| Lucy Slaps MC At State House Jamhuri Function
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Lucy Slaps MC At State House Jamhuri Function
Listing #5664 by  Online < 7 minutes  on 12-Dec-2007 12:00 am . 3,598 views . 74 comments . Emailed 3 times . Printed 237 times .  › Flag This Listing
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MC slapped at State House Jamhuri function

Published on December 13, 2007, 12:00 am

By Standard Reporter

A presidential awards ceremony at State House, Nairobi, was disrupted after First Lady Lucy Kibaki slapped the master of ceremonies (MC).

The MC, a senior administrative officer at the Office of the President, was quickly removed from the scene by presidential security detail in the incident last night.

President Kibaki, the Vice President, Mr Moody Awori, several Cabinet ministers and members of the diplomatic corps watched in dismay as the drama unfolded.

The MC had started introductions to kick off the ceremony, an annual tradition after the Jamhuri Day festivities, thus: "Your Excellency, Mr President, First Lady Mama Lucy Wambui..."

But before he could continue with the introductions, the First Lady stood up from where she was seated and briskly walked to the MC, whom she slapped across the face.

The ceremony was temporarily disrupted as security took away the shocked public official leaving Head of Civil Service, ambassador Francis Muthaura, to take over.

Meanwhile, State House security grabbed the cameras of the few journalists present and ensured all footage of the incident was erased before returning the equipment.

Over to you Amos Wako. Lets see how you handle this. And for all the PANU supporters, let me hear you condemn this barbaric act by the soon to be ex-first lady.

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 Online < 7 minutes   13-Dec-2007, 3:51 pm, reply_23333
Guyz, haki u r joking here,Kwani state hse imeturn to be another Kuresoi,where people meet then fight simply coz of small issue,nxt time u will hear that state hse is in fire and the first lady has overthrown the preso and she is incharge,or come January he will refuse Kibaki from handing over the sword to Kalonzo and announce that she is on top of things.Watch out Men!!Lucy endelea hivyohivyo.
 Online < 7 minutes   13-Dec-2007, 4:56 pm, reply_23338
wish luci met raila, and pentagon n gives them maslaps!
›› nyam  13-Dec-2007, 7:21 pm, reply_23346
This brings a very clear picture tht baba james haletei lucy kichwa nevertheless atapewa slaps. You must see this n public to know who is behind prezo si mafi ya kuku ni 1st lady.

kazi ianze.... Raila 4 Prezo Ida first lady......
››   14-Dec-2007, 1:10 am, reply_23381
Men...u r comments have just killed me...haki ya mungu wacha kazi ianze sasa...yes chungwa moja maisha bora......karoooocy has spolilt for emilio!
››   14-Dec-2007, 2:22 am, reply_23405
bulshit kwani nyinyi wajaka mnataka kusema nyinyi ni miumgu you can neva be long !!!!! kibaki then uhuru mkisikia vibaya (wirume mugongo nimuaigua)
››   14-Dec-2007, 3:38 pm, reply_23622
@lucy=== think your namesake is representing you well== just wonder if you are as beautiful as first lady. You got any pictures we can see?
›› nash  14-Dec-2007, 9:13 pm, reply_23633
If i was Lucy I wud have slapped him 3 times. How dare He--stupid kao
››   14-Dec-2007, 11:47 pm, reply_23637
Wacha propaganda. You mean all of you dudes can easily be duped by Raila and his machinery. Raila MCHAWI kabisa >Kazi iendelee . Can somebody release that video
››   15-Dec-2007, 3:08 am, reply_23674
All you guys who are saying that lady did nothing wrong are full of ish! This shows how brain washed you are in that u can't admit the prezo's wife was wrong. Come on p'ple look beyond 2007. Next time it will be you in such a position and this lady wouldn't care if you supported PNU, ODM or ODM Kenya. She did it twice and that shows she's getting better at slapping people in public: supporters or not!
›› Chizzin  15-Dec-2007, 3:14 am, reply_23676
All you guys who are saying that lady did nothing wrong are full of ish! This shows how brain washed you are in that u can't admit the prezo's wife was wrong. Come on p'ple look beyond 2007. Next time it will be you in such a position and this lady wouldn't care if you supported PNU, ODM or ODM Kenya. She did it twice and that shows she's getting better at slapping people in public; supporters or not!
›› nyam  16-Dec-2007, 3:07 am, reply_23774
In kenya there is a law tht protect everyone and it's not a respect of any man status whether poor or rich and I don't think Lucy is above the law. She should face charges regarding her action.
In any case where did you hear in the world the 1st lady or a person slap someone simply bcoz he/she has been referred with a wrong name.....????????????????
It is soooooooooo embarrassssssssssssing to our Nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucy your days are numbered in state house and know tht everything tht has a beginning has an end too. You reign is over.
››   17-Dec-2007, 2:43 am, reply_23917
hallelujah, thats the silliest thing that a first lady can do. if kibaki loses the election he should blame her wife, she drives away votes. idont know but it a talent she has. remeber 2002 she was not in the pictue, and thats how automaticaly kibaki made it.
she is disgrace to the counrty and the whole PNU fratanity. if iwas kibaki i'd divorce her ten years ago. and by the way Wambui is sweeter i bet so any one who feels otherwise lemme know
››   17-Dec-2007, 5:43 am, reply_23972
No votes gone, not mine and not many more - Lucy had every light to fly off the handle! why didnt the EMCEE slip-tongue and call her something different? Instant justice is the way to go.

