbaric and frigid women. What they don’t realize is that the seemingly ‘innocent’ Njeri they get married to are nothing more than fraudulent charlatans who come to the marriage institution with only one aim: to sit down and watch money roll in, courtesy of the hard work from their husbands.

b)When the scenario in a) above doesn’t happen, these women begin accumulating dangerous acrimony against their husbands, wondering how their erstwhile hardworking husbands aren’t raking enough wealth to support their anticipated luxurious living. Sooner than later, the bitterness explodes.

c)When the bitterness in b) above explodes, most likely the unfortunate husband will arrive home late and excessively drunk with yokozuna and other cheap poison. Needless to say he will be reduced to a smoldering pulp Against these constants, is the grim reality: whenever a tribe worships money and women enter the marriage institution expecting his husband will turn into a Chris Kirubi overnight, a recipe for disaster is perfectly brewed. Again, whenever men turn themselves into cabbages(due to alcohol) without realizing they are married to conniving and wealth-impatient fortune hunters, they should be ready to face the consequences. Kikuyu men have become physically weak due to their incessant love for alcohol. They are an easy target for their violence loving wives.

your take?
›› supu  14-Feb-2012, 9:25 am, reply_671112
women learnt the art of 'beating' from men..hence...what men can do, women can do better.....*sigh*...

happy valentine cucu!...
›› cucu  14-Feb-2012, 9:40 am, reply_671119
@supu..... happy valentine my daughter. wapi maua?

ati nini, wewe, kwani unataka kung'olewa meno mdomo uwashewe wazi kama kanisa haina viti? two wrongs dont make a right

›› Nikke  14-Feb-2012, 9:58 am, reply_671134
fully supported...........Kikuyu women are hardened criminalsd wearing a sheep skin to marriage. I have ever dated one n she would turn violent on slight provocation....they are dangerous.I dropped her like hot potato. Am now hunting in ukambani...any referalz?
›› supu  14-Feb-2012, 10:26 am, reply_671158
hahahhhaha..true but they have to do what they need to do....

maua iko....check ur mail sweets and lovely lovely day..
›› Natel  14-Feb-2012, 10:45 am, reply_671166
hehehe, kung'olewa meno mdomo uwashewe wazi kama kanisa haina viti? lolest, #dead
›› D-Stunt: Etrigan.  14-Feb-2012, 10:50 am, reply_671169
Women are equal to men, therefore, all acts of domestic battering should be considered with equal seriousness.

›› cucu  14-Feb-2012, 11:03 am, reply_671178
@ Nikke......not really. in my honest very humble opinion only afew women are spoiling the region. i will not be surprised if the behavior spreads to other regions. i think its a generational problem that needs to be solved.

have a blessed day.
›› cucu  14-Feb-2012, 11:05 am, reply_671180
@supu....wakia cucu, thank you my dear.

have a blessed day.
›› cucu  14-Feb-2012, 11:07 am, reply_671181
@ are you my son?

by all means marry, if you get a good wife you will be happy.... if you get a bad one you will be a philosopher.

have a blessed day.
›› cucu  14-Feb-2012, 11:10 am, reply_671182
@D-Stunt: have spoken like ten men and women of the 'njuri ncheke council of elders' .....

on the other hand i think for the sake of love peace and unity, we ladies should be submissive to our husbands.
›› Troop  14-Feb-2012, 11:30 am, reply_671192
Cucu, honestly, in Centro, who takes the boys for the circumcision rituals? In cultures that practice it, you are guided by MEN that have been through it, and they reinforce certain practices & how to take care of the homestead & family.

Heard its the women that take the boys in Centro for this ritual, no wonder the men turn out weaker than the women. Do they wear skirts whilst at it?
›› cucu  14-Feb-2012, 12:47 pm, reply_671205
@Troop ........ this days central kenya young men are taken to church organized initiation ceremonies. you may be right, over the holidays i spotted so many young men accompanied by their mothers to the event. (sad). reason being their fathers are at the local yokozuna den and not even aware of the event.

we lost our traditions and customs in the name of westernization. now we are paying heavily for it..... na bado.
›› cucu  14-Feb-2012, 3:06 pm, reply_671277

a certain mp is said to have battered her husband late last year.

i understand she comes from a different county.
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