| The Luo Tribe Of Kenya... The Facts..
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The Luo Tribe Of Kenya... The Facts..
Listing #44847 by ›› Prof_Jakenya_PhD_OGW on 04-Oct-2010 4:32 pm . 4,612 views . 63 comments . 192 prints .  › Flag This Listing
The Luo tribe is Kenya's third largest ethnic group following the Kikuyu and Luhya. Luos make up approximately 12 percent of Kenya's population.

Luos, a Nilotic people, also live in smaller numbers in Uganda and Tanzania. In Kenya, the Luo reside in the regions around Lake Victoria. The Lango and Acholi tribes of Uganda are considered to be clans of the Luo tribe since their language is similar to the Luo language, Dholuo.

Historians believe that the Luo and other Kenyan Nilotic tribes originally came from the Nile regions of Sudan, entering Kenya through Northern Uganda. Upon their arrival in Kenya, Luos settled in the present day Nyanza Province, where they are neighbors to the Kisii, Luhya and Kipsigis tribes.

Luo people are among the few Kenyan tribes that do not traditionally circumcise their males as an initiation to manhood. Instead, in Luo traditions, initiation involves the removal of six front teeth - three each from the upper and lower jaws.

Another unique Luo custom is wife inheritance whereby, if a man dies, one of his brothers or close relatives inherits his widow and must meet all of her marital requirements. The Luo mourning ceremony, tero buru, is still widely practiced. This is a unique, elaborate and dramatic ceremony that symbolizes the departure of a loved one.

While most Luos are now Christians, many still uphold most of their traditional cultural customs. This is especially true for those living in the rural areas. However, some of the Luo cultural practices now regarded as retrogressive are slowly fading away, such as wife inheritance. As well, recent efforts have been made to promote male circumcision among the Luo, Teso and Turkana people, to help curb the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Perhaps one of the most interesting and noticeable attributes common among the elite, educated or urban Luo people is their flamboyant character and sense of style, in addition to their polished and eloquent command of the English language, otherwise known as The Queen's English.


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›› momo  04-Oct-2010, 5:59 pm, reply_396481
@Shiro it is not that kenyans like attacking each other it is just the two tribes like attacking each other.i don't know y they hate each other that much.
›› Prof_Jakenya_PhD_OGW  04-Oct-2010, 6:28 pm, reply_396508
The intent of this listing was not to elevate the Luo among other tribes,it was just some plain facts about the Luo tribe and their traditions...

Why pple have changed it into some tribal competition I have not nyitad...

@shiro,the custom of teeth removal was for administration of medicine as some learned friends have put it.

with advancement in medicine,its nolonger necessary,and just like due to medical reasons,Luos circumcise these days...i once worked in Laikipia,and tell you what,those Kikuyus I worked amongst are damn poor and mostly depend on food aid,like those sides of Ngarua,Sopili towards Olmoran...and soembody comes here saying kikuyus are rich..

the bottom line is,5% of all tribes arerich,the rest 95% are rock bottom poor!!

ujinga ipelekwe mbali,mimi jaluo nimesema!!!
›› KingKenny  04-Oct-2010, 6:32 pm, reply_396510
teeth removal for medicine?kwani they cant swallow?
›› shiro  04-Oct-2010, 6:37 pm, reply_396515
Thx Momo for clarifying that for me. Dr. Jakenya, why do kikuyus and Luos always engage in this back and forth war of the words? We are just discussing anyway, so anyone who thinks why? Can it stop and how?
›› Prof_Jakenya_PhD_OGW  04-Oct-2010, 6:38 pm, reply_396516
@The King,in old days of out forefathers,there used to be a disease called lockjaw or tetanus.Now when you have this disease,ur jaws lock tightly,nothing can get in..

