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Top 50 Richest Individuals In Kenya
Listing #61615 by ›› King'ee on 18-May-2011 2:36 pm . 6,208 views . 10 comments . 86 prints . 1 favorites .  › Flag This Listing
Truth be told, the current Kenyan economical situation is a bit depressing. With the high standards of living, majority of Kenyans are straining to make ends meet. It’s a tough world we live in, everyone can feel their limits being stretched. I came across a document showing the top 50 richest Kenyans, I can’t actually verify its validity but you be the judge, get depressed some more if you can, ☺

1.Philip Ndegwa family - ICEA, AM bank, Lions of Kenya insurance,Unga group, Riverside park estate,NIC bank,Mitchell Colts, Mackenzie Kenya,East kenya bottlers,Kenya national mills, Howse N Mcgeorge.

2.Manu Chandaria - EA match co, Kaluworks and the 2billion dollaz a year mabati.

3. Simeon Nyachea - Kabansora, Prime bank.

4 Anoop Vohra - Sarova Hotels/Athi river mining co cement N minerals / the Avenue Park estate.

5. Kentan Somaia - UTC group of hotels.

6. 'sir' Charles Njonjo: - CFC bank, CMC, an 200 hao estate in Kitusuru- lakeside I think, it's right next to Kibaki's estate, Car & General, shares in BA, Barclays Bank & Standard Bank, Brooke Bond, Alico Insurance, Ibonia farms.

7.Chris Kirubi - International Life House, capital fm, DHL Kenya, Haco ind.[think bic biro pens,Gillett razor blades etc], Nai. bldg's, Uchumi shares......

8. Chief Samuel Koriata - The largest land owner in Kenya.

9. Duncan Ndegwa - Unga group, real estate.

10. Stanley 'Don King' Githunguri - Lilian towers, tassia coffee estate.

11.Gethere wa Mbugwa family - Property in Nai & Mombasa.

12. Da Gama Rose - Computer applications/ grand total of 20 companies.

13.Laxmanbhai Raghvani – Construction work.

14. Naushad Merali - The Sameer czar N probably the richest Kenyan. Kencell, Firestone, Sameer ind. park, Ever-ready Battaries, Equatorial finance co., First Americn bank, Sasini tea & coffee, Ryce motors, Commercial bank of Africa, Marshalls etc etc......

15. The Ramji Shah & Jadavji Rughani - Sarit Center and text book center.

16. Wilfred Murungi - Mastermind tobacco.

17.John Michuki - Windor Hotel among other business interests.

18.Mike Maina - Arch Marble N pelican paints .

19. Mohamed Zubedi 20] Jimmah Mbaru - Jimba group of companies.

20. SK Macharia - Royal card, ribshack, citizen group, AA (kenya).

21. Lalit Pandit - EABS with assets of 10 billion built Akiba estate N Fedha'the little lavington',EABS towers N Westminister House in Nai., Akiba bank 2billion in assest N Mercantile life and General Assurance co.

22. Nicholas Biwott - Lima ltd, yaya centre, Kengeles, construction, property ie he built Nairobi Dam estate, HZ construction, H young.

23. Hayer Bishan singh.

24.Moi & Sons (Kenya) Limited. Half of Kenya, too many business interest to mention. ☺

25. Tahir Said Sheik.

26. Hosea Kiplagat.

27. Mulji Devaj brothers.

28. Ephraim Maina - Kirinyaga construction Ltd.

29. HJ Paunrana Family - Athi river mining company.

30.Mohamed said Bawazir.

31. Nginyo Kariuki - Nginyo towers, hotel

32 'Kinuthia Young- Trader, Manga hotels, Hillock Inn.

33.Maganlal Chandaria (not related to Manu): Comcraft Ind. and Madhupaper.

34. Jerad Kagwana - The Mall, Communication centre.

35. Munish Shah - Village market/ Kingsway Motors/ Car tires/ Charterhouse bank.

36. Karanja Kabage - Insurance/ KBS.

37. Haban Singh.

38. Philip Wahome - Silver Springs Hotel, Green hills hotel, Dreams 90,Cafe-D-Paris N real estate, Continental bank.

39. Terry Childs - Brookside schools.

40. Micheal Somen of Hutching Biemer.

41. Udi Gechaga - Masharik Motors.

42.Shaukat Noorani - Glory hotels, Glory Driving sch. Etc.

43. SS Metha - Construction tycoon.

44. Nemubhai Shah - Nakumatt supermakets.

45. Pius Ngugi - Amazon motors ,Norwich Union bldg., Stedler Pencil Kenya, Kenya nuts company, Thika coffe mills.

46. Wilson Kipkoti - Prudencial bank, Standard Assurance Co., Hotel Sirikwa.

47.Ruben Block – Block Hotel family.

48. Kenyatta family - ENK Holding, Brookside dairy, The 1 billion Heritage Hotels Group, Presitige air, Village market, Commercial bank of Africa, Peponi Sch., Second largest land owners in Kenya, buildings in Nairobi & Mombasa.

49. Chief Lerionka ole Ntutu - Another large scale land owner.

50. David Bowen - Kenya Charity Sweepstake

›› vat38  18-May-2011, 2:47 pm, reply_554359
tafuta kazi inayokufaa ufanye. wacha kuhesabu ya wenyewe. RIZIKI YA UMBWA NA PANYA HAZILINGANI
›› fellationelation  18-May-2011, 2:49 pm, reply_554361
4 Anoop Vohra - Sarova Hotels/Athi river mining co cement N minerals / the Avenue Park estate.

Kwani Avenue park ina nyumba elfu moja?
›› fellationelation  18-May-2011, 2:53 pm, reply_554365
Kencell, Firestone, Sameer ind. park,

nkt! He sold Kencell, firestone and sameer ind.park are fcuking the same!! Why you exaggerating stuff?
›› Fala 'Kwata Kawaya'  18-May-2011, 3:33 pm, reply_554394
@Fella, firestone/sameer the tyre company is a different entity from sameer industrial park

lakini ata ukiskia, kencell ni over 10 years ago, hii list is not current
›› toshiaz  18-May-2011, 5:27 pm, reply_554453
the best thing is every one an opportunity to become what he/she should be. you can be like them great leader
›› ELECTRIC EEL  18-May-2011, 6:47 pm, reply_554506
hii list nio ya before sana .. just ancient ... there are new players and ballers
›› Amope  18-May-2011, 7:45 pm, reply_554559
eel......stop beating around the bush or 'kufogotha', if u know something say so n stop acting coy
›› tim472  18-May-2011, 9:21 pm, reply_554586
this list is trash, very inaccurate n pure imaginations. Just coz u may own shares in a listed company doest make you unique as you among thousands of kenyans who do so at the nse. What matters is the value of your shares and the dividend payment every year. Village market is owned by a south korean invester n precision air is owned by KQ n Mr. Simba a tanzanian. How you imagined Kenyatta family owns it only you would know.
›› supadolphin  18-May-2011, 10:33 pm, reply_554597
there is some coast tycoons missing from this list e.g Ali Punjani the guy who gave 6m during the idp harambee led by kibaki,remember that on the same harambee mr chris kirubi gave 200k
›› malalao  27-Jan-2012, 7:58 pm, reply_663347
DUNIA IKO NA MWENYEWE.walikuja dunia bila chochote na wataenda bila chochote.AND JESUS once asked HIS LISTENERS---How will it benefit a man if he owns all the world and loses his soul?
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