I pity the guy though for the embarrassment, but I tell you, that doesnt make ODM get an xtra vote from me.
››   17-Dec-2007, 6:45 am, reply_23996
People here is the truth

1)Subject: An Opinion - The Real ODM? . One can't help but wonder if the ‘watchdog’ in Raila has suddenly turned selectively blind

We have heard a lot about the Kibaki camp, let's flip the coin and find out more about the people who are apparently supposed to "save Kenya" from the jaws of corruption and bad governance. Let’s start with ODM,
Remember when Ruto, Mudavadi, Kalonzo and Raila were to attend a bonding meeting in London?
Only Raila and Magara made it to the meeting. Ruto and Mudavadi stayed out saying they had not applied for travel visas while Kalonzo said that the meeting was planned to declare “Raila Tosha”.
So why did Ruto have a hard time getting the UK visa? Because he had a case in court for grabbing forestland and then "selling" it to Kenya Pipeline.
Do you remember what Ruto and Jirongo's roles were in the 1990-1992 plunder of the economy in the name of YK '92?
What about our next VP Musalia Mudavadi? He is restricting his movement to the borders of Kenya because he was involved in the Goldenberg scandal. Only Raila is traveling abroad to raise funds for the party since his mates cannot travel to most countries in the EU and the USA.
A few years ago Raila asked Mudavadi to come clean on the G'berg saying:
"Musalia and (President) Moi know the whole truth about Golden berg and they should come out clean. Mudavadi was the Finance minister in 1993. He first paid out the Shs 5.8 billion in export compensation and then the Sh13.5 billion. I know what I am talking about. I stand for the truth and the VP and the President should come out and prove me wrong."
Mudavadi is yet to come clean on the same. One can't help but wonder if the ‘watchdog’ in Raila has suddenly turned selectively blind. Clearly, the western vote is more important than the integrity of his running mate.
ODM Chairman Henry Kosgey was part of the team that brought in **** Berg to execute the 1997 "4th All African Games" looting. You may remember this face:
**** Berg, marketing consultant for the 4th All Africa Games in 1987, who fled the country with Shs 200 million even before the games had began.
The same Henry Kosgey brought down a number of parastatals and is well known for milking Kenya National Assurance to death.
Read these news reports that show how fast Raila ran to court to block any action on him regarding the land that he received 5 days after NDP joining Kanu. Raila paid 4M for 240 acres of prime land in Kisumu. That is about Shs 16,000 per acre! Land must surely be cheap in Kisumu!
Raila's threats over the Ndung'u report are cheap rhetoric. This is not the first and it will not be the last of hot air. Raila will breathe hot air to maintain his opposition ‘paragon of virtue’ image, but deep down he is just like the rest of our politicians.
Raila's main strength is his mastery and skill of telling the masses what they want to hear, when they want to hear it. The problem is that there are citizens in Kenya who will catch him when he contradicts himself. Such citizens can tell the genuine from the fake.
This is what Raila told the masses in Rift Valley in regard to Moi's loot:

"I came to Moi's aid when the Government wanted to take away his houses and sue him over Goldenberg during my days as the Minister for Roads. Moi should be grateful. I organised his first meeting with Kibaki at State House. He should thank me by not attacking ODM unfairly"

. ODM government would be a case of “exit the dragon, enter the dragon
ODM should get a new campaign platform since they have no moral authority to talk about recovering ‘the loot’ when they have not handed back to us what they stole.
So how does one justify that Kenya needs a president, a prime minister, and an array of vice presidents among other positions? This looks more like a ‘reward scheme’, rather than a strategic leadership plan.
The important thing here is that politicians want Kenyans to believe that their wrongs can be forgotten simply because they are ‘in opposition’. Why did Mudavadi lose his Sabatia seat? He stuck with Moi even in desperate times. Strange how he now accuses Moi of running down the country while he sat high up in his government and watched over Goldenberg as Finance minister.
And did you know that William Ruto almost lost Eldoret North to Reuben Chesire of NARC? (Unconfirmed sources say he ‘rigged’ Needless to say, there are many in ODM with a very tainted past and this cannot be wished away simply because "Kenyans want change" if change means the Rutos, Mudavadis, Kosgeys, Ntimamas and many other MPs who always “reinvent themselves” every time there is an opportunity, then Kenya does not need change for the sake of it, Kenya needs meaningful change.

Let the people decide
It confirms Raila as what I have always believed, a two faced politician who will ride any back to get to State House. His rude comments about his running mate, Luhyas, William Ruto and Kalenjins in general are especially shocking.

3)Chungwa ni chungu.

Drama As Two Odm Candidates Present Themselves For The Same Constituency In Kisii at Nyambaria High school in Kitutu Masaba Constituency after two ODM aspirants appeared before the returning officer, each having his nomination certificate.

Timothy Bosire and Nyambega Mose both arrived early with their supporters to present themselves as the parliamentary flag bearers on the ODM
The fracas ensued after the returning officer, Mr. Lawrence Sendele, declined to receive Nyambega’s certificate citing a circular from the ODM headquarters to the returning officer that stated that Nyambega’s nomination certificate had been revoked.
Nyambega and his supporters could not understand the reason of the revocation and demanded that returning officer accepts his certificate.

