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Since You've Been At K-list.........
Listing #32518 by ›› kedo on 19-Mar-2010    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 531 views . 28 comments . Printed 98 times

What have you gained? what have you done to make it bette or worse? I count on many friends and the smiles I get from funny statements, matusi ya makanga, and encouraging words from people like mmmhhh...you know yourself...

Caution:Some benefits may be insults and reader's perception should be upgraded to filter them.
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›› pgen  19-Mar-2010, reply_249896   › Flag Comment
I have literally ‘met’ a couple of interesting folks, makes me feel more less like I work in Nai, thanks to ya’ll guys.
›› Juguma Diani  19-Mar-2010, reply_249902   › Flag Comment
I've learn't to apologise. Believe u me.
›› riskey Away < 15 minutes   19-Mar-2010, reply_249904   › Flag Comment
I have learnt to appreciate useless info that listers throw at me.
›› kingangi  19-Mar-2010, reply_249908   › Flag Comment
I second supu,and I got a dick that works too.
›› kedo  19-Mar-2010, reply_249934   › Flag Comment
@supu, Morning gal, I now know that insults can make someone happy too, depending on how you look at it.
›› the kiuk protagonist  19-Mar-2010, reply_249939   › Flag Comment
since i have been at klist, sijawai jua kama kedo ni mume ama mke. ma Ngai!
›› supu  19-Mar-2010, reply_249940   › Flag Comment
@JD... i have noticed that..

@kedo..on a serious note, i have made really good friends, friends that i love and i care about.. ( you know yourselves) and i have met JD..
›› afriQDef  19-Mar-2010, reply_249942   › Flag Comment
...i always go to sleep with a smile on ma face...thanks to Klist. I've met and made several friends and better still it feels like home to me...
›› xabi  19-Mar-2010, reply_249946   › Flag Comment
I learnt new matusis e.g. placenta ya mbwa wewe.
›› the kiuk protagonist  19-Mar-2010, reply_249950   › Flag Comment
supu mi niko? ;-)
›› kedo  19-Mar-2010, reply_249951   › Flag Comment
@JD, that is a positive thing never loose that lesson,

@KP, habari ya masiku, well you can find out from them who knows me better.

@supu, I seriously need to meet a few more ppl before I quit K-list(you know)
›› @miro  19-Mar-2010, reply_249954   › Flag Comment
@xabi, hehehhehehehe!!.... ati placenta ya mbwa? hiyo ilikuwa wapi??
›› xabi  19-Mar-2010, reply_249957   › Flag Comment
amiro - that day i laughed karibu nipasuke mbavu and mind you ni dame alitukana mtu. Jana kulikuwa na ingine ati "fudhi za samaki wewe"...these guys will kill me for real!!
›› supu  19-Mar-2010, reply_249959   › Flag Comment
@kp.. hi.. i can see kamiti didnt help!
›› the kiuk protagonist  19-Mar-2010, reply_249960   › Flag Comment
kedo mi naogopa! hebu shtua a brother b4 bati boy afikiri wewe ndio secretary ya chama yao.
›› Wheelz  19-Mar-2010, reply_249963   › Flag Comment
i have grown some business contacts and i'm in the process of importing a car for a lister. not bad. This site is pretty cool..

and the rest of you, i'm still searching for your wheels...
›› the kiuk protagonist  19-Mar-2010, reply_249966   › Flag Comment
supu walisema nipelekwe mathare lakini mathare kumejaa. apparently jd na amiro waligraduate from there in january but walikataa kutoka, now there is no room 4me, that gives me a chance to be here with u.....by the way what happened to that boy that used to ask u about the colour of your thuruareh!
›› supu  19-Mar-2010, reply_249974   › Flag Comment
haaaa@KP.. i thought that was you and you have just told me what happened!!!!...pole
›› kasmall  19-Mar-2010, reply_249975   › Flag Comment
I have come to appreciate people and almost sure of a smile whenever I log in.
›› kedo  19-Mar-2010, reply_249978   › Flag Comment
@KP, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! mimi simba mara, miye nala siliwi! and no one can change that.
›› wamum-Goldy   19-Mar-2010, reply_249988   › Flag Comment
i appreciate my new circle of friends btwn klist puts a smile on ma face esp wen am down ....
›› Juguma Diani  19-Mar-2010, reply_250019   › Flag Comment
I've also learn't that relationships can be sustained in all circumstances. eg, xabi en kingangi despite wamuthutis interferance.
›› mumbo  19-Mar-2010, reply_250053   › Flag Comment
I have developed a crush but most of all met valuable pals here.
@amiro you mean wanking with bash pictures count as laying someone. na kweli umeharibika kichwa! I will ask my cousin Dr. Mumbo akurudishie akili
›› kedo  19-Mar-2010, reply_250060   › Flag Comment
@mumbo, hahahahaha ati kuwank na picha ya bash? hahahaha na ukumbuke aongezew genital watts by mumbo II
›› x-trail  19-Mar-2010, reply_250139   › Flag Comment
kuna matusi noma huku someone would think u hav gone bananas when u lol ukizisoma
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Call Nairobi From U S & Canada At 2.5 Cents/min . Listing # 27787

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