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Revealed: The Girl In Avril's Pictures ( Melisa Nyawade)
Listing #54550 by ›› De Sniffer on 09-Feb-2011, 11:18 am   . 17,826 views . 12 comments . Printed 147 times .  › Flag This Listing

The Girl In Avril's Pictures

She is not Semenya and she is not a lesbian. She is Melisa Nyawade; that we can reveal of the shaggy, smiling and kissing girl who seems to have the time of her life in the leaked girl-on-girl nude photos of singer Avril.
The 23-year old fashion designer and model is said to be devastated with the now infamous exposure so much so she has not dared go home. No one would especially if your are from a very Christian family as Melisa and your father is a pastor to boot.
Though the father has not heard of the scandal yet (thank God for small mercies), we are informed she has not been home since.
Melisa, a University of Nairobi graduate, with a fashion line, Lisachi Fashion Junkie, has not gone the 'that-is-photoshop-at-its-evil-worst' way. She admits to her friends it is her in the photo but adds that she had this belief that the pictures were in few trusted hands, well, until that naked Wednesday.
We are informed that the pictures were taken last year during an 'arty' photoshoot with some of Melisa's and Avril's friends from the UoN.
'I don't know what kind of photoshoot they were doing but they thought whoever took them and gave them the copies had deleted them,' a source told us. 'She couldn't believe it when she received a call informing her of the leak. She still hopes it is a bad dream.'
We are told she was the designer behind Avril's beautiful blue dress for the Chaguo La Teeniez awards and she has a fashion company. She has since deactivated her Facebook and Twitter accounts where she describes herself as 'Designer, Creative director and last but not least, Model

›› G-mail  09-Feb-2011, 11:38 am, reply_498021
You can report. why dont you hook up with KTN or any other news agency.
›› inthanite  09-Feb-2011, 12:05 pm, reply_498059

She is in the wrong profession.

She seemed so at home in a lodging.

Any way she looks like she washes with that infamous guest soap.
›› bigg.tigga  09-Feb-2011, 12:14 pm, reply_498078
›› De Sniffer  09-Feb-2011, 12:51 pm, reply_498131
@G-mail; You don’t know my profession so keep quiet and use your eyes and ears
›› chizii  09-Feb-2011, 1:32 pm, reply_498195
hizi picha zilipigwa na kabambe
›› Sylar  09-Feb-2011, 3:37 pm, reply_498346
uwongo, this chik is sawa sawa....the one in Avril's pics is super nyugly!
›› kenyamac  09-Feb-2011, 9:08 pm, reply_498634
Ni kweli. One of their uni classmats works for me and told me same story. She looks ugly there but she is actually not to bad and is a model.
›› sexysmile  10-Feb-2011, 2:55 pm, reply_499391
why did she look so ugly on avril's photo?
›› moshudougee  15-Feb-2011, 10:37 pm, reply_503079
....to me this don't change anything.....wat a pity..!!
›› peter runo  17-Feb-2011, 3:10 pm, reply_504473
kitu ugly iitwe ugly
›› De Sniffer  17-Feb-2011, 4:34 pm, reply_504526
But to me she looks cute its just that in that photo she acted naive.
›› munesh  22-Apr-2011, 1:37 pm, reply_541272
acha kudiss uon tat an institution by itself
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