Apparently Lawrence, said he was not going by the Party’s circular but was following one from the Electoral Commissions Chairman, Samuel Kivuitu, which stated that, if a party had issued nomination certificate to two or more aspirants the first one to present his or her certificate will be the only one considered.

Although Nyambega and his supporters claimed to have been the first ones to arrive, the returning officer said Nyambega had not followed the rules, which had required that, each aspirant to register at the gate and clearly indicate the time he had arrived.

It was not known how Nyambega had entered the venue since he had not passed through the gate and he could not prove that he had passed through the gate without registering himself.

When all seemed to be crippling down on Nyambega he started accusing the returning officer of being biased. This provoked a fierce fight among his
supporters and those of his opponents which left two people seriously injured.
They were rushed to Gekano Dispensary where they are receiving

Nyambega finally conceded defeat but not without trashing the ODM party terming it as one of the most undemocratic party in the country. He said he was not going to support the party any more since he was very sure it would fail during the elections.


Their problems started at the beginning of March 2007. On 3rd or 4th March, Kalonzo sought out Julia Ojiambo in connection with the impending London trip. He had received information leaked to him by a Kenyan living in Birmingham to the effect that Bishop Deya had boasted to some followers the previous Sunday that he (Deya) was going to bask in very positive limelight the following week because he was going to chaperone the entire ODM leadership on their visit to the UK. Deya indicated that this would provide a vital springboard for his projected return to Kenya in January of 2008 without fear of prosecution.
Kalonzo was disturbed at this news because the itinerary shown to him by Raila and discussed between them only mentioned Deya in passing and did not in fact give him any official role.

After Kalonzo met Ojiambo, they agreed that this was a serious matter and that Kalonzo should find out more before deciding on the next course of action. Kalonzo spent the next day inquiring from his sources in London, and after satisfying himself, immediately placed a call to Raila. Raila expressed the view that there was nothing wrong with Deya ‘helping in some areas’, arguing that Deya had done a lot for ODM abroad (a well known fact) and spent a great deal of time and money for the cause. This is true, and not even his detractors can deny that Deya has sacrificed a lot for ODM, both in time and money. Raila also explained that it was too close to the visit to kick out Deya and replace him with another organizer, there simply was no time.

Kalonzo’s problem with Deya is that Kalonzo believed that his popularity stemmed from his clean cut Christian image (largely true) and that association with Deya would irrevocably damage his reputation. He consulted with his clique of religious leaders who agreed wholeheartedly. In addition, he then held a lengthy meeting with Ruto who agreed with him, but he asked him to be patient and give them time to speak to Raila. When Ruto and spoke with Raila on the evening of the 6tth March, he listened carefully but stood firm on the matter of Deya. It was dawning on the others that Raila would not budge on this one. Musalia’s opinion was secondary since he was never on the travel schedule anyway and had only been remotely involved.

By the morning of 7th March, the matter was at an impasse. Kalonzo was unwilling to commit what he felt would be political suicide by being seen with Deya. In addition, he felt that Raila would suffer much less from such exposure because Raila has never packaged himself as a moralist. Kalonzo felt that Raila was aware of this and did not mind the controversy that would compromise Kalonzo and reduce his ‘clean’ image. Deya had been given a very prominent role in the visit and this was to be flashed to all leading dailies and electronic media. By the night of the 7th, Kalonzo had made up his mind not to go. The information about Deya’s role had been confirmed with his excellent and reliable contacts in London .

Ojiambo, another devout Christian and mother figure, refused to ‘touch’ Deya and Ruto was the last to formally quit the trip. Raila was furious and tried to spread a story that Kalonzo was engineering a ‘coup’ in the party. However, the facts by now were quite well known and no one quite bought this line. The media adopted a wrong version of the story that Raila was to be ‘crowned’ in London and that this was the cause of the disagreement. However, the truth is that at no time had the ODM top brass agreed to come up with the name of the presidential flag bearer during the London trip. Even Balala, who often sided with Raila, did not agree with him on this one.

That is why, on the evening of 8th March, Raila caught the London plane alone, to be received warmly by Deya. The subsequent visit was much less low key than earlier planned, but yes, Deya played as large a role as planned and hosted Raila prominently. Subsequently, rumors that I cannot confirm or deny emerged that he was promised a pardon and Government position.

Kalonzo had privately complained that Raila, as a confessed atheist, had no qualms about associating with the likes of Deya and that this was not the face of ODM he was willing to present. It is instructive that a key ally of his, Joe Kadhi, went on to write a stinging article later about this saga and its potential to scuttle ODM’s ambitions. The leading dailies all refused to carry this article and Joe Kadhi in frustration posted it on the Internet.

Raila was interviewed about having associated with Deya in London. He denied, despite a mountain of evidence and several photographs in evidence. Those of us watching the interview realized that he clearly was unaware of this mountain of evidence, and in a way, we were glad because at this time, we still dreamt of ODM unity.

5)Raila Is A Tribalist

Raila is an MP of a cosmopolitan constituency but his nationalism is questionable.
Raila knows what his power base is. That is why he said:

"I am not ready to contest and be defeated. If you do not register in large numbers I will not run for the top seat," Raila said in Kano, Kisumu.

"I want to go to war when I am sure I have a strong army. The army is you and the arsenals are voter and identification cards. And when I order you to fire, you cast the vote." Raila said during a funeral for Mzee Ernest Awuonda Ouya, a Luo Council of Elders official.

