| Lilian Muli Kanene Of Citizen A Journalist With A Difference
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Lilian Muli Kanene Of Citizen A Journalist With A Difference
Listing #62695 by ›› cucu on 03-Jun-2011 8:36 am . 9,002 views . 23 comments . 157 prints . 1 favorites .  › Flag This Listing
Good morning villagers. Today i want to recognize and congratulate LILIAN MULI KANENE a super journalist diva with a difference. Soon after she moved to citizen, Tv news are worth watching. what a relief from the daily politicking news? i had almost stopped watching Tv. Her robustness, creativity, hardwork, focus, consistency, impartiality (the list is endless) is commendable. WELL DONE LILIAN. KEEP IT UP.

Its so refreshing listening to her enlightening shows of women in drugs, women and men behind bars, slimpossible etc.
If other journalists embrass the same spirit as my daughter Lilian then media fraternity will make a turn for the better. i suggest she be given a presidential commendation award.

From this end i have awarded her the granny 'cucu's' award of excellence. GOD BLESS YOU LILIAN MULI KANENE.
›› Ye Banks  03-Jun-2011, 8:51 am, reply_562032
Women women women!!!! wft!!!
›› supu  03-Jun-2011, 8:54 am, reply_562037
for once cucu i agree with you!!
›› Rapper  03-Jun-2011, 9:02 am, reply_562042
Kwani there are no men behind bars? What is so special about women behind bars...NKT!
›› otoyo-W-Goldy  03-Jun-2011, 9:07 am, reply_562046
›› wamum-Goldy   03-Jun-2011, 9:13 am, reply_562051
hi otoyo
›› Juguma Diani Away < 15 minutes   03-Jun-2011, 9:14 am, reply_562053
Is that the kamba gold-digger?
›› Dammy  03-Jun-2011, 9:22 am, reply_562059
bt walai shz changed so much. yaa ha work is superb bt ha luks hv badilikad sana, shz nat as hawt as in KTN
›› Pendo III  03-Jun-2011, 10:03 am, reply_562086
@Dammy, she is now married and a mother.
›› K8  03-Jun-2011, 10:04 am, reply_562088
She must be reaching for something...she is trying so hard....ama she wonna be whr Julie Gichuru is???? juz wondering
›› D-Stunt: Gilboa.  03-Jun-2011, 10:14 am, reply_562096
›› Rapper 03-Jun-2011, reply_562042 › Report this user/reply
Kwani there are no men behind bars? What is so special about women behind bars...NKT!

Its so refreshing listening to her enlightening shows of women in drugs, women and men behind bars, slimpossible etc.

Get your phurking atom sized self-esteem and confidence which power your incredulous sensitivity back to the phirking hole you belong in, murphurkng idiot. The dotard clearly includes men in it's post.

Women are special, especially the fat ones who are good for breeding!

›› nixsouths  03-Jun-2011, 10:50 am, reply_562124
not worth all that praise...
›› scumbag  03-Jun-2011, 10:59 am, reply_562131
but the shiet she pits out about the fat mamas is not worth watching....sooo fake
›› Cherie  03-Jun-2011, 11:57 am, reply_562164
Cucu... I totally disagree. Lillian stole Onserigo's idea ya persons behind bars alafu slimpossible is crappy. Gym ethusiasts and trainers will confirm that its unhealthy, unsustainable and utterly impossible to loose 5kg in a week. And there's something about her dressing that leaves more questions than answers...
›› the critic  03-Jun-2011, 2:56 pm, reply_562258
Its good to see she's finally becoming a journalist worth the name unlike on KTN where all she needed was a tight skirt and a camera panning around her ass.

Long way to go though and that slim possible crap is just a remake of 'biggest loser' nothing original.
›› ezkiel  03-Jun-2011, 3:06 pm, reply_562260
Almost half of the news anchors of Citizen and NTV came from KTN..The ones who shuld be getting accolades are the KTN producers for recognising and dvlpng such talent.Think of wale watu wote wamehama frm KTN;larry madowo,ramanyang,allan namu,julie gichuru,..hata siwezi maliza the list mtu animalizie....
›› Bwang  03-Jun-2011, 6:47 pm, reply_562383
Give credit where it is due. She is good at what she does not only at Citizen but also when she was at KTN.
›› tim472  03-Jun-2011, 10:08 pm, reply_562467
I'm all for fresh ideas but hv a reality show in the middle of news for 15 mins is a bad idea, another 5 mins is her feature leaving a few mins for news n endless txt promo, presenters walkabout on stage, greetings, intro n outro n finally adverts. In total 3 news item, 2 biz news item n sports. All these in one hour.
›› tim472  03-Jun-2011, 10:18 pm, reply_562474
News should air back to back for 30 mins, few breaks if any n bare minimal offcut comments from newscasters. The other 30 mins they can do their features, documentaries n reality show. Alternatively what i do is record news on dstv pvr as i watch documentaries then watch it at 10pm where i can just forward the bull crap n only watch the news.
›› jobo  04-Jun-2011, 4:20 am, reply_562576
jinga wewe..that's how far ur brain can crack
›› ochithunder  04-Jun-2011, 9:20 am, reply_562612
What is this Muli all about that is not in Jeff, Loui ar any other journalist for that matter? Is she the one being battered by the husband?
›› jamthaa  11-Jul-2011, 12:30 pm, reply_575678
Her husband beats the living daylights outta her but as long as money are rolling in who cares ,,,stupid chick
›› kamenyii  13-Jul-2011, 2:03 am, reply_576240
f--- the gold digger:.: the hazi must hav realized he is feeding on left over... Alikuwa chips funga mkubwa while at KTN... Has slept with at least six of my buddies in exchange for shopping trips to dubai, sa n the likes! Just married the dude coz of chumz yuck
›› Joey Greco  14-Jul-2011, 12:33 am, reply_576451
Anakaa mdudu mdudu hivi
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