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Marriage and Divorce
Listing #3911 by  Online < 7 minutes  on 27-Sep-2007    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 624 views . 15 comments . Printed 80 times


What is the process of getting a divorce in Kenya?
How long does it lasts?
If spouses lived separate for a long period is divorce granted at the time of application?
›› Coloo  27-Sep-2007, reply_10919   › Flag Comment
Please try reconciliation, if its possible. God hates divorce.
›› softheart  27-Sep-2007, reply_10923   › Flag Comment
Remember the oath you took-Till death do us part" if u said it then let it be. Coloo said it all God hates divorce.Pray and make up. Barikiwa
›› Veeman  27-Sep-2007, reply_10926   › Flag Comment
I'm sorry i dont know dear but which question is coloo and softheart answering to, i can tell they studied under 8-4-4 due to the way they are setting up their own questions and answering them .
Lets see how smart coloo and soft heart are, pliz answer the following questions.
1.Does God hate divorce?
2.What is the process of getting a divorce in kenya and how long does it last?

PS: We don't fail exams because they are difficult or we are dumb, we do because we feel like answering what we want instead of the simple questions.
›› the game  27-Sep-2007, reply_10929   › Flag Comment
ENDA sheria hse uta saidiwa wata wakaribisha na mikono zote mbili.
››   27-Sep-2007, reply_10931   › Flag Comment
no young lady .it may last for more than one yearand it will depend on what is been in dispute cos you have to file a pettition in court and a reply should be filed bu your ex-husband t start the whole process going on .after that we no one objecting you get a decree nisi and after six month you get your decree absolute .just letting you know
››   27-Sep-2007, reply_10938   › Flag Comment
Divorce?. What divorce? You mean couples divorce in Kenya?. Couples in Kenya or Africa don't divorce. They just walk a way and disappear. A woman can leave and just vanish and the man re-marries another woman. On the other hand, the man just wakes up and takes off with another woman and they move to her house. That is how couples divorce in Kenya/Africa. I hope this answers your question..LOL
››   27-Sep-2007, reply_10939   › Flag Comment
If we have been separated for over 3 years do I still need to wait the 6 months for the marriage to be disolved?
››   27-Sep-2007, reply_10940   › Flag Comment
@ MWIHAKI - It depends on where you live and what laws govern divorce. In the US every state has its own different divorce laws. I dont know about Kenya...
››   27-Sep-2007, reply_10941   › Flag Comment
Mwihaki... You have to be able to show that you were separated... e.g mails sent to another address to you. 3 years separated should enable you to divorse. Seek help at the sheria hse.
››   28-Sep-2007, reply_11003   › Flag Comment
hello mwihaki i have practicised in kenya and iam an advocate of high court and the span of six months the court has to wait to enable you final decree in so aforesaid months you may reconicle and stuff mau happen and that is the law you have been separated for 3 years and unless he files for desseration on you a divorce can go through but you are the one leaving him eithe file for cruelty as a ground or othe factors adultery which you have to prove inthe court of law as oin the famous citiation on mathaai vs mathaai they are other gtoumds that you can chooose to elect look at the Marriage act and choose which way to go and if you are the petitioner you should be present at court if he objects it can take up to 3 years untill finalizes if you have custody issues make sure you have not remmarried here in the USA cos this will complicated things Cos the second marriage is void absolute .
››   28-Sep-2007, reply_11010   › Flag Comment
Wakili, you soud owful, you said you are an advocate of high court yet your english is full of gramatical mistics.Who do you represent?Do you ever win any case?
››   28-Sep-2007, reply_11011   › Flag Comment
Wakili, you soud owful, you said you are an advocate of high court yet your english is full of gramatical mistics.Who do you represent?Do you ever win any case?
››   28-Sep-2007, reply_11047   › Flag Comment
Goodess!, it takes that much of a hassle to divorce yet getting married takes 5mins!.....lol!!.mungu anisaidie nipate good partner and never think of divorce.
@ Mwihaki....i just said a prayer for you. May God bless and guide you.
››   28-Sep-2007, reply_11060   › Flag Comment
›› Gman  01-Oct-2007, reply_11163   › Flag Comment
Or come to Las vegas and do it in 24hrs.
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