"We must vote better than our rivals next time. In Nyanza, the voter turnout was 56 per cent during the November referendum and in Central it was 63 per cent. How will I win if you fail to vote in large numbers?" he asked.

Whenever Raila celebrates any major accomplishments, he does not invite the people of Lang’ata. Raila travels more than 300 KM to celebrate with the people of Nyanza. A good example is when Moi elevated Raila to a cabinet position. Raila was escorted to Kisumu with a flock of government choppers in what is described as “coming home like a president.”

Raila’s homecoming after the 2002 elections was in Bondo and not Langata. It is the people of Nyanza who benefited from Raila’s bulls and maize bags in the celebration over referendum victory.

Raila is smatter than Ntimama and the rest of the tribal chiefs. Raila has errand boys that he uses to send his tribal messages. That is how you get one Likowa saying, “But I would like to ask Tuju (a sell out) to eat quietly from the enemies (the kikuyu) and leave Raila alone or else a political tsunami will sweep him along the way during the 2007 General Election.”

Raila has always used the Ker (Luo Council of elders) to foster his political aspirations. In the recent times we have seen Raila use the Ker to meet with Kikuyu elders in the bid to unify the 2 tribes (as if these peoples are enemies). Raila prides himself with consulting the Ker before making any moves

Raila believes that Kenyans should be balkanized into tribal fiefdoms (Majimbo) for easy exploitation. Raila (a crowned Luo elder) is always present when other tribal elders are being crowned. The latest coronation was that of William Ruto –the latest Kalenjin elder on the block. Political tribal eldership is one thing that is hurting our nation. I don’t think any statesman should endorse this system.

Above all Raila thinks that he owns Luo Nyanza MPs. He is known to force his cronies -like Otieno Kajwang' - down our throats. Raila is found of issuing statements like: "These MPs of mine should be supported and not fought, if I have to win this war." This is a show that his interests in Nyanza (exploiting the masses for political survival) take prominence over development. It is for this reason why progressive voices like James Orengo, Shem Ochuodho, Raphael Tuju etc are fought using any available means.

6)“Robbed” victory and left to cry foul.
In Nairobi, youthful Makadara parliamentary aspirant, Dr Dan Shikanda, said he had openly been “robbed” victory by the ODM Elections Board after he trounced his sole opponent, immediate former MP, Mr Reuben Ndolo.
Another aspirant, Mr Habib Kongo, who was vying for the Kasarani seat on an ODM ticket described the elections as a “sham.”Kongo said the ODM election officials had informed them that due to the fracas in the area on voting day, there would be a repeat of the exercise in some wards.
“That is why I am here to appeal to the Elections Board because there was no voting in Kasarani,” he added. In Rift Valley, the situation was explosive with an aspirant for the Eldama Ravine seat, Mr Moses Lessonet, expressing fears that his victory was about to be overturned by a top party official.
Lessonet, who beat the immediate former MP, Mr Musa Sirma, by garnering 8,485 votes against Sirma’s 8,162 said he had received credible information that a top party official was working behind the scenes to shortchange him in favour of Sirma. But last night, Lessonet was retained as the party’s candidate.
Also at Orange House were supporters of the party’s Embakasi aspirant, Mr Mugabe Were, who claimed their candidate had been robbed victory even after emerging victorious.
In Makueni, ODM-Kenya settled for former PC, Mr Peter Kiilu, after the party failed to conduct any elections among the 15 aspirants who had braced themselves for the contest.
It was, however, not clear on what basis Kiilu was picked and why the elections were never conducted.
There was also confusion in Kathiani Constituency where the immediate former MP, Mr Peter Kaindi, was said to have been handed the party ticket in controversial circumstances.
Kaindi, a former Agriculture Assistant minister, resigned barely a month ago and crossed over to ODM-Kenya after it dawned on him that the area was an ODM-Kenya zone.
In Ugenya, the man who won the controversial ODM nominations conducted through “mlolongo”, Mr Steve Mwanga, took an early morning flight to Orange House after learning that an opponent had been issued with the certificate.
Mwanga is said to have trounced the immediate former MP, Archbishop Stephen Ondiek, and lawyer Mr James Orengo, also a former MP for the area.
It emerged last night that Orengo had been handed the party ticket.
There was also controversy in Muhoroni where the immediate former MP, Prof Ayiecho Olweny, got the party ticket even after having been reportedly trounced by businessman Mr Onyango K’Oyoo.
In Karachuonyo, former Information PS Mr James Rege was not in the list even though earlier reports indicated he had emerged the winner in the nominations.
Rege was replaced with Vincent Akoko Orinda, whom he beat during the nomination exercise.
Last night, the ODM Elections Board chairman, Mr Justice (rtd) Richard Kwach told those who felt aggrieved that they were free to appeal.
7)ODM shocked as PNU wins 7 seats in Nyanza! - Yesterday, 06:25 PM

PNU secures ward seats in Raila turf

The Party of National Unity (PNU) got a surprise foothold in Nyanza Province after seven of its civic aspirants secured seats unopposed in the just concluded nominations.

This means that President Kibaki’s party will have a strong representation at the Migori County Council next year.

The Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) declared the eight PNU civic aspirants in Nyatike constituency unopposed after other parties failed to present names against them on time. The Nyatike constituency Returning Officer, Mr Maurice Olang’o confirmed that the aspirants had no opponents by the time the ECK closed the registers on Saturday evening.

