| Why Are Some Men Men Never Happy??
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Why Are Some Men Men Never Happy??
Listing #58436 by ›› Megdee on 29-Mar-2011 6:28 pm . 1,188 views . 28 comments . 99 prints . 1 favorites .  › Flag This Listing
Why are men Never happy?...they really never know what they want or embrace change easily from their girlfriends/wives. Some men complain that women are too fat or too skinny or no butt/breasts...or not hot enough or plus they are never contend with their sex lives cause some want a porno star in the bedroom but at the same time want their women to be respected/quiet/and shy!!! . Why can't a men see that a woman is a human being first and not perfection. Only a perfect man should be with a perfect woman...What!...reality check THERE is NO PERFECT ANYBODY. 、
For all those men who appreciate women as they are... Kudos!!
Question; what really makes you happy/what do u want????


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›› Megdee  29-Mar-2011, 7:04 pm, reply_528075
@Jerry wewewewe !yaani there ain't another way? ain't got no bracelet!
@Jaks ...not really, isn't there another way
›› Eazy  29-Mar-2011, 7:10 pm, reply_528079
Megdee look at your man. If he has no hard on, fix him something to eat. It's really that simple.
›› Jerry Gucci Mane  29-Mar-2011, 7:12 pm, reply_528081
@megdee, offcuz their are other ways bt sex beats them all. Are u sure u do not have a leg bracelet baby gal? I am a clever cat..remember
›› kenyamac  29-Mar-2011, 7:22 pm, reply_528094
@ Megdee Their has to be some give and take but that doesn't mean people should just leave themselves be. They should take care of themselves. I am more attracted by a smart witty woman more than a pretty blonds. Oh those perfect women or men are too much into themselves to be content with others.

@ Jerry Think it's not fair the way you behaving be a little more civil
›› Ruffneck  29-Mar-2011, 7:31 pm, reply_528104
Men feel cheated coz when you are dating a chic, she's at her best. Talk of nice dressing, frequent change in hairdos, polite and so many other nice attributes. When you let her into your place, she changes totally. She is human but all she has to remember is that we were first attracted to the person we saw during courtship.
›› Megdee  29-Mar-2011, 7:36 pm, reply_528111
@Easy ..does it have to end dat way?
@Jerry hhhhmmm...hmmmm. wat abt the bracelet
@Kenyamac Well said..
›› Jerry Gucci Mane  29-Mar-2011, 7:42 pm, reply_528116
@kenyamac, ati i be a little civil? what have i done kwani.....ebu school me on how 2 be civil u S.R else shut ua blood clot mouth.

@megdee, i admire the bracelet on ua ankle and thats just that..period. u look sexy.
›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk  29-Mar-2011, 7:43 pm, reply_528117
Feminity is what I look for. I dont like this new age nonsense chics are getting lost in. (those only make good shagmates)
›› Megdee  29-Mar-2011, 8:01 pm, reply_528133
@Jerry thnx.
@Half do u mind elaborating further on the new age nonsense
›› kenyamac  29-Mar-2011, 8:12 pm, reply_528143
@ Jerry You should know how to talk to ladies. You don't talk like you black mailing her just cause you have something on her
›› vanished  29-Mar-2011, 8:13 pm, reply_528146
Afrocinema follows shortly...........
›› karema_hiti  29-Mar-2011, 8:16 pm, reply_528147
I'm attracted by a woman's femininity first, and I think that's where some of them go wrong. They adapt male mannerisms all in the name of equality. Marrying that kinda woman is like marrying a man. I believe roles in a relationship are complementary and as long as we each play our respective right, everything works.
›› karema_hiti  29-Mar-2011, 8:17 pm, reply_528148
›› Jerry Gucci Mane  29-Mar-2011, 8:17 pm, reply_528149
@kenyamac, cmon dude..sasa ni matusi nini >>ati i shud know how 2 talk 2 ladies..hii sasa ni kuongea mbaya shari yagu. Lets not get used with other (2cizoyeane) & i am not holding @medgee ransom or anything of the sort.. i can never stoop that low. Afterall i have nothing on her playa.
›› kenyamac  29-Mar-2011, 8:27 pm, reply_528153
@ Jerry sawa dude just the way you started on top. She is ok with it so cool
›› Jerry Gucci Mane  29-Mar-2011, 8:34 pm, reply_528156
just a BTW @kenyamac, are the two of u (u & meg) having a fling or something. Coz u were so over protective for her and per ua last reply it looks like u guys are talking/chatting some where privately behind the scenes.
›› kenyamac  29-Mar-2011, 8:40 pm, reply_528161
Na just that i think civility with each other is important. Your later post about her bracelet is well put unlike the previous bracalet post
›› kenyamac  29-Mar-2011, 8:43 pm, reply_528165
BTW think she is a nice chic ama
›› Jerry Gucci Mane  29-Mar-2011, 8:51 pm, reply_528175
well @kenyamac, i donno her so well bt going by wharr i have seen ..i do concur she is anice chic. Nice in many ways ..if u kno wharr i mean.
›› Jerry Gucci Mane  29-Mar-2011, 8:53 pm, reply_528178
i think she is also tight downstairs. If she has been with other men in bed before then hawaja pita wawili(2) at most.
›› Megdee  29-Mar-2011, 8:54 pm, reply_528179
@Jerry n wat do u MEAN????
›› kenyamac  29-Mar-2011, 8:54 pm, reply_528180
Hehe well i did see the photo and yes she is hot
›› Lill  29-Mar-2011, 8:57 pm, reply_528184
So,again,why are some men never happy?still beats me
›› kenyamac  29-Mar-2011, 8:59 pm, reply_528185
There you go again @ jerry. I wont go on saying that
›› wamum-Goldy   30-Mar-2011, 11:21 am, reply_528400
and so on and so forth....
 * Showing only the most recent 25 comments... ›› Show all 28 comments
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