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Madem Wa Nairobi
Listing #55442 by ›› Kiyana swt on 19-Feb-2011, 11:40 am   . 27,036 views . 44 comments . Emailed 1 times . Printed 445 times . Favorited 12 times .  › Flag This Listing

nani msupuu?

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›› wanker  19-Feb-2011, 5:22 pm, reply_505963
hapana weka malaya hapa
›› ottovon Away < 15 minutes   19-Feb-2011, 5:42 pm, reply_505978
get real, these ladies wako down tu sana, and am not a judging,
›› pes  19-Feb-2011, 11:07 pm, reply_506167
one word Tagged
›› Stifflerbn  20-Feb-2011, 11:04 am, reply_506283
last pic mara io io.lakini latex lazima.
›› kadinywa  20-Feb-2011, 1:04 pm, reply_506359
hawa ni malaya wote pic 1 on the left nilikadinyia kwa ndae yangu...ukimuonesha tu doo, amekutolea ngotha, hata kama hutalipa
›› kadinywa  20-Feb-2011, 1:05 pm, reply_506360
kanaitwa sua...mkambodia
›› posho  21-Feb-2011, 8:18 am, reply_506736
i want her mumber, huyo sua,
›› Alb  21-Feb-2011, 2:03 pm, reply_507021
najiskia ku-doo huyo wa mwisho -
›› Gabokags  22-Feb-2011, 6:50 am, reply_507606
where is Nairobi? Sorry, I'm from Chicago :)
›› Mpangaji  22-Feb-2011, 2:56 pm, reply_508038
Mrembo kweli,lakini pombe sambaza sio yake.
›› Mpangaji  22-Feb-2011, 3:01 pm, reply_508043
Mrembo kweli,lakini pombe sambaza sio yake.
›› leinado  23-Feb-2011, 1:03 pm, reply_508825
Hiyo gari ni mzuri kuendesha
›› Louie the pest  23-Feb-2011, 1:52 pm, reply_508871
Huyo wa mwisho anakaa kinky sana! Id like to see her fukc face while we do it kifo cha mende style!
›› VILLAGE IDIOT  23-Feb-2011, 4:22 pm, reply_508977
›› agent2011  24-Feb-2011, 1:32 pm, reply_509484
eeeeeeiiiii eiiiiiiiii guys, u dont know these chicks, the one is in the blue dress, far right we lived in the same buliding floor in Westlands be4 she started working for the International airforce, hawa madame ni wa power tu sana, mwenye light dress blue lives in Runda, married to a sonko mbaya sana, mwenye anakunywa keg works for Kenya Ports Authority, guys you are hating on the wrong mamasitas, this photo was taken at the South African Embassy during its Independence day, they were the rock chicks there! nilikuwa na wao, kama ni number mnataka just ask me!
›› Louie the pest  24-Feb-2011, 2:37 pm, reply_509503
Hawa wote wameraruliwa! No pun! There aint no virgin here! Wamekuliwa kama mahindi choma!
›› dadi  28-Feb-2011, 5:03 pm, reply_511436
picha ya kwanza left in light blue..malaya wa emba links...kazi raisi..doo na pombe na atakupa tu lakini latex lazima!
›› detch  01-Mar-2011, 11:10 am, reply_511871
am fed up .wat else shld see?
›› dushisky  01-Mar-2011, 11:21 am, reply_511890
Haai! Kwani ciku alikuja nairobi, si nilimuacha gicagi
›› erectus  12-Mar-2011, 2:54 pm, reply_519092
that phatty cn get it!
›› Eng  12-Mar-2011, 3:50 pm, reply_519114
lady in the middle ni manzi ya otoyo-marach.
›› paukanja  31-Mar-2011, 10:29 pm, reply_529719
›› pussyman  02-May-2011, 11:27 pm, reply_545512
ajghaaab!saana,like the chicks,they look gud,
›› possessed  03-May-2011, 9:20 am, reply_545639
wanakaa wame tobwa sana...they look veeeeeeeery bad vvveeeeeeery bed.nkt
›› wamigeka  26-Aug-2011, 4:24 am, reply_593072
::: offer :::
Ksh 5,000. offer.I am offering this amount to anyone who would get me the contact of the chick in the last pic.the one drinking a keg.i am serious.reply here and i will give you my contact here too.
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mchama ago hanyi, huenda akauya hapo! (Quote by LOVELYSTALLION)
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