"It’s no secret, some of the civic aspirants have gone in un-opposed," Olang’o said He said Kadem East ward in the constituency will not have a councillor because no aspirant showed interest in the seat.

Olang’o attributed the situation in Nyatike to the confusion that marred ODM nominations in the constituency.

nominations to take the seats.

The revelation is likely to send shockwaves at Orange House as the party campaigns to defeat Kibaki.

Cool Raila is trying to woo the Indian votes
While addressing a Rotary meeting full of Kenyan Indian businessmen: We shall abolish ETR. Ahhh who have found paying taxes a harsh reality unlike the past.
Statement on on a campaign tour in region full of pastrolists: ODM government will create insurance scheme for animals for Pastrolists . Trying to woo the pastrolist votes.
The infamous statetement that NSE is fuelled by Drug money. This statement was made abroad to Kenyans in the diaspora who where taking advantage of the ecomomic growth and recent IPOs to invest back home. They are famous in saying the ecomomy has expanded to only investors in NSE. these time they realised that they looked very business unfriendly and rushed to NSE premises and try to throw a spin to cool things for the business people.
Raila is on record saying CDF ni "takataka". But at another time he had tried to steal the thunder of CDF from Kibaki by saying initially, Kibaki government was opposed to it.
9)Let it be known to Raila that Kenya is not 'FOR SALE', Kenya belongs to Kenyans,
An international terrorist who killed many kenyans in embassy bombing and a terrorist wanted by the US says he does not like Kibaki.

the terrorist says kenyans should overthrow Kibaki
Raila's?secret MOU with Muslims is designed to protect and create a safe haven for islamic terrorists in Kenya. But Raila also has a secret MOU with the americans to build their africa command in Kenya. Raila is cheating one of these groups.

If you have ever listened to Raila's famous football commentaries, the 'goal' is usually Raila getting the presidency not what he plans to do for the people of Kenya with the presidency.
Raila has been consistent about one thing: his hunger for power. This should not be confused with struggle for the country or for the people of Kenya. Raila has never told us how he plans to use power to better our lives. All Raila is doing now is to make all manner of promises to everyone. Here are some of them:

a. Constitution within 6 months

b. Make Ruto Executive prime minister within 6 months

c. Majimbo

d. Free primary and secondary education

e. 13% economic growth (he promises double the current growth rate)

f. Reduce taxes

g. Make Mombasa a free port like Dubai

h. Dual carriage way roads throughout Kenya

i. Free housing for slum dwellers

j. Employment for all

k. Eradication of poverty

Quite a nice list, isn't it? But there is no mention about how he is going to achieve these things. Saying that he "knows where the money is going to come from" is not enough.
9) I LOVE KENYA Giving it to Raila will be the biggest mistake of our lives

We will be throwing away the gains made so far. Raila's extremism is not good for the Country. With Raila in power, tribalism will be felt in every aspect of our lives starting with the plot or kijiji we live in. The words 'our government' will no longer mean what it means now. The bragging has already started with utterances like "the government is going to be ours" being said by members of a certain community. Whatever you do, make sure you vote. Make sure you vote against Raila. Let's block this communist from ruining our country. The age of dictators in this Kenya is over. Let's keep it buried.

I would like to know how Raila feels about the following two issues. If he became president will he:

Assure John Githong'o of his security and give him his job back?
Put his portrait on our money?

Some advice for Raila and ODM:

"If the attack is going well, it probably means you are walking into an ambush."

10)Is ODM Finished? Is Raila Odinga Finished?
The last two weeks have been a terrible nightmare for ODM light Raila Odinga While the future in the United Kingdom cell phone industry still looks like it will be orange, the future on the Kenyan political landscape now looks like it will certainly not be orange.
It started with what appeared to be a small and unrelated incident, about a month ago. Retired President Moi came back into mainstream active politics rather quietly with a visit to the northern frontier remote part of Kenya of Marsabit and the environs. The meet the people tour which in retrospect can now be seen as a meticulously calculated political move by the self-proclaimed professor of politics had politicians panicking. Most wondered what all the fuss was about an old man former president visiting some remote almost-forgotten part of the country.

11) Raila loses 16% and is still on defensive mode.

As an observer, I just noticed that Raila has lost the 16% lead he had 6 weeks ago and now Kibaki has tied.

And we still have 5 more weeks to elections.

I think the Raila campaign team is asleep. Why?

All the time, they are defending themselves against propaganda unleashed by PNU.

Starting with Majimbo, ODM had to change names after PNU propaganda. Right now, ODM cannot even mention majimbo.

Secondly was the Dik Morris affair. After PNU propaganda, the man disappeared.

Third the 'domo' ad. ODM had to counteract it with their own domo ad.

Then the muslim MOU.

The unfortunate thing ODM has to work against is that they started campaigning too early and seem to have exhausted fresh ideas.

Right now PNU has unleashed a video ad on TV prime time showing Raila saying he knows Mudavadi was the architect of the Goldenburg scam.

Again PNU has set the agenda for the week. Raila and Co now have to spend time thinking of how to counter act this.

Raila needs to have a few core messages. Right now, ODM has too many disjointed messages. And as they preach these, ODM is busy responding to propaganda and has not sold its core messages

12) Raila has achieved nothing in the past! - is deceiving kenyans with the future

If you believe that Kibaki has done nothing, then you are either totally brainwashed, or simply gullible beyond redemption to believe such ODM crap! Fungua macho!

