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An Open Letter To Wanjohi Wa Kigogoine
Listing #60826 by ›› cucu on 06-May-2011    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 2,587 views . 42 comments . Printed 117 times

This is an open letter to Wanjohi wa Kigogoine. My grandson “wakia cucu….wakiaaaa cuuuucu”. I hope this day finds you and your household in good health. First is to congratulate you on your writing skills and some informative listings. You are talented, use it well and for the glory of God. Please allow me to nominate you for the award of the best lister for the year 2011 formerly held by your friend muchatha (read theuri). I can also see you have started a website which in my own opinion will play in the leagues of kenyanlist.com.

I have not had the prerogative to read all your listings. The following are some of the notable listings with very good teachings except for the sexual overtones.

1. The story of how text messages were wrecking havoc in marriages due to adultery.

2. The story of how adulterous men are doped with drugs and left for the dead.

3. Matatu Business: The Worst Business Ever. – unless you are very sure you want to start a matatu business.

4. My Story Of Old Car And Equity Loan. – unlike before, this days you must pay or your land or your property
will be auctioned.

On the other hand you are making a BIG MISTAKE in some situations , please go slow on this climbing business or stop it all together. were it not that whipping was banned by our good government, I would have punished you for sexual overtones and innuendos in your stories. (kana ngucurie itara... nuu uyu utari thoni?)

What happened to ethics in this country? Wanjohi … “menyerera murio ni wiriagira,(sex has its consequences e.g HIV,divorce etc) “ yenda muno ikuraga rurira”(too much of this stories will create a rotten immoral society) na “mundu ekura datungaga wandugu” (a person who is on the wrong rarely meets someone to offer him good advice).

If you still care for this society please think about this and the next generations. Would you like to see a situation where your children have to be immoral in order to attract attention or make profit in a business or get employment? ( fm radio presenters, musicians, school girls, some listers, wanjohi etc)

Wanjohi wa kigogoine? Mundu mugi ni akiri mihere ya uhoro? (a wise person does not have to be told everything). Ciunagwo rukomo, kimenyi akamenya ikiunwo. (We speak by proverb: he who is intelligent will understand)


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›› African knight  06-May-2011, reply_547483   › Flag Comment
@ Supu i'm even better leo coz ni Friday. Although i have come to dislike 4 day weeks they seem longer then the usual 5 days weeks
›› Fala 'Kwata Kawaya'  06-May-2011, reply_547485   › Flag Comment
LEO INAKAA NI MBEESH FEST... sawa (rolling up my sleeves)

@Supu, you can issue all the threats you want but fact is, i satnd by my opinion, i will not be cowed neither will i be bullied by you or anyone for that matter so you know what, do what you have to do, imma do me

@African Knight, go kiss some ass, lets see what that gets you other than a bad taste in your mouth

@Amor, yeah.... quiet the strong woman you are if you have to include family & friends to gain an upper hand in a n argument, you know what.... go screw yourself, its the best you can do seeing that i dont see any man willing to have a sniff of you let alone rape

›› Brenna  06-May-2011, reply_547488   › Flag Comment
^^^^^^^ what is admin waiting for??????
›› kigaz Away < 15 minutes   06-May-2011, reply_547489   › Flag Comment
Multihandlers nominating themselves, aaaargh!!!
›› supu  06-May-2011, reply_547493   › Flag Comment
@African... tell me about it...am always confusing dates...

@Brenna: nimezipokea na mikono miwili....

@Fala... ni sawa my dear.. what ever makes your day....
›› D-Stunt: Gilboa.  06-May-2011, reply_547497   › Flag Comment
Ain't it amazing that brains such as that of idiotic engineer Easy, idiotic nerd Christian, idiotic paedophile multiple handle, idiotic geezer Couch potato and finaly mine can co-exist with the likes of retarded and cursed ones like this mans (cucu) ?

›› kingangi  06-May-2011, reply_547498   › Flag Comment
@supu,makoro ma nduma. na priss shunga sana kunifrash frash na hiyo simu bonoko yako!peace
›› ochithunder  06-May-2011, reply_547499   › Flag Comment
If only this Cucu could get a very serious flu! I hate it when someone behaves grandmother everyday, we grew up to be free, PLEASE!!!
›› Cherie  06-May-2011, reply_547502   › Flag Comment
@Cucu...thayu! Today, I'll disagree in principle with you coz like it or not the tustory that Wanjohi writes about are real, they happen to real people and no amount of wishful thinking can stop it. So better learn from them and while at it laugh our heart out.
@Brenna... the twin I never had, oya ore nyadhiwa
›› Brenna  06-May-2011, reply_547505   › Flag Comment
@Cherie.....oyaore ahinya.I need to investigate this matter,you never know tihihi.Good day!
›› supu  06-May-2011, reply_547509   › Flag Comment
@Kings... embu washa kunitumia 'pris carro me'...peace...
›› Cherie  06-May-2011, reply_547516   › Flag Comment
@Brenna... Wacha-ne, I cud help you, how do u wanna do it?
›› Brenna  06-May-2011, reply_547521   › Flag Comment
Cherie....before we hire an investigator,I would like to know ......were you born between 82 and 84,kama ni hivyo baaas !
›› Cherie  06-May-2011, reply_547528   › Flag Comment
@Brenna...naaaah! *sniff sniff*
›› wanjohi wa kigogoine  06-May-2011, reply_547531   › Flag Comment
Wakia cucu. Hope you are well? CUCU, i worked late jana, just woke up. Thanks for the advise, I get where you are coming from but if you read in bwtn the lines.. you will know where i am coming from too. I dont do this for money, nor for fame, I do it for fun, based on real people on real stories. this things happen everyday. If we dont talk about this things, who else will?. And Theuri said hi.

@ Cherie Thank you.
›› International Afairs  06-May-2011, reply_547534   › Flag Comment
So @Wanjohi can type in English?
Well, differenciate btn 'this' and 'these'
›› kenyamac  06-May-2011, reply_547535   › Flag Comment
@ cucu hear i agree with you, what we read, see, hear, talk affects our behavior

@ Brenna sema uliniona kwenwa lini ya mafuta, hehe

@ Supu and @ Cherie sasa gals

@ D-Stunt you become quite these days, hope you well
›› Cherie  06-May-2011, reply_547552   › Flag Comment
@Wanjohi... werokamu!
@Kenyamac... fffiiitttt and hawayu!
›› Kaimati  06-May-2011, reply_547557   › Flag Comment
Dumb ass people like @supu make me wonder, ALOUD!
›› Sahau  06-May-2011, reply_547563   › Flag Comment
All the signs of a bad listing. Matusi tu.
›› supu  06-May-2011, reply_547565   › Flag Comment
continue wondering and when you are done, shove it up where the sun doest shine @kaimati...

hi my love @ Sahau
›› scumbag  06-May-2011, reply_547597   › Flag Comment
hau cucu ni waria ma
›› African knight  06-May-2011, reply_547650   › Flag Comment
@Supu market ime funga. I am so outta here. So tunakutana wapi?
›› kenyamac  06-May-2011, reply_547680   › Flag Comment
@ Cherie niko sawa na kazi je
›› ottovon  07-May-2011, reply_547892   › Flag Comment
@cucu, leave wanjohi alone, he has some of humour..he lightens klist from the likes of Njamba Huthu.
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Cheap Flights, Hotels And Cars - In Kenya & Around The World . Listing # 140437

18,997 views, 14,167,414 ad impressions
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Cheap Flights, Hotels And Cars - In Kenya & Around The World . Listing # 140437

18,997 views, 14,167,415 ad impressions
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