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Now.. meet Kenya's wealthiest Woman!
Listing #3210 by ›› Tonytone on 31-Jul-2007 12:00 am . 20,067 views . 68 comments . 1 emails . 292 prints .  › Flag This Listing
She has never been to politics and is widely loved by Kenyans of all walks of life. This woman established a company that has spiralled out of control and mints billions from Advertising revenue. Without down-to-earth ESTHER MUTHONI PASSARIS, Nairobi would be dark and ugly city. But she came up with Adopt-a-light company and lit up the city and slums! Passaris, who is half Greek and kikuyu also runs (one in a million) which aims to eradicate poverty. Well done Esther! You are doing great! Check the link below and let's support her noble efforts! Slowly but surely, Passaris is stealing the limelight from nobel laureate, Wangari Mathaai and endearing herself to millions of Kenyans.



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  07-Aug-2007, 9:31 pm, reply_7511
why are all people not on the woman's side? i mean, how come nobody gives her the benefit of doubt? coz she's a woman who not ashamed to want to live a good life with her children? i just know that every story has two sides and for what we know her ex husband ( he is a lawyer, right) could've been an unfaithful man and she was just trying not to get infected with something.
  08-Aug-2007, 2:29 pm, reply_7581
I'm afraid it may have been the other way around Jossseph. Knowing what I know now that she was hanging out with those rich sex maniacs! tell me something new, ama!
  08-Aug-2007, 10:47 pm, reply_7596
Esther no doubt derseves the accolades for what she has stood for and archieved so far.However, I think the City council is right in claimining that her tender was a monopoly and has infact expired. I beleive she should hand over the advertising space to the city Council for competetive bidding.Let her proceed with her new "One million man" endevours and prove her point once again to the doubting Thomases.And please kenyans lets stick to the debate at hand without KULETE FITINA.....HOVYO HOVYO!!!!!!..
  09-Aug-2007, 1:21 am, reply_7602
kimanjuru you hav to know kuwa despite of one does or who one is in the society,we all hav to get laid at some point tiz human nature as for passaris u go gal we are all proud of you.
  20-Aug-2007, 5:47 am, reply_8354
Kudos Esther, u r doing a marvelous job.....keep it up!!
  23-Aug-2007, 3:43 pm, reply_8689
surely, she deserves a good man. Just to make her happy....... Go!go!go! u are a wonderful lady.
  30-Aug-2007, 8:24 am, reply_9155
thanx, you're absolutely right. i remember reading of this lady as i grew up n thinkin, gosh thats a real b**ch to get into a guys pants then sue him for millions for not honoring a marriage promise.
but then i grew older n wiser. i'd say congrats to her for makin it in the tough kenyan business economy n for not takin nonsense frm any1, whether a millionaire or nor.

Guys, tujichunge jo. dont play with that ka esto gal n not think it wont hunt you in future when ur the president of kenya or the richest guy in town. always treat that gal(whether its a 1 niter or playin them) with respect. u never know where u gonna meet again.
  30-Aug-2007, 5:05 pm, reply_9169
kumbe mlichoka---te he he he
  07-Sep-2007, 3:29 am, reply_9709
currently iam not staying in kenya but because of Esthers work im very happy,i can go anywhere during darkhours around nairobi city when i come for my vacation.thanks Eshter keep it up and close your ears with mud.NB;not everybody wiill understand what it means
›› trev  14-Sep-2007, 5:17 am, reply_10144
Do you find it wierd that most of this women in kenyan limelight are usually bila men..
njoki ndungu,
caroline mutoko,
martha karua (a divorcee)...add to this list
›› mujanja  17-Sep-2007, 1:55 pm, reply_10300
hata mimi najua kimanjiru anasema ukweli. Truth hurts. i know the guy who scrwes her rich honey pot
››   07-Oct-2007, 5:56 am, reply_11721
This woman appeared at ODM presidential launch to support Raila.

Surely women are ungrateful lot. Were it not for a man called Pius Mbugua she wouldn't have all that money, only for her to turn around and support his opponent.

kweli wanaume tuko na shinda
››   25-Oct-2007, 9:05 pm, reply_14083
Beauty and brains, very rare and impressive . Why in ODM . MAKOSA IMEFANYIKA!
›› Tonytone  05-Nov-2007, 8:28 am, reply_15240
No matter what you say, millions of girls look up to Esther Passaris and say, "yes, I can be like her!" She's an inspiration to many girls and even men. she's also a feminist campaigning on issues relating to our mother's and sisiter's arights
››   05-Nov-2007, 8:59 am, reply_15243
@Trev: Why are most successful women bila men?

It's cos most men, esecially miro men, are too insecure and egotistical to handle women of substance. Most African man believe that a woman should be submissive, and should subjugate herself to a man. Yet, by nature such successful woman are the opposite, otherwise they wouldn't be where they are in the first place!
››   17-Nov-2007, 4:33 pm, reply_17307
ester tafadhali kuja pnu muthoni kuja tuu
›› spliff*  20-Nov-2007, 1:43 am, reply_17665
she reminds me of my mum, hardworker n also pretty. shes a woman to be emulated n a very positive role model
››   14-Dec-2007, 3:45 am, reply_23436
i love ha she so cute plus tha brains she`s jus wow i wud pay anything to work for ha(if u see this esther call me-073..............._
››   14-Dec-2007, 4:56 am, reply_23459
Esther n' Wanjiku Mugane....u r ma gals. thumbs up for yal. both r ma source of inspiration.i love u big...
›› error  17-Jan-2008, 2:17 am, reply_30686
What i dont appove of her is "....who has two children by her former partner, a married business tycoon." this shithead tycoon ripped me off after working for him in one of his factories. but what the heck anyway...she is a Kuk!
›› Divine Health  30-Apr-2009, 9:58 am, reply_132036
Kwani listers had no names here or what am I missing?
›› Freaky  22-Sep-2009, 8:52 pm, reply_167555
Hongera Mama Kenya
›› assassin  26-Feb-2010, 5:24 pm, reply_233510
am proudnof you.....kip it up ma
›› Limbie  08-Sep-2010, 10:14 am, reply_380039
::: Am really proud of you :::
It is not very common in africa to have a story about successfull women. l wish her good healthy and prosperity in life. Keep it up lady l wish you were in my country Malawi to do the same for malawians.
›› suckafree  15-Sep-2011, 11:44 am, reply_602298
ati she has never been into politics?..cmon..she wanted to go ODM..but she was denied nominations by RAO...and she aint the richest woman in kenya....check akina Purity Gathoni co-owner of Royal Media Services (citizen tv and affiliates) and wife to SK Macharia...also akina mama Ngina..akina Wambui

this woman be broke....
 * Showing only the most recent 25 comments... ›› Show all 68 comments
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