Since 2002, Kibaki has done the following: (Each Kenyan has gained in one
way or the other)
Women to get 30 per cent civil service jobs and leadership positions.
Intensify devolution of resources to lower levels.
Prioritize investment of resources in infrastructure projects.
Reduce poverty levels down to less than 20 per cent by 2012
Upgrade slums to decent houses.
Enforce rules and ensure vigorous campaigns against corruption.
Build hawkers' markets and small business parks in all towns.

13) Raila: let's debate the molasses deal
A confidential report by the Inspector-General ( corporations), Mr J M Otenyo, gives details of how Spectre International Limited (SIL) — owned by the Odinga family — acquired the movable assets of the plant, as well as the land on which it stands.

The firm bought the movable assets for Sh120 million and was allocated the 112-hectare land by the Government in January 2001, Otenyo says.

Muthaura ordered the probe amidst claims that the Odinga family had irregularly acquired the land. The molasses plant issue has been used against Raila on several occasions.

The report was prepared after an investigation by the Inspectorate of State Corporations, which was instituted by the Head of the Civil Service, Mr Francis Muthaura.

According to the report, dated November 17, 2004, titles for the land were issued in February 2002 after the firm paid Sh3.6 million for allocation.

Otenyo told Muthaura in the report that it appeared the Kenya Chemical and Food Corporation’s original ownership changed hands to its current status after SIL was allocated the land after payment t of the bid price of Sh120 million for the movable assets.

But he indicates that that the receiver manager is yet to be discharged, as he is yet to issue the final statement of accounts for the receivership.

The Government was majority shareholder at 51 per cent when KCFC was incorporated in 1977, making it a parastatal.

The report states that excessive costs arising from poor planning, as well as poor project implementation, completely wiped out the original shareholders funds between 1977 and 1982 when the project finally collapsed.

Otenyo said at the time the project was abandoned in 1982, Government had already noted that the corporation was going to make annual losses of between Sh133 and Sh160 million.

It is for this reason that the Cabinet made a decision to discontinue the implementation of the project. The corporation was subsequently put under receivership in January 1983 by Kenya Commercial Bank, the sole debenture holders.

M/s Bellhouse Mwangi Ernst and Young were appointed joint receiver managers to liquidate the KCFC and to sell its assets.

Otenyo informed Muthaura in his report that the Government, through the Ministry of Industry, made considerable effort o revive the project. Negotiations were held with such parties as M/s BAK group of Italy in 1987, which in September 1987 undertook revival studies trough Techint SA-Milan and also M/S Schaffer & Associates Inc. of USA.

In October 1987 the fixed assets and capital works worth Sh1.1 billion were revalued down to Sh535 million in order to give and adequate cover against debt of Sh418 million due to KCB.

The assets of the company were subsequently advertised for sale by public auction as directed by the Parastatal Reform Programme Committee.

All the movable assets of the company were to be sold, excluding the land on which the factory stood and which measures approximately 112 hectares.

According to a brief done to Office of the President by the PS, Ministry of Lands and Housing dated July 27, 2004, the land had previously been acquired compulsorily by Government for Sh1.7 million.

The auction was finally held on June 3 1996 and bids received were; Spectre Sh570 million, Equip Agencies limited Sh560 million, Nam Development Co. Ltd Sh550 million and Twiga Chemicals Industries Ltd Sh280 million.

Spectre was not unable to complete the purchase even after obtaining an extension of time of up to three months, nor did they pay any deposit of Sh142 million.

Instead, Spectre insisted that land was part of the sale deal.

The receiver manager was advised to contact the fourth bidder (Twiga Chemical Industries Limited) and to confirm their interest in the purchase of the assets of the corporation at their auction bid price of Sh 280 million.

Twiga Chemical Industries Limited confirmed interest but claimed that their bid at auction was Sh170 million and not Sh280 million.

Otenyo pointed out it was decided that all the eight parties who had shown interest during the auction (including Spectre) be approached to make a final offer for consideration in order to get the sale process going again.

Out of the eight invitations made only Twiga Chemical Industries Limited and Spectre made offers of Sh135 million and Sh120 million respectively.

As the process of sale of KCFC movable assets was going on between Spectre and the Receiver Manager, Spectre was also chasing allocation of the project land to itself.

According to a written brief on the issue from the PS, Ministry of Lands dated July 27, 2004, Spectre applied to then President Moi for allocation of the project land.

The brief also points out that the land was offered to Spectre by the then Commissioner of lands Samwel Mwaita (almost two years after the application) and they paid Sh3.6 million for the allocation.

14) Raila is his own worst enemy

Those who live by the sword must die by it. I am certain that Mr Raila Odinga, the maestro of doublespeak, must know this unhappy maxim. This week, Mr Odinga stated — with a hint of sarcasm — that certain people did not think he was electable as President because of his paternity. Mr Odinga has made many hypocritical statements in his lifetime, but this must rank as the most incredible of them all. Let us peel the man's political identity. I have before that Mr Odinga is a contradiction in terms. He says one thing and then does another. Because of his zealotry to rule Kenya, he will do anything to reside at State House.

The grand march to the House on the Hill is the only thing that matters. All other things — truth, principles, and relationships — are just mere malleable details.When Mr Moi anointed Mr Uhuru Kenyatta in 2002 instead of him, Mr Odinga joined Mr Mwai Kibaki to form Narc. In 2005, he was in bed again with Mr Moi to defeat President Kibaki in the referendum. Nor can Mr Odinga decide which of his serial and multiple identities is primary to him. If Mr Odinga wants to govern Kenya, then I submit that he must be a Kenyan first and a Luo second.

