| Another Kenya/Kansas City/Kamba Scandal
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Another Kenya/Kansas City/Kamba Scandal
Listing #3714 by ›› Daudi on 13-Sep-2007 12:00 am . 6,053 views . 64 comments . 7 emails . 208 prints .  › Flag This Listing
I wanted to share my story with you because I feel I have a big story and
maybe if I can help one person I have done something substantial here! Please feel free to share my story with others. I want to get across to those who still have a chance and it makes me cry just writing this. Ladys please please please look out for your-self.

I’m Jackie Mutiso, I just turned 38 years old and I just moved back to Kenya from
United States, Kansas City Missouri where I went to school and worked for
over 11 years. I was diagnosed as HIV positive in February 2007. I really
cannot tell up today how I got the virus but I believe I must have gotten it
from an African American man whom I married for 4 years before we divorced;
he was from a city of Lenexa.I never got a chance to find out about him before i left US.
I have been back here in Kenya now for about three months.I worked really
hard in the United States, worked two jobs in nursing homes, but when things
changed for the worst. I lost the meaning of life and stopped taking care of
myself. I was so desperate and so sick but worst of all I was living in

One day I said enough was enough, before I left US, I went to Breakthrough
Community Church for the first time and Pastor Kungu prayed for me, I did
not disclose my situation to the pastor but I accepted Jesus Christ as my
personal savior. This was not because I had untreatable disease but it was
because I reasoned that if I died of sin and then I was the biggest looser
in this world. But if I died of one thing and not the other then I was
better off going to heaven sick than staying in this world full of sins and
miserable. As soon as I gave my life to Christ, believe it or not my life
started changing. I started having a new meaning towards life. I started
looking forward to live a day at a time. I started taking care of myself
like a lady. Let me say, I started enjoying life to the fullest by this I do
not mean partying and drinking, No! I mean eating well and taking care of

Before I left Kansas, I had met a man who fell in love with me. His name was
John Dominic Munyenze. He is such a great man, very caring; he was working for the
government, as a probation officer. Because of living in denial, I did not
say anything to him about my status and I have not contacted him since I
left USA. That was mean of me, but I have asked God for forgiveness. Before
I left, John had changed and was talking to multiple women and cared very little about me.

This happened after he bought himself a house and moved to Kansas part of
Missouri. Before I left, John had started seeing another woman called
Caroline Maingi, also from Kansas whose boyfriend was still going to School
in Georgia. It appears that Caroline did not tell John that she had a
boyfriend out of state. Before I left, her boyfriend Edwin Kagira had moved
to Kansas to join Caroline. These people by now know that I have left but no
idea about my situation. I pity them.

But the worst scenario here in Kenya is the stigma. When my family knew about my
status, they told me they wanted to be there for me. I only asked them one
thing ‚Do you guys know that this is a life time commitment‚ and they said
yes. So here I am. When I do not have money to buy the drugs I contact my
brother who works for the Ministry of lands, in Nairobi, he really supports
me. Sometimes I feel sorry for him because he has a family of his own and I
know when he helps me he is going out of his way. But I try not to disturb
him unless it is absolutely necessary.

Ladies and gentlemen, the best thing about HIV and AIDs is that it gives you
a second chance in life. It helps you to think twice before you do anything
silly. It also makes you care about others in a very special way. I am
saying this because I used to be mean to people who were healthier than me.
I would be so irritated and not talk to them. But slowly by slowly through
prayers those feelings of anger have left me. I now appreciate each and
every human being that I come across. I treat everyone with respect and
dignity just they way I would want them to treat me.

When i came back to kenya, I joined a support group in the Machakos hospital that I
attend. When we sit down we talk like brothers and sisters without hiding
anything. The first thing we do is an introduction that goes something like.
God does not abandon his children not once and he won‚t start today. If
you are out there could you please relax and just enjoy life.what would
happen if for instance you were told you are HIV positive then on your way
from the doctors office a car runs over you who would know in that instance
that you died of HIV and not a car running over you? So stop stressing
yourself and live a day at time. If you are a Christian like me, try to be
in church as much as possible and take jesus to be your personal saviour indeed.

