| The Illuminati Are Right Here In Kenya
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The Illuminati Are Right Here In Kenya
Listing #71328 by ›› BigMark on 25-Oct-2011 4:33 pm . 31,487 views . 48 comments . 166 prints . 1 favorites .  › Flag This Listing
Obama is a puppet being used by the illuminati to further their goals of putting in place a new world order whereby there will be a one world government dictated by some white guy who will be known as among other names as “The Beast”, (yes the biblical beast ). The increased Arab revolutions in Egypt, Syria, and Libya have all been planned and executed by the illuminati and it’s now time do the same to Somalia.
Operation “Linda Inchi” is not a Kenya government infinitive but rather an initiative of the Illuminati using NATO (which is the combatant branch of the illuminati). The entire operation is directly funded by NATO plus other goodies to our government meant to entice it into accepting and cooperating fully with NATO on its plans and desires to Somalia and its people.
Pretty soon the Kenyan shilling will start to stabilize and begin to appreciate against the dollar and other major world currencies mainly due to the huge amounts of dollars being pumped into the country by NATO to fund the war and also help ease the shillings downward trend (which has been orchestrated by yes you guessed it right NATO)
The war in Somalia was planed many years ago and it was to commence immediately after the planed demise of Gaddafi (God Rest His soul) and the Kenyan military would be financed by them to do the dirty work on their behalf.
You may ask yourself why NATO would want to invade such an insignificant country like Somalia that has not oil like Libya or Iraq. Well the answer lies in the fact that Somali geographical position in the world will form a perfect military base for NATO in readiness with its impending war with the east (you know the one described in revelation) its proximity to the middle east where the main war will be waged. Somalia geographical position lies in the middle of Africa, this way any revolutions from any African nations can be dealt with swiftly and firmly hence the one world government capital of the illuminati in Africa will be based in Somalia.
Be careful before ignorantly supporting a war which in real sense is not being fought by Kenya nor for the benefit of Kenya and its citizens.

Have a thoughtful afternoon now, won’t you?

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›› chuka  25-Oct-2011, 5:47 pm, reply_623169
@supu thanks , unajua kizungu likuja na meli
›› sisbrenda  25-Oct-2011, 6:12 pm, reply_623186
mmmmm, interesting
›› Lol  25-Oct-2011, 6:17 pm, reply_623189
all my path = math so right now I need a glass of blood guys
›› wildcard  25-Oct-2011, 6:17 pm, reply_623190
The Illuminati also planned many years ago for the cassava you had for breakfast this morning?
›› mujanja  25-Oct-2011, 7:19 pm, reply_623226
Is the war justifying the bible or the bible justifying the war?
›› hate speech Away < 15 minutes   25-Oct-2011, 7:28 pm, reply_623231
'The ENLIGHTENED society' O.T.I.S
›› smartshady  25-Oct-2011, 8:20 pm, reply_623269
I agree wit u
›› mollita  25-Oct-2011, 9:01 pm, reply_623299
›› Preety   25-Oct-2011, 9:28 pm, reply_623315
this is too much for me to fully comprehend
›› Sabretooth  25-Oct-2011, 10:09 pm, reply_623327
Do you know how and where the arab revolution started before you commenced on your theory?
›› spur  25-Oct-2011, 10:21 pm, reply_623332
Biblical truth. The 'great war' will start in the horn of Africa!
›› Trevy Gunz  26-Oct-2011, 1:45 pm, reply_623738
The illuminati are real. And soon, you will be gripped with such fear that you will gladly offer up your rights to them and their leader. Your antichrist ladies and gents, to 'Protect' you. For those of you who think the aliens, illuminati, new word order, religion and what links all of them together is fiction, or the work of several fertile imaginations, i assure u, Not even the most celebrated hollywood producer could ever, in his wildest dreams conjure up anything close. It IS way stranger than any fiction ever penned.
›› rizrekta  26-Oct-2011, 2:07 pm, reply_623762
intresting replys am reading some people still dont understand what is happening in this world or why there is occupy wall street protests sprouting up in most developd nations, some will ask what does occupy wall street have to do with the somalia war or libya uprising? if u dont know then it means u have been asleep u need to wake up.
@BigMark u r right on the money but if u want pple to believe u, u need to back up your statements with tangible evidence otherwise lets pray for our country that it doesnt get entangled with things that will not be constructive to our development.
›› Trevy Gunz  26-Oct-2011, 2:37 pm, reply_623801
Governments and their leaders are but mere puppets. Pawns to be used by the true rulers of the world to push their agenda. They WILL do the bidding of the illuminati. Of that u can be sure for there isnt any other way. Related by blood, (royal blood) the illuminati did not become rulers yesterday but have always been. From them, the chosen one has emerged. He is what all this has been about. He is indeed what christians refer to as the antichrist. He will bring about the new world order (old world order would be more appropriate for it has been the agenda for centuries) A nasty piece of work, no one and nothing will stand in his way until he is installed as king of the earth.
›› Lilly O  26-Oct-2011, 8:50 pm, reply_624040
scarily stuff
›› Goonervin  26-Oct-2011, 9:18 pm, reply_624052
›› starks  26-Oct-2011, 11:00 pm, reply_624091
I've also heard that due to its geographical location, kayole is also one of the illuminati's targetted location.
›› bigg.tigga  26-Oct-2011, 11:31 pm, reply_624104
›› seeker Online < 7 minutes   27-Oct-2011, 9:44 pm, reply_624740
I wish am not alive to witness the Book of Revelation.
›› kayole22  27-Dec-2011, 3:18 pm, reply_650485
bosssssss!!! true.. i second you
›› Hamsu  28-Dec-2011, 11:38 pm, reply_650957
hey big mark. please contact me... we have a lot to share
›› Amoss BigBaby  03-Mar-2012, 1:15 pm, reply_679241
Now what? What do you believe.... porojo tu
›› signior  18-Mar-2012, 2:12 pm, reply_686869
m a miraa farmer but don chew much coz of such effects as urs biggie. safe hiding in whichevr tent of daadab u r
›› Realtime  22-Aug-2012, 11:31 pm, reply_762788
You think too hard. pity you.
›› Admiral Rebel  01-Dec-2012, 11:29 am, reply_827034
::: Wagw'an :::
big mark thumbs up...n we all know that the illuminati propel their agendas by capitalizing on people's IGNORANCE ...n its very evident in the way most retards have replied to this post.
 * Showing only the most recent 25 comments... ›› Show all 48 comments
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