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How Ciku Busted Her Boyfie....
Listing #49912 by ›› chaligha on 08-Dec-2010    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 7,923 views . 19 comments . Printed 141 times

So its true that the legendary sister of BUSTED did bust her man....apparently he was playing her wt some chic....

this ka chic suspected the guy to be snooping elsewhere.....so she sends the details to ciku to do what she knows best.....and guess what the number resembled the one of ciku's man....

u can guess what happened.

So alionja dawa yake mwenyewe.

HUMBLE request pls ciku tell us the post analysis

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›› nile  08-Dec-2010, reply_458160   › Flag Comment
f--- this up
›› chaligha  08-Dec-2010, reply_458163   › Flag Comment
@ nile ....didn't get that...
›› seletomax  08-Dec-2010, reply_458177   › Flag Comment
can someone give me her naba pliz
›› chaligha  08-Dec-2010, reply_458194   › Flag Comment
@ seletomax...call ya classic 105....
›› the kiuk protagonist  08-Dec-2010, reply_458201   › Flag Comment
seletomax am sure she would not want u to have her NABA
›› Lol  08-Dec-2010, reply_458207   › Flag Comment
Amechapa jo!!
›› chaligha  08-Dec-2010, reply_458211   › Flag Comment
seletox..... she can even think of you having the number
›› Man-star  08-Dec-2010, reply_458212   › Flag Comment
she has toothpic legs
›› Slyce  08-Dec-2010, reply_458236   › Flag Comment
›› chaligha  08-Dec-2010, reply_458237   › Flag Comment
hehehe @ Man-star....and the way she sounds with that ego....u would think she is big.....
›› chaligha  08-Dec-2010, reply_458325   › Flag Comment
>>>................shiko sorry i missed ur call, did u want to bust me ama ulitaka one night stand cwesi mind heheheh
›› Slyce  08-Dec-2010, reply_458367   › Flag Comment
Sometimes i think even the stick up ciiku's ass has a stick up its own ass
›› chaligha  08-Dec-2010, reply_458404   › Flag Comment
@ sepetuka.......hapo cjakupata unasema...wot!!!!!!!!!!!
›› chaligha  11-Dec-2010, reply_458505   › Flag Comment
eeeeeeiiish admin
›› chaligha  11-Dec-2010, reply_458641   › Flag Comment
need 2 bust smone i need help
›› Njoti power  12-Dec-2010, reply_458821   › Flag Comment
›› chaligha  14-Dec-2010, reply_459247   › Flag Comment
@ njoti naona kama ni B-
›› Nikke  14-Dec-2010, reply_459258   › Flag Comment
She was cheated on n has never recovered emotionally ..that why she gets a kick n even gets horny on busting....
›› chaligha  14-Dec-2010, reply_459722   › Flag Comment
hehe nikke great observation there, i agree wt u
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