His primary loyalty must be to Kenya, not to his ethnic identity because it is as a Kenyan that he would serve as President. Neither would he be the president of his community, much as that may motivate many in that community. He would take the constitutional oath to be the President of the Republic of Kenya. This is not to say that the community is not important. The tragedy for Mr Odinga — and his ilk in the political class — is that he is a witting victim of the tribal ideology that drives Kenyan politics, and from which he has benefited. In fact, it is not clear that Mr Odinga would be anything without the tribalisation of our politics.

He is the quintessential tribal baron. The ethnic baton that he so effectively wields is not an accidental gift. It is an inheritance from his father, the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. If Jaramogi rose to be the king of his community, Raila Odinga was its prince. Once the old man passed, the hopes of the community were reposited in Mr Odinga. Although Mr Odinga does not live in Luo Nyanza, he has played the role of the region's messiah like a fine flute. In him lies the dream of the region for salvation from the claws of the Kenyan state. Only a presidency by Mr Odinga can cure this communal psychosis. That is why Mr Odinga cannot afford to lose the presidency to Mr Kibaki or to Mr Kalonzo Musyoka and Mr Musalia Mudavadi — his two plausible ODM opponents. He has told his community that this time he will deliver. Deliver he must or he relinquishes the mantle of king. For him, the 2007 presidential contest is a life or death struggle. Mr Odinga purports to be a nationalist even though facts — those stubborn things — tell a different story. All his close confidantes and supporters have been his kinsmen. He turned the National Development Party — the party that he bought after losing out to Mr Michael Kijana Wamalwa in Ford Kenya — into a tribal party. He then used the NDP to lead his supporters into a merger with Kanu. In 2002, he took the defunct NDP from Kanu and transformed it into the Liberal Democratic Party. Even though the LDP had token members of other groups — like Mr Musyoka, Mr George Saitoti, and Mr Joseph Kamotho — its core was Mr Odinga's group. In ODM, Mr Kenyatta and Mr Musyoka seem to have realised — perhaps too late — that Mr Odinga's allies are in charge. No one personifies control of ODM on behalf of Mr Odinga than Prof Peter Anyang' Nyong'o, the erstwhile nationalist. The other ODM leaders, including Mr Musyoka, understand that Mr Odinga's advantage comes from the solid support that his community gives him.

No other leader in Kenya, including President Kibaki, enjoys such solid support from his ethnic community. But this is both a blessing and a curse for Mr Odinga. It gives him a solid ethnic base but also detracts from his nationalist credentials. To be fair, the problem is not Mr Odinga's alone. To date, no Kenyan ruler has arisen without a fanatical tribal base. Perhaps Mr Jomo Kenyatta was the last to do so primarily because of anti-colonialism and the euphoria of independence. But Mr Kenyatta quickly transformed the young post- colonial State into one dominated by his tribesmen. He gave way to Mr Moi, another blatant tribalist. Mr Kibaki, once thought to be more nationalist than tribalist, has become the latter. The cancer of tribalism has infected every cell in our national body. It is the disease that has atrophied our national politics because no leader has the courage to rise above it.

Take the creation of Narc and the referendum on the draft constitution. Both were purely tribal affairs, although leaders tried to construct them otherwise. Most Kenyans supported Narc because they saw their tribal barons in it. It was nothing but a coalition of ethnic elites. So was the referendum. Ethnic elites in most provinces ganged up against the elites in Central and Eastern provinces. Even women — who stood to gain the most from the Wako Draft — voted against it if they came from groups whose elites were in ODM. Tribalism trumped gender solidarity. So, is Mr Odinga unelectable because he is a Luo? The answer is yes and no.

15)ODM opposing the government even when there is no need to do so.

It is official now that Mr. **** Morris is the ODM chief campaign consultant and as he said, he will not be receiving any payment from ODM.
The question is, is it really for free
Of course the answer is a big No unless you are very naive. It is however true that Mr. Raila Odinga will not be paying a single cent for this; the bill is being footed by an American investment group that is sponsoring Raila's election bid. But what does the investment group expect from Raila in return? Safaricom.
Just to remind you, recently after Raila's trip to the USA , immediately he came back, his first statement was that he wanted the Safaricom IPO halted until a later date. He then sent his team to go to court to ensure that the IPO was delayed.
The truth of the matter is when Raila was in the US , he met a number of investors who are very interested in investing in Africa and had been looking for investment opportunities in Africa . Safaricom being East and Central Africa 's most profitable company had definitely caught their attention. They knew that it is not possible to get a significant stake in the company if this is done the IPO way because the number of shares would have to be shared proportionately and hence they would only get a small proportion of the shares.
Raila being the power hungry individual he is and with the promise of getting campaign sponsorship, he promptly agreed - as you all know Raila can betray even his own blood brother just to get to power.
Remember that this is what he did with the molasses, when the then government transferred 240 acres of land on which the Kisumu Molasses Plant is built to Spectre International on January 11, 2001 at a price of Kshs 3.6 million at a time when Odinga started working closely with Moi. By June of the same year, Raila was appointed to the cabinet and made Energy Minister. Soon after taking over the plant from the government, Raila struck a lucrative deal with Energem whereby the Canadian firm bought 55 per cent of the Kisumu Molasses plant. Sources say that the Odinga family was paid over US$ 5 million (about Kshs 420 million) to relinquish the control of the molasses plant. The rest is history.