In order to facilitate administration of oral medicine(herbs),teeth could be removed so that the medicine is poured through the gap..

btw,the kalenjin also used to remove their teeth,maybe for the same reasons..
›› Cherie  04-Oct-2010, 6:39 pm, reply_396517
my 2 cents worth, the luos have bn misunderstood 4 too long...
›› Prof_Jakenya_PhD_OGW  04-Oct-2010, 6:42 pm, reply_396521
@shiro,there has always political competition and mistrust between the Kikuyu and the Luo.This was mainly after Kenyatta betrayed Oginga Odinga(ogonga had refused to become prime minister until kenyatta is released) and also after Mboya was felled by a bullet by a Kikuyu...

recently the Luo also felt betrayed by this mistrust just contnues and continues...

›› Prof_Jakenya_PhD_OGW  04-Oct-2010, 6:44 pm, reply_396522
@Labelle,can you remove that comment,its offensive to me!
›› Prof_Jakenya_PhD_OGW  04-Oct-2010, 6:46 pm, reply_396526
And you shold also mourn in peace without having to ruffle my feathers!!iwinjo nyako!!
›› Prof_Jakenya_PhD_OGW  04-Oct-2010, 6:46 pm, reply_396527
Can you elaborate@Cherie?
›› shiro  04-Oct-2010, 6:47 pm, reply_396528
Oh come on labelle, u r honestly becoming boring. I'm also new on K-list and take heat more than that. Dr. so what you mean is that the beef will not end anytime soon? I didn't really know about Tom Mboya's story but I'm not so good following politics
›› Prof_Jakenya_PhD_OGW  04-Oct-2010, 6:51 pm, reply_396533
@shiro,this beef isnt likely to end soon,i see it coming in 2010 when Raila will want some payback for supporting Kibaki and I am sure he wont get it...

Wachana na huyu mtoto@Labelle,seems camron gave her some Kamutee from Kamba land...
›› Prof_Jakenya_PhD_OGW  04-Oct-2010, 6:53 pm, reply_396534
Thank @Labelle for removing that offensive reply na nisione reply yako tena kwa hii listing,wanyita?
›› shiro  04-Oct-2010, 6:58 pm, reply_396538
Dr. Jakenya, but don't you fear for your family because if Raila doesn't win, most of your pple will create chaos in 2012? I'm really scared of this like many other Kenyans and especially being married to a kikuyu. So, why can't we just agree in case whatever happens in 2012, we will be ready to deal with it without war?
›› shiro  04-Oct-2010, 7:05 pm, reply_396544
Hello Dr? you still there? and where are all the other evening listers anyway? Oh well I guess it's just me. have a gd nite then
›› mtoto wa Beatrice(pr  04-Oct-2010, 7:59 pm, reply_396598
Did i miss smthin?shiro hebu ni update
›› mtoto wa Beatrice(pr  04-Oct-2010, 7:59 pm, reply_396600
Did i miss smthin?shiro hebu ni update
›› mtoto wa Beatrice(pr  04-Oct-2010, 8:00 pm, reply_396601
Did i miss smthin?shiro hebu ni update
›› longjon  04-Oct-2010, 10:11 pm, reply_396769
@Dr.....pier guok!
›› lovemat  04-Oct-2010, 10:12 pm, reply_396770
›› yvonne-swirey  05-Oct-2010, 1:18 am, reply_396805
interesting discussion
›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk  05-Oct-2010, 1:22 am, reply_396806
Swirey bado uko??
›› ottovon  05-Oct-2010, 3:07 am, reply_396809
Kenyans we have a problem and only God can help us. Honestly, I know Jakenya is very tribal but what the poor man was doing is say facts about Luo Community, i dont see anything wrong with that.. so where in the world did all this bikkering come from?????????? This only proves the IQ of most listers. If you didnt like what he said, go ahead and post facts about your tribe. The reason as to why we can never learn that tribalism or inter-tribal war is what is holding us behind ,just tells a lot about how we kenyans reason with our asses instead of our brains...Truth be told.
›› memyselfni  05-Oct-2010, 4:50 pm, reply_397871
Live n let live is the best thing one can do,denying such facts like Luos are good English speaker is being a hater for no reason...
›› Niqqa Pliz  18-Oct-2010, 6:12 pm, reply_412567
Hahahaha.......all said & done, AIDS doesn't choose tribe....& they were overtaken by the Merus the other day.
 * Showing only the most recent 25 comments... ›› Show all 63 comments
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