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Pastor Kiuna's Residence In Runda.ssn1
Listing #66061 by ›› ali g on 05-Aug-2011 12:27 pm . 22,530 views . 19 comments . 2 emails . 480 prints . 1 favorites .  › Flag This Listing






›› Bwei  05-Aug-2011, 12:31 pm, reply_584888
Pastor 'pass the offering'
›› ali g  05-Aug-2011, 12:31 pm, reply_584890
›› Kitimba kiseo  05-Aug-2011, 1:18 pm, reply_584911
Why complain, when a ,man/woman of God is blessed. Have you even heard muslims complaining about their kadhis or imam. Christians need to learn form them. Men/Women of the clothe are not called in to poverty.
›› Ndauwo  05-Aug-2011, 1:57 pm, reply_584921
Imams tell young men to do suicide bombing and will go to heaven. Islam is a joke.
›› munene  05-Aug-2011, 2:00 pm, reply_584923
O ye of little faith
›› kenyamac  05-Aug-2011, 2:57 pm, reply_584966
@ Ndauwo Seems you so daft you talk like the US republicans, seems you have no idea of reality. Go to a Mosque and get some info. Daft fellow
›› surgeon  05-Aug-2011, 5:25 pm, reply_585094
hii si blessings! ni psychological extortion...
›› fuda fudagha  05-Aug-2011, 10:59 pm, reply_585162
::: fuda fudagha :::
@ndauwo you really are daft.dont believe what you hear,go find out for yourself.usiwe ka hao ma republicans go get some info then you can start barking!!fuda wew
›› Burungo  06-Aug-2011, 12:22 am, reply_585174
While his flock walks back to Kibera slums sooo sad
›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk  06-Aug-2011, 12:42 am, reply_585182
Giving offering (not tithe) is a way of saying 'Pastor...this is how much you are a ablessing to my life' People who complain about pastors balling dont really understand the role of a pastor in a genuine chrisitian's life.
›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk  06-Aug-2011, 12:42 am, reply_585183
Petty Complaints here..........unless you are yourself poor.
›› Ruffneck  06-Aug-2011, 3:56 am, reply_585193
@Nus, I hope you kidding, right?
›› Rogers  06-Aug-2011, 8:41 am, reply_585204
Ishindwe pepo mbaya sana hii!
›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk  06-Aug-2011, 9:04 am, reply_585207
u all know this guy was a shamba boy a decade ago yeah? and his wife the mboch in the same compound? wacha aishi. Za mungu ni hizo!!!
›› worshiperofGod  07-Aug-2011, 4:10 pm, reply_585376
with this kind of lifestyle, who needs heaven?
›› surgeon  08-Aug-2011, 11:54 am, reply_585525
there's not much difference btwn this guys and your typical witchdoctor! they just get you pumped and hyped, getting you to believe that success can be bought!
Real success, long lasting success only comes thru hardwork, determination and patience. That is what God really blesses, regardless of race, tribe, creed or even religion. Believe it....
›› joedizzle  11-Aug-2011, 7:38 pm, reply_587648
Si nilidhani hii ni resort. Where at? - Ngong town. If this is true.. Hee!
›› vladtheimpaler  27-Aug-2011, 2:37 am, reply_593530
kwani ni mtv cribs....
›› santackestate  10-Dec-2011, 12:22 pm, reply_645116
nonsence this is outrage .ati kitimba you call this a man and a woman of God who are many poor people would have had their lifes changed if this false preacher had an average house and donated the rest to the poor.why live like a king while your followers wallow in poverty.that is sheer stupidity and utter nonsence
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