| Lucy Slaps MC At State House Jamhuri Function
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Lucy Slaps MC At State House Jamhuri Function
Listing #5664 by  Online < 7 minutes  on 12-Dec-2007 12:00 am . 3,644 views . 73 comments . 3 emails . 239 prints .  › Flag This Listing
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MC slapped at State House Jamhuri function

Published on December 13, 2007, 12:00 am

By Standard Reporter

A presidential awards ceremony at State House, Nairobi, was disrupted after First Lady Lucy Kibaki slapped the master of ceremonies (MC).

The MC, a senior administrative officer at the Office of the President, was quickly removed from the scene by presidential security detail in the incident last night.

President Kibaki, the Vice President, Mr Moody Awori, several Cabinet ministers and members of the diplomatic corps watched in dismay as the drama unfolded.

The MC had started introductions to kick off the ceremony, an annual tradition after the Jamhuri Day festivities, thus: "Your Excellency, Mr President, First Lady Mama Lucy Wambui..."

But before he could continue with the introductions, the First Lady stood up from where she was seated and briskly walked to the MC, whom she slapped across the face.

The ceremony was temporarily disrupted as security took away the shocked public official leaving Head of Civil Service, ambassador Francis Muthaura, to take over.

Meanwhile, State House security grabbed the cameras of the few journalists present and ensured all footage of the incident was erased before returning the equipment.

Over to you Amos Wako. Lets see how you handle this. And for all the PANU supporters, let me hear you condemn this barbaric act by the soon to be ex-first lady.

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›› Lucy  13-Dec-2007, 2:52 pm, reply_23329
@ochuodho j ...You know am better than that....Just really pissed off at this witch giving my name bad taste, yani am bilaz words....Surambaya!
››   13-Dec-2007, 3:51 pm, reply_23333
Guyz, haki u r joking here,Kwani state hse imeturn to be another Kuresoi,where people meet then fight simply coz of small issue,nxt time u will hear that state hse is in fire and the first lady has overthrown the preso and she is incharge,or come January he will refuse Kibaki from handing over the sword to Kalonzo and announce that she is on top of things.Watch out Men!!Lucy endelea hivyohivyo.
››   13-Dec-2007, 4:56 pm, reply_23338
wish luci met raila, and pentagon n gives them maslaps!
›› nyam  13-Dec-2007, 7:21 pm, reply_23346
This brings a very clear picture tht baba james haletei lucy kichwa nevertheless atapewa slaps. You must see this n public to know who is behind prezo si mafi ya kuku ni 1st lady.

kazi ianze.... Raila 4 Prezo Ida first lady......
››   14-Dec-2007, 1:10 am, reply_23381
Men...u r comments have just killed me...haki ya mungu wacha kazi ianze sasa...yes chungwa moja maisha bora......karoooocy has spolilt for emilio!
››   14-Dec-2007, 2:22 am, reply_23405
bulshit kwani nyinyi wajaka mnataka kusema nyinyi ni miumgu you can neva be long !!!!! kibaki then uhuru mkisikia vibaya (wirume mugongo nimuaigua)
››   14-Dec-2007, 3:38 pm, reply_23622
@lucy=== think your namesake is representing you well== just wonder if you are as beautiful as first lady. You got any pictures we can see?
›› nash  14-Dec-2007, 9:13 pm, reply_23633
If i was Lucy I wud have slapped him 3 times. How dare He--stupid kao
››   14-Dec-2007, 11:47 pm, reply_23637
Wacha propaganda. You mean all of you dudes can easily be duped by Raila and his machinery. Raila MCHAWI kabisa >Kazi iendelee . Can somebody release that video
››   15-Dec-2007, 3:08 am, reply_23674
All you guys who are saying that lady did nothing wrong are full of ish! This shows how brain washed you are in that u can't admit the prezo's wife was wrong. Come on p'ple look beyond 2007. Next time it will be you in such a position and this lady wouldn't care if you supported PNU, ODM or ODM Kenya. She did it twice and that shows she's getting better at slapping people in public: supporters or not!
›› Chizzin  15-Dec-2007, 3:14 am, reply_23676
All you guys who are saying that lady did nothing wrong are full of ish! This shows how brain washed you are in that u can't admit the prezo's wife was wrong. Come on p'ple look beyond 2007. Next time it will be you in such a position and this lady wouldn't care if you supported PNU, ODM or ODM Kenya. She did it twice and that shows she's getting better at slapping people in public; supporters or not!
›› nyam  16-Dec-2007, 3:07 am, reply_23774
In kenya there is a law tht protect everyone and it's not a respect of any man status whether poor or rich and I don't think Lucy is above the law. She should face charges regarding her action.
In any case where did you hear in the world the 1st lady or a person slap someone simply bcoz he/she has been referred with a wrong name.....????????????????
It is soooooooooo embarrassssssssssssing to our Nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucy your days are numbered in state house and know tht everything tht has a beginning has an end too. You reign is over.
››   17-Dec-2007, 2:43 am, reply_23917
hallelujah, thats the silliest thing that a first lady can do. if kibaki loses the election he should blame her wife, she drives away votes. idont know but it a talent she has. remeber 2002 she was not in the pictue, and thats how automaticaly kibaki made it.
she is disgrace to the counrty and the whole PNU fratanity. if iwas kibaki i'd divorce her ten years ago. and by the way Wambui is sweeter i bet so any one who feels otherwise lemme know
››   17-Dec-2007, 5:43 am, reply_23972
No votes gone, not mine and not many more - Lucy had every light to fly off the handle! why didnt the EMCEE slip-tongue and call her something different? Instant justice is the way to go.

