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Traffic Cop, Motorist In Highway Brawl Madness!!
Listing #52266 by ›› pavilion on 13-Jan-2011    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 2,468 views . 20 comments . Printed 167 times . Favorited 3 times

Traffic Cop, Motorist In Highway Brawl Madness!!
He should have requested for Back up!!OFFICER DOWN REQUESTING FOR BACKUP!!!

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›› highlander Online < 7 minutes   13-Jan-2011, reply_477048   › Flag Comment
sawa @Pavilion. Some touching stories. Although at the back of mind i really wanted to see a cop's donkey kicked down to the tarmac.
›› Juguma Diani  13-Jan-2011, reply_477049   › Flag Comment
No cop, no motorist, just perverts!!!
›› pavilion  13-Jan-2011, reply_477051   › Flag Comment
Katiba/Costitution Pundits what does the new law have to say about Hitting a Cop and or a Citizen?
Imagine if 50 People behave this way it would cause a national pandemonium.
›› galando  13-Jan-2011, reply_477053   › Flag Comment
@pavillion,regardless of what the katiba says,i find that guy to be a fool.imagine all the trouble that amejiweka as opposed to just a simple traffic offense that cop would have charged him with had he not brought all that drama.
›› Juguma Diani  13-Jan-2011, reply_477055   › Flag Comment
~^^^anyone is vulnerable to being hit one way or the other unless you're not present.
....includes being fcuked too so educate a bratha.
›› pavilion  13-Jan-2011, reply_477060   › Flag Comment
@Washy did the cop have a gun?i think if he did the Driver of the van would be dead.kido like 13 bullets just to make sure hes dead.Both were wrong and had egos..but as usual the driver would be used as an example to all the other who would try this..i was suprised all the spectators did nothing ..they witnessed a crime and did not offer any help..
›› Kenxtra  13-Jan-2011, reply_477098   › Flag Comment
Stupid man, he is now in deep trouble..
›› cybertron  13-Jan-2011, reply_477120   › Flag Comment
sumtimes they provoke u intetionally so u can react then they take u in
›› beast  13-Jan-2011, reply_477133   › Flag Comment
I would not like to be that guy right about now, I am sure amedinywa rasa bossman (rungu)
›› Mathayo  14-Jan-2011, reply_477163   › Flag Comment
Yaani the guy will be killed by police if the media do not follow up.
Police in Kenya are murderous devils.
›› magichands  14-Jan-2011, reply_477194   › Flag Comment
oh boy you just dont know what you got yourself into......i feel pity for the brother although the video clip was kinda funny......all i can say is lord be with you man thats if you are stil alive
›› Fala 'Katethya Usu'   14-Jan-2011, reply_477202   › Flag Comment
That cop had his other intentions, see how he shikaz the nyonyoz of that chic who had the pink top?

Although i love the way that cop's butt was whooped however needless to say, I jua that KBC NZE, its for the C.I.D
›› MUCHATHA  14-Jan-2011, reply_477322   › Flag Comment
sijui kwa nini naona kama huyu driver angekuwa employee wangu, ningemuongezea mshahara na nimfanye fleet manager!
›› Louie the pest  14-Jan-2011, reply_477374   › Flag Comment
Hahaha! Yenyewe that cop's fighting style is not trained in Kiganjo! Anapigana kama poko! And the way he took off after seeing that stone missile ready to be launched really killed me. As for the jamaa! I am sure mahali amejiwekelea sasa he can see the gates of hell in the horizon!
›› Githita Kinyororoku  14-Jan-2011, reply_477569   › Flag Comment
If tha driver is still alife anyone see him mwambie I will buy him two crates of tusker, anikute Applebees hata ka ni over weekend.
›› pavilion  14-Jan-2011, reply_477733   › Flag Comment
@ Kativui thanks for the update on the situation..Where the video?
Following the madness of the cop and the motorist along thika road.
The driver is a free man and the cop is interdicted! The Lorry belonged to a son of a senior security personality in kenya!
kama wewe ni polisi, ur father, mother, sis, kin or sibling warn them kenya ina wenyewe!!!!! and more so no police officer is suppossed to gain access to ur motor vehicle
Pres Kibaki should invite the two over to state house over a cup of UJIMIX and settle the case amicably.LOL
›› fulusi  15-Jan-2011, reply_477944   › Flag Comment
kile kimeniudhi ni yule askari kasema'tumemshika ameua askari'....wapi jamani??
›› defsquad  15-Jan-2011, reply_477950   › Flag Comment
very good huyo karau achapwe,f--- the police
›› Pendo III  18-Jan-2011, reply_479626   › Flag Comment
manze hata kama nimehama Klist, am happy to see the cop chapwad. Some of these pple (police) ni wajinga, na ukweli Kenya ina wenyewe!
›› Tafash  20-Jan-2011, reply_481198   › Flag Comment
Now the idiot has been granted bail to appear in court March 2
Driver denies attack on policeman
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