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Maside-muliro Gardens Immorarity Shame Is Kenyans Shame
Listing #56973 by ›› cucu on 10-Mar-2011    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 20,067 views . 36 comments . Printed 560 times

I think I am loosing my mind, if I caught any of morally decay citizens I would teach them a lesson they will never forget. The level of moral decay in Kenya society has escalated to an all time high. Maside murilo shame is Kenyans shame. I feel ashamed. It is happening in kakamega and guess what it is also happening to your village near you and soon its coming to your house.

Like many Kenyans I will not just sit here while our house burns. Something got to give. I am tired of raving, yapping, shouting, talking, its time to walk the talk. Wow unto to you if I catch you in the act. Please Kenyans of good will lets join hands in taking tough measures to stop this immorality in Kenya.

If you have not noticed, Kenya is slowly slipping into a failed society and soon to failed state. Lets all take responsibility and remedial action….. otherwise in ukarira na undirie. Simple logic, some children born out of this indecent acts end up as rapists, bullies, robbers etc and guess who will be their next victim…you Kenyans who claim its non of your business. You should be afraid, very afraid. Parents who die from AIDS related causes will leave behind a burden to you and the country. I hope those practicing the immoral acts are seeing the bigger picture.

All Kenyans lets take the following ruthless action

1. Legal action – kakamega victims should be prosecuted. PEPO MBAYA ISHINDWE. HIBILISI

2. LIST OF SHAME – philandering persons photos should be printed in the media and their names.

3. Stoning to death or weka taya – this is a ruthless action that will scare many. Its inevitable the masses
should take action to save Kenya

4. GENITAL MUTILATION - sexual organs of persons caught in sexual immorality should be mutilated.

5. Strict mututho-like sex rules – a bill should be brought into parliament to tame immorality

6. Discipline – self discipline and good values in our society should be taught and encouraged.

7. Prayers – God changes people. Unless we repent change and return to God, our society is doomed.

i do hereby swear to take the necessary action to the best of my ability.
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›› amor  10-Mar-2011, reply_517464   › Flag Comment
Aii cucu!
›› madovah  10-Mar-2011, reply_517465   › Flag Comment
›› afriQDef  10-Mar-2011, reply_517467   › Flag Comment
_yenyewe cucu kuna vile hizo punishment zako hazibambi...

_try equate whatever is going down at Masinde with the corruption vice that is deep rooted in our society...have we tried fighting it? YES, but we'll never succeed because it is BASICALLY a moral issue...the culprit HAS to be WILLING to change all by themselves..and no one can make them. Ama u want to go whip them like Jesus did at the temple? my dear, that is soo OLD TESTAMENT!! go figure

_Only God by His Grace can change these people....or decide to punish them like the Sodom/Gommorah thingy
›› kasmall  10-Mar-2011, reply_517468   › Flag Comment
@supu , fiti kabisa.
›› Sahau  10-Mar-2011, reply_517474   › Flag Comment
@afriQDef cucu is fake. She lives in her own world. I once told guys here I pity her husband and children if she has any.
›› supu  10-Mar-2011, reply_517479   › Flag Comment
Sahau...how dare you... yaaaani;;;;; sina words...but i thinks cucu is a very young chick ( i happen to know her other handle) who is too eager to grow up....
›› Sahau  10-Mar-2011, reply_517485   › Flag Comment
@supu, ati cucu is a very young chick!!! Her ideas and reasoning is a century old!!! How is that possible?

Haya leta hiyo handle ingine.
›› ottovon  10-Mar-2011, reply_517487   › Flag Comment
@cucu, mboro usioitomba yakuwashiani? its somebody`s pucci and somebody`s dick, it got nothing to do with you, get a life. Only shot changed brains can suggest some of the ideas you listed.
›› supu  10-Mar-2011, reply_517494   › Flag Comment
@sahau.... nway..how have you been? ..........

›› G-mail  10-Mar-2011, reply_517500   › Flag Comment
@Cucu, It is a shame to read your listing, imagine this I was conceived in a green lodging and now am a doctor in a big hospital and you have brought your daughter to deliver who happens to have conceived on a king size bed in 5 star hotel after a big garden wedding, Does it mean your grand child wont be born the same way I was or I wont help your daughter deliver because I was conceived in a place simillar to muliro garden.
Cucu you are get too old for us now, I bet when you were 20years old and shagging grandpa all night and jumping thru the window to meet him it was ok then.
Stop being hypocritical, let people shag wherever they can as long as they dont disturb anyone. Apart from the peeping tom who took the pictures I havent heard anyone complain in that area on even in other parts like aboretum and I have shagged in aboretum many times.
›› The Diamond  10-Mar-2011, reply_517537   › Flag Comment
there are better ways to curb such behaviours@ cucu
›› Soundbyte  10-Mar-2011, reply_517561   › Flag Comment
Let me try and help cucu on her way to ridding Kenya of immorality..Shush,assuming you are in Nairobi,walk over to gill hse,up the stairs to the 4th floor and make your way to door N0 22.If I watch you in the news on tv flushing those 'massage' ladies out of business,I will give you more locations..Over to you shush,my tv is set to k24 so I dont miss a thing..!!
›› mucii munene  10-Mar-2011, reply_517582   › Flag Comment
Cucu i disagree with you... 100%
›› Cherie  10-Mar-2011, reply_517623   › Flag Comment
@Cucu...two words only: obedience not compliance
›› scumbag  10-Mar-2011, reply_517775   › Flag Comment
1. ''Legal action – kakamega victims should be prosecuted. PEPO MBAYA ISHINDWE. HIBILISI''

Have you given thought to the fact that they are protected by law against any action you are proposing against them

NB:Go back to schools demanding a refund and also reread your Bible,(obviously you seem to the Bible thumping kind) - It is never and will never be HIBILISI- It is IBILISI!!
›› kimosop  17-Mar-2011, reply_521571   › Flag Comment
sex sells anyday,anytime,anywhere..illegal sex so sweet tho..
›› kadinywa  18-Mar-2011, reply_521997   › Flag Comment
›› possessed  18-Mar-2011, reply_522335   › Flag Comment
wewe ndio unafaa ushidwe..is there a life you created so as to take it away?idiot..take a hike you dont belong here barbaric you!!!!
›› nuguuu  19-Mar-2011, reply_522690   › Flag Comment
shosh acha ufala, go get laid o somthng!
›› ochuodho J  21-Mar-2011, reply_523170   › Flag Comment
Good lord i say
›› Wakaguku  21-Mar-2011, reply_523296   › Flag Comment
@cucu, eva had a ka'quickie in the open or even in one of those coverts at ua place? Just wonderin.
›› Juguma Diani  22-Mar-2011, reply_523729   › Flag Comment
This hen must have bn molested severally when she was young. Now every act of sex according to her is immoral. The harvested lot i guess
›› kamakill  31-Mar-2011, reply_529007   › Flag Comment
we ni mtiaji....thats how the world should be
›› 5YKQP  06-Apr-2011, reply_532275   › Flag Comment
Si uhame Kenya basi!
›› signior  06-Feb-2012, reply_667387   › Flag Comment
man 4 hiz own God 4 us all.nvr mind, ni ya dunia, ni mengi
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