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The Richest Kenyan???? Hehehehe Is Ali Punjaniii From Coasto
Listing #44552 by ›› KimBoy1986 on 30-Sep-2010    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 21,428 views . 18 comments . Printed 138 times . Favorited 2 times

-The Richest Kenyan???? Hehehehe is Ali Punjaniii from Coasto

-Mombasa businessman Ali Punjani who on Tuesday pledged Sh 2.5 million made a contribution of Sh6 million to top the individual contributions to aid victims of Faza fire

-Businessman Ali Punjani donated (Sh100,000) to Jelimo Kenya Athletic runner

-There is someone in coast who is very loaded… Ali punjani , this guy gambles 50 million shillings a night and looses it all and feels nothing. The next day is back at the casino he is worth alot…from Bentley sport, Porsche cayenne, Mercedes Benz S 500 new model, 4 range rovers…Chrysler 300C …..a private jet…what can we say………. ALI PUNJANI

- And the no. 1 kingpin is Ali punjani of Mombasa. He donated 800 million 2 kibakis campaign n he gambles 50 million a night! do the math!plus he is only 34yrs old! Hahahaha I love this fuc-kin GUY mwahhh

- There are indians who are multi millionaires….eg Ali punjani can buy moi in half a check!!! (Wow is this trueeee ???)

- he’s newly acquired The Rolls Royce Phantom The fuc-kinnn most expensive car in the WHOLE WORLD…ali punjani is riiiiiich

- Kim Sharma, Bollywood actress has marry with a wealthy business tycoon in Kenya, Ali Punjani, her boyfriend of few weeks. Two weeks ago she started her new life with her wealthy African boyfriend. It was a secret ceremony and its revelation surprised her friends and fans. Ali Punjani paid 80M dowry for this Bollywood actress

The Things he own The price
1. The Rolls Royce $380,000
2. Bentley sport $267,000.
3. Porsche cayenne $72,400
4. Chrysler 300C $44,865
5. Mercedes Benz $87,978
6. Range Rover $59,645….. he has 4 of them so just multiply my 4 and u will get the sum
7. Dowry for Bollywood Actress Kshs 80 Million …
8. Private Jet ---- (don’t know)
9. Donated to Kibaki Campaign Kshs 800 Million
10. Gambles one night Kshs 50 Million

›› KimBoy1986  30-Sep-2010, reply_392063   › Flag Comment
::: Punjani :::
this is the link with shows that he donated the highest cash in Faza Fundraising
›› mgongo mture   30-Sep-2010, reply_392078   › Flag Comment
Where does he get his money from?
›› KimBoy1986  30-Sep-2010, reply_392084   › Flag Comment
i dont have to tell u, do the research, i have already done mine, and found all that info
›› Bemupamlume  30-Sep-2010, reply_392093   › Flag Comment

I thought the most expensive car was a Bugatti Veyron Sir!

NWY What is his total worth?
›› kingangi Away < 15 minutes   30-Sep-2010, reply_392104   › Flag Comment
talk of someone spending 50mills but its in his own casino.
›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk Online < 7 minutes   30-Sep-2010, reply_392115   › Flag Comment
Si u go and be his second wife?
›› Wheelz Online < 7 minutes   30-Sep-2010, reply_392139   › Flag Comment
Big Spending doesnot mean you are the richest, He may be the biggest spender though. And 50 million a night Gambling in his own Casino sounds like a Money Laundering scheme to me.
›› KimBoy1986  30-Sep-2010, reply_392153   › Flag Comment
Simakosa yenu nivile waafrica, lazima mutamchukiaaaa, hehehehe
›› pets  30-Sep-2010, reply_392157   › Flag Comment
Buggati is the most expensive production car, followed by ferrari. And in hindu its the bride who pays the groom the dowry. And $59,000 Range rover is a cheap one! Most of them cost over $100,000
›› makabwa  30-Sep-2010, reply_392172   › Flag Comment
How did you know all this. Stop peddling rumours.
›› Tonytone  30-Sep-2010, reply_392183   › Flag Comment
yes it's true the guy is very rich and it's true he got married to a bollywood chick. but this guy is a well known baron and engages in kabogo, mau and sonko trade, enuff said!
›› Theneta  30-Sep-2010, reply_392217   › Flag Comment
Holy s--- is now coming on thursdays!
@kimboy... and what do you own? counting your neibours chicken well you got none!
spent 50m on casino? spent hoew much on toilet?
remind the dude that there is life in a casino after death!

by any chance are you related to linda.ogut.exe?
›› KimBoy1986  30-Sep-2010, reply_392321   › Flag Comment
hehehehehe, i own more alot than u, am sure.
›› Voyier  30-Sep-2010, reply_392523   › Flag Comment
get ur facts before publishing anything...moi is worth more than 150 billion right? thats more than Oprah and thats what is documented or can be traced...
›› seeker  30-Sep-2010, reply_392651   › Flag Comment
sounds like money laundering,pirated money
›› LeoKim  30-Sep-2010, reply_393174   › Flag Comment
U must b very blonde n very gay!
›› KimBoy1986  01-Oct-2010, reply_394178   › Flag Comment
lol Thanks guys
›› jimmychichi5  06-Jan-2011, reply_471709   › Flag Comment
Now we know where he gets his money from!
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