| Mungiki Boss Confronts Mike Sonko..exclusive Pic!
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Mungiki Boss Confronts Mike Sonko..exclusive Pic!
Listing #47825 by ›› Tonytone on 12-Nov-2010 1:44 pm . 2,306 views . 10 comments . 109 prints .  › Flag This Listing
I'm told by very reliable sources that Sonko alinyamazishwa kama mtoi na Maina Njenga. Anyone with more info?


›› seletomax  12-Nov-2010, 1:49 pm, reply_437169
wote wawili wanakaa mungiki kabisa
›› Eazy  12-Nov-2010, 1:57 pm, reply_437180
ati confronts?
si i thought these two are best friends for ever.
›› cents  12-Nov-2010, 2:09 pm, reply_437196
tt u got problems with sonko i recall all ur negative listings concerning the MP
›› sperminator  12-Nov-2010, 3:37 pm, reply_437314
Wote ni wokovu..but something is definitely cooking
›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk  12-Nov-2010, 3:42 pm, reply_437322
""Psst.........Ukiongea sitatumia Vaseline this time.....itavua tu naniingishe Pap!""
›› galando  12-Nov-2010, 3:58 pm, reply_437342
›› LeoKim Away < 15 minutes   12-Nov-2010, 4:04 pm, reply_437348

Maina Njenga: Unanijua Poa lakini?

Sonko: Hunitishi Ng'o ! Mi ni pharmasist: am connected Columbia Columbia hivi !
›› Mr.Hustler  12-Nov-2010, 4:25 pm, reply_437375
›› maxcymantik2  13-Nov-2010, 12:18 pm, reply_437737
lol!thats ironical my friends
›› sink23  26-Feb-2011, 2:18 am, reply_510332
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