Now with things going this way for Safaricom, we are set to see the biggest scandal ever in Kenyan history and it is set to make Golden berg and Anglo leasing look like childs play.

“My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.”
These are the words of Adlai E. Stevenson Jr.
Anybody who is not pro Raila is seen as an enemy by Railas supporters. Several cases in point are what happened to Tuju, Nasleem and Livondo in different instances in Kisumu and Kibera. Just imagine that happening in the whole country. All the democratic space we have gained over the last few years will go down the drain. Any anti-Raila comment in the radio, on the street or on TV will earn you a proper beating if this man was president.
The tragedy here is that Raila has never condemned this behaviour by his supporters which means he condones it.
Now imagine such people in positions of power. If you need a preview, remember how Gor Sunguh handled Nicholas Biwott during the Sunguh read committee on Ouko. Sunguh shouted down Biwott and hardly allowed him to say anything. In the end all he managed to do is to make Biwott appear like a modern day saint.
17) Odm:more & more trouble

Led by the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) chairman Sheikh Mohammed Idris, the leaders condemned the manner in which the party primary elections were carried throughout the country and warned that unless the issue was addressed they would not support ODM anymore.
“It is indeed unfair that the party which the whole Muslim family has decided to support has again turned to be used as a rubber stamp for a few unpopular leaders. This will definitely cost us our landslide win and deny our candidate his position as we have always wanted. It is also disappointing that even areas where we have the pentagon members coming from such illegality was okayed and promoted to happen”, charged Idris.
Idris took issue with the organizers in the just concluded Changamwe and Likoni constituency party primary elections and called on the party’s National governing body to take a disciplinary action on leaders who had acquired party direct nominations illegally.
However Idris tore into President Kibaki government and called all Muslims to vote it out sighting the Head of State reluctance in disclosing his commitment to the realization of the constitution adding that it is only Mr. Raila who had the interests of the Muslim family at heart.
“We must all join hands as Brothers and Sisters who embrace the Islamic as the only true religion and vote as a block to kick out this failed government. Most of our youths are always arrested and mistakened to be participants in the terrorism class. They are then taken to Cuba, and the neighboring countries like Somalia and Ethiopia,”, he said
››   17-Dec-2007, 1:25 pm, reply_24049
@solomon are you serious? Who do you think will ever read all that encyclopedia? People here read posts thats are less than 3 lines, most of them only 1 liners :D
››   17-Dec-2007, 10:15 pm, reply_24079
if someone called me by my hubbies gachungwas name ild kill them. u honestly cant blame the cucu for what she did but all the same for kibakis sake she should have waited to do it indoors
››   18-Dec-2007, 9:54 pm, reply_24331
solomon get a life, unaexpect nani kusoma all that useless info and pnu propaganda !!! r u for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!make ur self short, precise and clear!! gee!!! kwani you thought that the more u write the more we will read... puhleez!!!!!!!!!! get a life... seriously!!!!!!!!!!
››   19-Dec-2007, 12:54 pm, reply_24429
Haki, i salute u for all ur comments,na ni mob,au did u know all this.r u working with the goverment printer??Does kibaki know all this thing. Any way thank you for enlighting some of us,mazee you can make a good novalist.
›› Lucy  19-Dec-2007, 1:54 pm, reply_24436
And scrolling...and scrolling...eish...........@ Solomon, no one will read that, pole lakini..
››   19-Dec-2007, 3:27 pm, reply_24439
@solo tafuta site ya pono ujienjoy au make ua own website yenye uta bore watu nayo did u 4real thot tutaisoma? get a life mothaf---a
››   22-Dec-2007, 2:15 am, reply_24830
solo umechizi nini!!!!!!!!!!! try working for a newspaper company probably a gutter press that supports your pnu propaganda or try using your writing skills into something that will bring financial gain cant believe you wasted all that time jotting that s*** down ODM JUU RAILA JUU.
››   24-Dec-2007, 12:24 am, reply_25000
wonder what kibaki goes thru when anakataa kugawa after a long day in the campaign
››   28-Dec-2007, 9:32 pm, reply_25497
abana nii ni ndaraga!!! Wacheni kumingilia First Lady rucy Kibaki roosy, roosy cannot do such a stupid thing. Those guys who were in state house are faking the whole thing. If they are not faking I want to see a prove. They are saying eti a riharibu mashini huko za video kwani zilikuwa mbili nyinyi wacheni!! We never had a first Lady for the last 24years before mzee aachilie kiti and now that God has blessed us with a first lady mnamtonyereraaaaaa no ways. Lucy nikuigirirwo ndangika uguo twathomaga nake and she was very polite ona mungiuria principle she got all the awards of the most behaved girl in school. wacheni ninyiii
››   09-Jan-2008, 11:32 pm, reply_28923
I think this is a statement to women!! Its the epitome of girl power!!!When you mess with the first lady you get b--ch slapped across yo face an ain nothin you can do about it!!! Na kazi bado inaendelea.....
›› kanyole  06-Jun-2011, 6:10 pm, reply_563738
Wacha hao ma - presidential security wanivunje-vunje ama waniue. Lakini huyo first lady ningemchafua kofi moja hatawahi-sahau milele!
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