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Who Is The Richest Man In Kenya?
Listing #57021 by ›› SAIMZ on 10-Mar-2011 4:07 pm . 14,615 views . 14 comments . 124 prints .  › Flag This Listing
The richest man in Kenya currently is Antony Gathogo Kihungu.The reason for this being that he has been engaging in stocks from as low as 200 shares but today's worth is running into millions; thanks to doing risky business. It is also estimated that by the year 2012 he will be, at least, number five top richest men in Africa and, at least, number 108 in the world.

Dr. Gathogo Kihungu was born in Nyeri County in Kenya. According to Forbes 2010, he was ranked the richest Kenyan.
However, Gathogo is not well known by the ordinary Kenyans. He has a lot of business interest in Kenya including mastermind Kenya ltd.
Gathogo, also, has played a big role in the economy of Congo where he lives which includes building schools. In fact, the government of Congo decided to name a place 'Kihungu' in his honour.


›› third man  10-Mar-2011, 4:16 pm, reply_517813
rubbish!! are you high on meth or what???
›› mucii munene  10-Mar-2011, 4:31 pm, reply_517819
Did you say Forbes? lemmi google
›› mucii munene  10-Mar-2011, 4:36 pm, reply_517823
Dude? Wiki answers? The richest man in Kenya is Mucii Munene. ARRG
›› pokoyoyo  10-Mar-2011, 4:47 pm, reply_517826
can you give us substantial evidence or credible reference to this effect.this information is rather too me MOI is the richest man in kenya.i need not say more.
›› BottleJuice  10-Mar-2011, 4:47 pm, reply_517827
Just because your grandfather owns ngombe tatu za grade doesnt mean that he is the richest btw wapi link?
›› SAIMZ  10-Mar-2011, 4:55 pm, reply_517830
Businessman Dr Antony Gathogo Kihungu, who owns a local tobacco company and is widely believed to be the richest man in Kenya, is awaiting extradition from Britain, where he was arrested last month, to South Africa to answer tax fraud charges.
Daily Monitor has learnt that Dr. Gathogo Kihungu, whose Leaf Tobacco Company Masterminnd Tobacco Ltd manufactures Mastermind-brand cigarettes, was arrested on October 13 by UK police soon after his arrival at Heathrow Airport, following an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol at the request of the South African authorities. He has since been released on bail but is not allowed to travel out of London.
Dr. Gathogo Kihungu's woes can be traced back to November 2006 when South African Revenue Services (Sars) officials halted operations at his Mastermind Tobacco Company in Wilsonia, East London, South Africa amid a Rand 57 million fraud case against the company's directors and senior employees.
Mastermind Tobacco SA Ltd had been manufacturing Yes, Forum and Legends brands of cigarettes for the South African and regional markets since the early 1990s.
Sars officials did not give exact reasons for the firm's closure, citing confidentiality provisions in South Africa's income tax laws but South African media quoted Sars' national spokesman Adriaan Lackay as saying that the decision was taken due to the severity of the fraud charges against the company.
South African media also reported that charges were to be brought against the company's three Kenyan directors, Dr. Gathogo Kihungu, his son Patrick and Jean-Paul Nkwaya, as well as two senior employees - import/export manager Jennifer Putter and financial manager Pascale Wiehah.
Jointly, the five face 25 counts of fraud relating to non-payment of excise duties, 25 charges of illegally exporting goods, six charges relating to the non-payment of Value Added Tax and a charge of irregular dealing in goods.
Dr. Gathogo Kihungu, his son and their co-director fled South Africa after warrants for their arrest were issued and the businessman was believed to have been living in Nyeri at the time of his arrest.
After they fled South Africa, some of their property, including an aircraft, houses, vehicles and cash to the value of R58m( about Shs11.4 billion), was subsequently attached by the country's Asset Forfeiture Unit, according to reports.
The five had earlier been arrested in July 2008 following an investigation by Kenya Anti corruption Commission. Apart from extensive businesses in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania, Dr. Gathogo Kihungu and Tribert Ayabatwa -from Rwanda, also owns Leaf Tobacco & Commodities Ltd in Uganda with offices along Namugongo Road.

›› KingKenny  10-Mar-2011, 5:41 pm, reply_517871
^^dude r 58m is not 11.5 b and the dude arrested is called Rujigiro from Rwanda who owns all that sh-- and he is not Kenyan
›› Shkii  10-Mar-2011, 5:57 pm, reply_517888
Dr. what??? Mimi naona a wewe ni chiz!!!
›› SAIMZ  10-Mar-2011, 7:00 pm, reply_517928
@King Kenny, Daily Monitor, is a Ugandan paper. Conversion done on Ug.shs
›› ottovon  10-Mar-2011, 7:38 pm, reply_517940
whatever the issue, he doesnt feed me.
›› third man  10-Mar-2011, 8:18 pm, reply_517958
FYI......The owner of MTK Is Mr Winfred Muriungi!!
›› kam123  10-Mar-2011, 10:13 pm, reply_518011
›› DeepinYourLady  11-Mar-2011, 8:32 am, reply_518115
Richest man in kenya?definately not u
›› jojoshow  11-Mar-2011, 12:51 pm, reply_518455
mastermind is owned by the Muriungis and they are merus.lots of bull
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