May God bless you,
Jackie Mutiso,
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  04-Oct-2007, 3:16 am, reply_11371
If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (I John 1:9).
  04-Oct-2007, 4:37 am, reply_11387
@ Muko - i beg to differ. When we confess, we are remorseful. You are not forced to confess, you do it willingly. It is for this reason that God gives us a second chance. Confession gives you renewed hope. It actually gives you a new life as you turn away from sin. Does that make sense to you? Have you ever realized that when you hurt someone and ask for forgiveness; and they forgive you - it leads to a healthy relationship? Most of the problems we have are normally caused by people who don't own-up to their mistakes. Saying, "Am sorry, please forgive me" goes a long way, doesn't it?
  04-Oct-2007, 6:19 am, reply_11402
Well, Muko, it's not always easy to change from evil ways. It just doesn't happen over night, it takes time. At times one moves back and forth. It's at such moments that one needs to be encouraged - by family and friends, & showed the right way. Did you know if someone asked you for forgiveness and you refuse; then that is in, refusing to forgive is actually sin in itself....
  04-Oct-2007, 6:29 am, reply_11405
Muko - I strongly encourage you to do so. And after that, move on......let the past remain in the past. Life's good, huh?!
  04-Oct-2007, 7:43 am, reply_11425
God forgives and forgets.... we also reap what we sow. That means if i murder my neighbor, the law of the land will be apllied.... it might be jail time or lethal injection. And yes, we can never exhaust God forgiveness.
  04-Oct-2007, 3:04 pm, reply_11446
Muko I'm with you on this, I can easily kill my neighbour knowing that I'll be forgiven totally and have as much rights to enter heaven as the person I killed, thats hilarious. I'd like to come steal from you supuu and then you forgive me :-)
›› Daudi  04-Oct-2007, 3:12 pm, reply_11447
It is not Gods will for anyone to die; that is the work of the devil. If you read through the Bible, God never kills anyone. All the people that were taken by God to heaven, including Jesus himself, were all taken alive. Death is always the work of lucifer and his pips.
If you knowingly work in collusion with the devil like Jackie did, then you shall surely burn.
››   04-Oct-2007, 6:09 pm, reply_11465
you missing tha point here guys that funda of amukamba didn't only spread HIV she also had enough guts to suck some blood from her brother, after all those years in the states and she couldn't even think of investing. thats why i like kiuks. she's a pain in the ass.
››   04-Oct-2007, 7:45 pm, reply_11500
this chapter is cosed
›› Sheri  04-Oct-2007, 7:55 pm, reply_11504
@ Kimanjuru... I agree
›› jaykam  05-Oct-2007, 4:11 pm, reply_11653
Fuc k you Jackie, may you burn in hell, Shieeeeeeeeeeeeet you think thats funny? I hav no mercy for you, rot rooooooooot b--ch!!!!!
›› jaykam  05-Oct-2007, 4:13 pm, reply_11654
Fuc k fuc k fuc k you Jackie!!!!!!!!!
››   07-Oct-2007, 1:12 pm, reply_11760
I beg to differ with you @ daudi... do you know the great apostle paul was a former persecutor and a murderer of the disciples in the early church?
››   08-Oct-2007, 6:30 pm, reply_11895
Jackie Mutiso has lived in KC for 11 years and does not know that there is no "Kansas part of Missouri" thats besides the point. A whole lot of KC kenyans work in nursing homes, and KC being a small place I don't see how noone seems to know who this chick is. My thoughts are that Jackie Mutiso is not her real name but, whoever this is, is trying to aibisha the folks mentioned in the stupid letter. Does she realise she could be sued for slander and exposing other people's health status. "Jackie Mutiso" is this your best shot? Your are a terrible human being if you have issues with the people mentioned this isn't the way to do it.
››   28-Oct-2007, 8:22 pm, reply_14373
I trully agree with sheri that no innocent soul deserves to be infected with HIV by anatha nomata wat,,,jackie if u trully exist n r out there u need to unleashthe truth to john n let him know wsup for the sake of any other supuu he meets out there,,n 4mula1 thanks for the piece of shyt u wrote but pls find yo way to hell with jackie!!!!!!!vifagio nyote wawili.
››   27-Dec-2007, 12:26 pm, reply_25299
u selfish woman who is hiding behind the church i hope that u die a painful death u are not worth being on this earth u are a walking devil shame on you .
›› stan24  22-Sep-2008, 10:29 am, reply_91484
Jackie never let anyone discourage you ,u did what was right to give ur life to Jesus.
›› stan24  22-Sep-2008, 10:31 am, reply_91485
Jackie never let anyone discourage you ,u did what was right to give ur life to Jesus.
›› nyokabi  17-Jan-2009, 7:17 pm, reply_111605
who are we to judge ?
›› northern bandit  07-Nov-2010, 9:50 pm, reply_433309
How do you knowingly infect others, shame on you. you should be arrested and charged!...
›› Multiple Handle  07-Nov-2010, 9:59 pm, reply_433311
Dolt!three years ago?Maybe she's dead.
›› M249 saw  08-Nov-2010, 7:43 am, reply_433363
a sucker is born every second.
either that or condoms were not yet invented.
those who got it deserve it.
darwins theory in effect.
survival for the fittest.
›› Msuper  18-Sep-2011, 1:57 am, reply_603633
Who's innocent in this story before God? Its only the one who restrained from fornication/adultery. That one isn't HIV+. Jackie has reconciled with her Maker. That's what matters to everyone here. eternity is a very long time.
›› Anyenye  18-Sep-2011, 7:28 am, reply_603662
::: . :::
Daudi u met ths ur second guy prior to ur salvation and because of denial (which a true christians should b happy of) u failed to discuss ur status with then murdered him plus the two and upto now, u r still not in a position to call them for forgvness and u r stil thnking u hve a place in heaven..OHH Heavens, u r predestine to Hague and Hell!!
›› Muyunani  24-Nov-2011, 11:19 pm, reply_638870
@Jackie sorry 4 evrythng.How about ur number
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