I pity the guy though for the embarrassment, but I tell you, that doesnt make ODM get an xtra vote from me.
››   17-Dec-2007, 1:25 pm, reply_24049
@solomon are you serious? Who do you think will ever read all that encyclopedia? People here read posts thats are less than 3 lines, most of them only 1 liners :D
››   17-Dec-2007, 10:15 pm, reply_24079
if someone called me by my hubbies gachungwas name ild kill them. u honestly cant blame the cucu for what she did but all the same for kibakis sake she should have waited to do it indoors
››   18-Dec-2007, 9:54 pm, reply_24331
solomon get a life, unaexpect nani kusoma all that useless info and pnu propaganda !!! r u for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!make ur self short, precise and clear!! gee!!! kwani you thought that the more u write the more we will read... puhleez!!!!!!!!!! get a life... seriously!!!!!!!!!!
››   19-Dec-2007, 12:54 pm, reply_24429
Haki, i salute u for all ur comments,na ni mob,au did u know all this.r u working with the goverment printer??Does kibaki know all this thing. Any way thank you for enlighting some of us,mazee you can make a good novalist.
›› Lucy  19-Dec-2007, 1:54 pm, reply_24436
And scrolling...and scrolling...eish...........@ Solomon, no one will read that, pole lakini..
››   19-Dec-2007, 3:27 pm, reply_24439
@solo tafuta site ya pono ujienjoy au make ua own website yenye uta bore watu nayo did u 4real thot tutaisoma? get a life mothaf---a
››   22-Dec-2007, 2:15 am, reply_24830
solo umechizi nini!!!!!!!!!!! try working for a newspaper company probably a gutter press that supports your pnu propaganda or try using your writing skills into something that will bring financial gain cant believe you wasted all that time jotting that s*** down ODM JUU RAILA JUU.
››   24-Dec-2007, 12:24 am, reply_25000
wonder what kibaki goes thru when anakataa kugawa after a long day in the campaign
››   28-Dec-2007, 9:32 pm, reply_25497
abana nii ni ndaraga!!! Wacheni kumingilia First Lady rucy Kibaki roosy, roosy cannot do such a stupid thing. Those guys who were in state house are faking the whole thing. If they are not faking I want to see a prove. They are saying eti a riharibu mashini huko za video kwani zilikuwa mbili nyinyi wacheni!! We never had a first Lady for the last 24years before mzee aachilie kiti and now that God has blessed us with a first lady mnamtonyereraaaaaa no ways. Lucy nikuigirirwo ndangika uguo twathomaga nake and she was very polite ona mungiuria principle she got all the awards of the most behaved girl in school. wacheni ninyiii
››   09-Jan-2008, 11:32 pm, reply_28923
I think this is a statement to women!! Its the epitome of girl power!!!When you mess with the first lady you get b--ch slapped across yo face an ain nothin you can do about it!!! Na kazi bado inaendelea.....
›› kanyole  06-Jun-2011, 6:10 pm, reply_563738
Wacha hao ma - presidential security wanivunje-vunje ama waniue. Lakini huyo first lady ningemchafua kofi moja hatawahi-sahau milele!
 * Showing only the most recent 25 comments... ›› Show all 73 comments
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