| The Kikuyu Tribe Of Kenya.. The Facts.
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The Kikuyu Tribe Of Kenya.. The Facts.
Listing #45095 by ›› Prof_Jakenya_PhD_OGW on 07-Oct-2010 8:37 pm . 1,883 views . 11 comments . 112 prints .  › Flag This Listing

The Kikuyu tribe, also spelled as Gikuyu, is the largest ethnic group in Kenya, making up about 22% of the countries total population. That equals around 6 million people, according to the 2007 CIA World Fact Book.
The Kikuyu people have often held positions of political and economic power in post-independence Kenya, which has created racial tensions between them and some of the other tribes, particularly the Luo. This was a main reason for the post-election violence of December-January 2008. Though many Kenyan tribes still live in a 'traditional' way, the Kikuyu people have greatly embraced modern life, and are commonly found living in large cities.

Like most African tribes, the Kikuyu came to their current territory after migrating from another region. The Kikuyu tribe likely originated in western Africa and settled in Kenya after moving through Tanzania. Unlike many other tribes of the area, they were agricultural not pastoral (nomadic). They farmed their lands for crops. They were frequent traders with the well-known Masai tribe. Other closely related tribes are the Embu, Mbeere and the Meru.

Much of their fertile land was confiscated during the period of British colonialism, which led to a great deal of frustration and anger among the Kikuyu. They eventually contributed to the Mau Mau rebellion, which led to the independence of Kenya. Much of the fighting during this uprising took place in the highlands around Mt. Kenya, specifically Kikuyu land.

In modern times, they are found living throughout Kenya, but their main territorial area is still surrounding Mount Kenya. Towns like Nyeri, Muranga and Thika are predominantly Kikuyu.They are known to be very entrrprising with one being reported to have been selling baboon meat to unsuspecting customers for a long period of time.90% of robberies in Kenya are committed by the Kikuyu.

To celebrate the history and traditions of the Kikuyu, the Riuki Cultural Center has opened near Nairobi, in the Kiambu area. It is an up-and-coming tourist attraction, and a place to see a traditional Kikuyu village and see performances of song and dance.

Though today many Kikuyu have been converted to Christianity, their native religion is similar to that of the Masai and the Kamba. They worshipped a single God whose name was Ngai, the 'great provider' who lived at the top of the mountain. They believed that the origins of their people were with a single man and woman (named Kikuyu and Mumbi) who were put on the earth by Ngai. They had 9 daughters, who married and founded the Kikuyu tribe.

Presently many Kikuyu evangelist have turned church into a full business where they fleece their flock of millions of shillings in form of offerings and prayer money.Such notable characters include James Maina Njenga,Mark Kariuki, and Pius Muiru

Traditional Kikuyu families were polygamous, with a husband taking more than one wife if he could provide for her. On the other side of the coin, Kikuyu women were also permitted their own lovers outside the marriage as well. It was quite customary for male visitors to share the bed of one of the wives. Any children born to a women were considered the children of her husband, regardless of any biological connection.
Many Kikuyu young men have become impotent due to excessive alcohol consumption leaving other men to take care of the conjugal needs of their wives.Many a times,the wives have taken to the streets to protest.

Their language is also called Kikuyu (or Gikuyu). It's part of the Bantu group of languages. There are 4 main dialects, found in different parts of Kikuyu territory. Most Kikuyu people who live in the major cities (like Nairobi) speak either English or Swahili, or both.

The current (and third) president of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki, is a member of the Kikuyu tribe just like first president after the country became independent from Britian, Jomo Kenyatta. The Grammy-winning American guitarist, Tom Morello is also of Kikuyu descent. He played in bands such as Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. His father was Mau Mau guerrilla Ngethe Njoroge.

The Mungiki

cute kikuyu woman

›› sandman Away < 15 minutes   07-Oct-2010, 9:12 pm, reply_401206
U fogot to say the AGIKUYU are some of the richest, most enterprising, hardest working people, they have GOD'S favour, they are GOD'S choosen ppl in this here land kenya. Utadoo wha......t..?
›› walanguzi  07-Oct-2010, 9:14 pm, reply_401208
the tribe known as the luo.

vast majority live in nairobi especially kibera and are known to live in palacial hses yet have nothing to show. once they retire they move back to the grass thatched roof sme where by the lakeside.

are professional stone throwers and believe in one leader..........

@ prof i hate it when you go down tribal and its bs. before you had good listing what has gotten to you
›› sandman Away < 15 minutes   07-Oct-2010, 9:31 pm, reply_401213
Its nite time right? 80% of biasharas that are operating at this hour are owned & run by the AGIKUYU. The rest are in there houses or asleep. (Cum mrng) where did this kikuyus get all this money from? They'll ask. Lazy f*¤ks...!
›› jitegemee  07-Oct-2010, 9:38 pm, reply_401217
Lol you obviously added some "salt" .Gotta say though the "6 Million" Figure scared the crap outta me.Joos semblance anyone?
›› Emdee  07-Oct-2010, 10:11 pm, reply_401248
Dr. Jakenya, the more ur ageing, the more stupid ur becoming. Ur brains are proving to be as valueless as a china phone!! What do u want to tell serious minded kenyans on k-list? All of us went to good primary schools where we learnt the origin of our tribes we are not like you who attended lessons in a makuti thatched school. Grow up and stop your tribalistic listings, get a life!!
›› Prof_Jakenya_PhD_OGW  07-Oct-2010, 10:24 pm, reply_401252
This listing was meant to be informative not tribalistic as some of you have misinterpated..

Can anyone point a single lie I have said in this listing..

I have done listings on Kalenjin and Luo and nobody complained.Infact I was insulted the day I put up the listing about the Luo.They were called names.

If I wringed anyone I am sorry,unaweza meza wembe!!thutha!!
›› G-mail  07-Oct-2010, 11:18 pm, reply_401328
I think you are rght in someway although you have left some facts and exegerated some but all the same it is a good informing listing.
To simple minded detractors note this no one decided to be born where he/she did so the best you can do is to be a true Kenyan.
›› Prof_Jakenya_PhD_OGW  08-Oct-2010, 12:04 am, reply_401392
thank you@g-mail for ur objectivity...

nyinyi wengine,mmemeza wembe tayari ama bado???
›› jeremi  08-Oct-2010, 12:35 am, reply_401410


"They are known to be very entrrprising with one being reported to have been selling baboon meat to unsuspecting customers for a long period of time.90% of robberies in Kenya are committed by the Kikuyu."
›› highlander  08-Oct-2010, 6:29 am, reply_401449
89 percent of the info is true although from dubious sources.I am mundu wa nyumba and proud of it. 90 percent of thefts of sweet potatoes arrow roots pumpkins green maize and poultry is committed by Kales who then sprint like hell.

›› kamotho3378  11-Oct-2010, 4:50 pm, reply_404706
and the last picture is of some lady who works at thompson falls nyahururu. mia mbili kupiga picha na yeye
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