| Maina Kageni’s Eight Million Shillings Payday
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Maina Kageni’s Eight Million Shillings Payday
Listing #46373 by ›› biadest on 25-Oct-2010 1:53 pm . 16,772 views . 14 comments . 1 emails . 167 prints . 1 favorites .  › Flag This Listing
Maina Kageni’s latest television gig, the Guinness Football Challenge show is making him one rich kid.
We are informed Maina is pocketing a cool Sh1 million per show; or, Sh8 million since the show will run for only eight episodes.

Looks like Maina and his Classic 105 co-host Churchill are competing on who makes the most money. It seems Churchill is winning but by a mere Sh1.9 million. Churchill is taking home Sh300,000 a week from his show “Churchill Live” which will run for 33 weeks making him richer by Sh9.9 million in six months. Maina’s making Sh8 million in just two months.
Churchill Live’s weekly budget is Sh700,000 but thats not a problem given they have Coca Cola and Safaricom as their sponsors.
If you know about Maina, then you know he never does anything without his right hand man, Shaffie Weru whom he calls his small brother. It looks like it pays to be Kageni’s small brother since Shaffie’s getting 20 per cent of his weekly wage because he acts as his manager.
The show is being shot at Film Studios and it has a budget of a staggering Sh300 million. That is the same budget as Tusker Project Fame, never mind that it has less than half the demands of the three-month reality music show.


›› cynthia  25-Oct-2010, 1:56 pm, reply_421511
well, no beef with that
›› Eyesight Away < 15 minutes   25-Oct-2010, 1:57 pm, reply_421513
How much does classic pay maina? rumours had it royal media wanted him for 1.2m a month. These guys r doin it big time.Hope nyambane realises it pays to humble urself!
›› nightnurse  25-Oct-2010, 1:59 pm, reply_421514
this shows jazz me price money for the youth, 50,000/= salary for the presenter 1,000,000/= for the presenter. yep life aint fair
›› jeremi  25-Oct-2010, 2:01 pm, reply_421515
kumbe Shaffie ni kadongera hivi...
›› Brr  25-Oct-2010, 2:09 pm, reply_421521
›› Tonytone  25-Oct-2010, 2:10 pm, reply_421522
how much is left after the taxman dips his fingers in his chest and squeezes his tits?
›› biadest  25-Oct-2010, 2:10 pm, reply_421523
shaffies salo has to be above 300k thats my guess @nightnurse 50k going two ways enyewe thats upuzi..they could have atleast increased it to 50 each na bado hio ni kidogo
›› biadest  25-Oct-2010, 2:12 pm, reply_421525
@tonytone hata taxman akichukua haki yake bado hio chapa ni mob kizea...
›› biadest  25-Oct-2010, 2:15 pm, reply_421529
hizi gari anaendesha no doubts his making cheda...arguably the no.1 kenyan male radio presenter...
›› Cherie  25-Oct-2010, 2:36 pm, reply_421564
Kijana wa bidii mpaka atuzwe, well done Maish.
›› xabi  25-Oct-2010, 3:17 pm, reply_421666
Saa nilienda shule ya nini na ningepiga kelele kwa radio nilipwe...aaaghhhhghh!!!
›› poponono  25-Oct-2010, 3:23 pm, reply_421680
@Xabi...he he he he , now thats funny.
›› Nicho  25-Oct-2010, 4:03 pm, reply_421773
@xabi all monkeys can't fit in one ............
›› Sylar  25-Oct-2010, 4:41 pm, reply_421827
so does that mean his boinking shaffie! si i hear he swings both ways. anyway Kudos to a guy!
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