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I Love Kenyan Women - Even Lesbians
Listing #25895 by ›› ochuodho J on 15-Nov-2009    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 46,069 views . 54 comments . Emailed 21 times . Printed 288 times . Favorited 6 times

This is maendeleo...

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›› gateiguru  27-Feb-2010, reply_233817   › Flag Comment
Im lovin this i wonder why moral police are against it kare gani?
›› mugzman  28-Feb-2010, reply_234053   › Flag Comment
wacheni zenu. 2 things you all need to know
1. men are allowed to dog, makes them champions. women aren't, makes them sluts. si mimi nasema ndivo iko naturally.
2. two men making out is disgusting, two or more chicks making out, however is HOT.

carefiull b4 dissing me. i know you want to, be my guest
›› Kauzi25  05-Mar-2010, reply_237178   › Flag Comment
Did tht dude on th syd survive the whole tym ama he askd for sum???
›› Raspberry  21-Mar-2010, reply_251179   › Flag Comment
Blame it on the al...co....al...co..alcohol...
›› ochuodho J  21-Mar-2010, reply_251263   › Flag Comment
After lossing to Man Useless this is what i could do with right now!
›› snoggy  24-Mar-2010, reply_253244   › Flag Comment
huyu jamaa anaitwa sijui Zod....sijui Zuki or whatever his name is nataka kumwuliza mbona ana complain ati listing imekuwa too much kweli kuna mtu alimlazimisha kujoin na kuona vitu ziko hapa
›› wonderkid  24-Mar-2010, reply_253777   › Flag Comment
::: The Kenyan We Want :::
This is affirmative action at its best.What a man can do A woman can do even better.Lets support our hornier sex - gender.
By the way anybody who can assist me in connecting with this two for theorital lessons?I am always available after 6.00pm.mpaka chee.
›› Levin  26-Mar-2010, reply_255184   › Flag Comment
i hate mahomo nd lesbians.i thnk they suffer 4rm mental illness.
›› zuqka  02-Apr-2010, reply_259912   › Flag Comment
this listing has been featured 20 times!!!wtf???
›› makai  17-Apr-2010, reply_269572   › Flag Comment
::: Maendeleo :::
once i c this i ussualy have convolutions
›› daniel kinyua  17-Apr-2010, reply_269814   › Flag Comment
::: dan :::
›› ochuodho J  28-Apr-2010, reply_277100   › Flag Comment
I need to add my ametuer lesbian pics to this
›› 023782797  28-Apr-2010, reply_277659   › Flag Comment
this is for dogs and cats no human being. i wonder why sodom and gomorah was destroyed
›› Morocco  26-May-2010, reply_300147   › Flag Comment
›› 5109  03-Jun-2010, reply_305525   › Flag Comment
::: o714470709 :::
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhh sweet bana
›› bolt79  16-Jun-2010, reply_315841   › Flag Comment
::: marc bolt :::
girls cant do these pursonetly2 a man why themself wachana naeeeeeoh!
›› doom  26-Jun-2010, reply_325371   › Flag Comment
na hayo ni maendeleo
›› inirene  30-Jul-2010, reply_353120   › Flag Comment
know them,... tell me
›› Scarface' 2nd  18-Aug-2010, reply_364375   › Flag Comment
Wit respect 2 frdom of expression,i do not care how ppl xprss their sexual orientation. Just long thy don't cross my path.
›› collokane  18-Aug-2010, reply_364630   › Flag Comment
awesomisity...d lyk to c more of this
›› terrell  06-Jan-2011, reply_471929   › Flag Comment
Nyege zikipanda inakuwaga ni balaa
›› ALLEXZ  09-May-2011, reply_548754   › Flag Comment
›› Fine Looking Kenyan  09-Oct-2011, reply_615188   › Flag Comment
Wenye wana shida watadooo?
›› YLSMB  25-Oct-2011, reply_622746   › Flag Comment
theyre not even lesbians, just attention seeking whores.
›› smartersmitten  25-Oct-2011, reply_622861   › Flag Comment
something guys u should know the way u hate to make out wit another man thats the way lesbians feels towards me so if one is a real lesbian then u got to keep off her distance coz for sure no matter what u cant share what she has wit her mate so if u want to join look for bisexual women but real lesbians oh men its like asking a rock to have sex wit u so guys no matter how hot they look better hope they are bi not lesbians.
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Call Nairobi From U S & Canada At 2.5 Cents/min . Listing # 27787

124,949 views, 22,198,544 ad impressions
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Call Nairobi From U S & Canada At 2.5 Cents/min . Listing # 27787

124,949 views, 22,198,545 ad impressions
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