| What’s Wrong With Africans?
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What’s Wrong With Africans?
Listing #24703 by ›› 312jhjkaheqw63312 on 12-Oct-2009 9:00 am . 718 views . 32 comments . 110 prints .  › Flag This Listing
What’s wrong with Africans?

I was thinking over the weekend why Africans are faced with so many problem is it because of the continent that we live in, our culture or we don’t like to think.
Honestly in Africa it’s the only continent that we don’t have anything of our own. We have borrowed so much from the west. We have borrowed western lifestyle, culture, religion in a nutshell we have borrowed everything and we have forgotten what makes us Africans. That is why we have so many divorces, homos and lesbians who are a confused lot and don’t know what they are doing. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve or Mary and Eve.

We don’t even have a religion of our own you are a Muslim, Christian and nowadays a Buddhist,
Or are we supposed to be slave.

Just look at our society even here we just like to Klist but we don’t think.

Just a thought!!

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›› Sahau  12-Oct-2009, 9:59 am, reply_172403
@Baze I wouldnt want to get into an argument with you - for obvious reasons - you are in your own world. Are you saying that divorce never existed in African society? When people do wrong things MUST they have copied? You are talking about culture, what culture? Are all cultures good? One society is being asked to stop wife inheritance. Are you saying there is NO African society that had gays? Please read.

Please read abit of history before arguing - especially Egyptian and Ethiopian history.
›› Juguma Diani  12-Oct-2009, 10:04 am, reply_172406
What are yourself thinks Baze when are u posting this and sahau told u if u can go to look after goats if u wanted to be Africa and u dont listen why you are Africa and argue and argue why u copy west or east you are Africa you dont think and we copy why? @ Baze
›› kingangi  12-Oct-2009, 10:09 am, reply_172407
›› Timex  12-Oct-2009, 10:18 am, reply_172410
and why you even speak le'anglais monsieur baze? i would have thought you'd be scribbling Amharic on papyrus or some sh-- like that, huh?
›› nitro  12-Oct-2009, 10:26 am, reply_172414
@amiro...why would you recommend a magazine to know about africa...just stand outside you window en you will see what Africa is made of...u r not a alien in you own continent !!!!!

En by the way @baze...stop arguin with sahau...he looks black....thinks white....acts black....
›› housefly.  12-Oct-2009, 10:41 am, reply_172420
birds of feather people should go back to school.Jd wot type of englis is ndat
›› 312jhjkaheqw63312  12-Oct-2009, 10:59 am, reply_172426
What I am sayin is we need to think, we need to know our priorities right. What have african ever discovered in history?

How many african culture have been copied by another society, what @Sahau would like to call civilisation?

How many african are working in West and East as watchmen, Plumber,Turn boy in short Manual worker?

How many white/Arabs/Indians do you see in Africa doing what is mentioned above?
›› crisis  12-Oct-2009, 11:47 am, reply_172453
To some point I agree with@ baze, most of the africans now are american/european wannabies, just go live in another country that is not kenya and you will understand.
most of us forget our cultures, traditions and beliefs and try to copy the west. its very rare for the west to copy africans, I'm sure they can pick a thing or two from us (positives).
@Sahau - I dont know but I highly doubt their is any culture in Kenya that supports gays and lesbians.
›› crisis  12-Oct-2009, 11:51 am, reply_172458
I wonder why pple bleach themselves and have makeovers, you live in America/Britain for 5 yrs get a passport and claim you're an american/british. Funda kabisa. should see how americans are proud of their country, I think its the nation that I have seen so many flags in my life, especially in the white counties you see flags pitched outside most house holds. Kenyans only appreciate kenya when they leave kenya, thats when you'll see guys with kenyan clothing or a t-shirt written tusker, or those bumper stickers on their cars written "najivunia kuwa mkenya" you see those things in Nairobi?
›› ochuodho J  12-Oct-2009, 11:52 am, reply_172460
@Baze do you know some white people are so poor when they die their relatives have to pay for a plot to bury them so most resort to cremation....are you aware how much plumbers earn in the west ,i think you are so misinformed
›› crisis  12-Oct-2009, 12:01 pm, reply_172467
@OJ - most people think life in the states or europe is easy, I used to think life in the states is what we see in the movies till I went there, damn those guys are suffering, UK pia maisha ngumu.
The only good thing with those countries(the west) is there passport, coz it can open opportunities elsewhere.
›› crisis  12-Oct-2009, 12:05 pm, reply_172468
@Baze - I agree with most of the things you're saying but I have to disagree with you regarding the issue of pple coming to work in africa for manual jobs, manual jobs in the west and midlle east have a decent pay, you will struggle but you can provide for your family, In kenya if you're employed as a watchman what can you afford? most of the whites, indians etc come to look for business opportunities and to explout africans only. In Africa if you're an investor you can make alot of cash, our laws are easily bent.
›› 312jhjkaheqw63312  12-Oct-2009, 12:09 pm, reply_172472
@OJ I know plumber fetch a good amount of money at the west but bearing in mind the countries wealth, GDP/GDI Gross Domestic Product/Gross Domestic Income its understandble. It might be alot in Africa but not sooo much in west.
›› supu  12-Oct-2009, 12:15 pm, reply_172477
we should form a commission of inquiry to look into that issue..
›› 312jhjkaheqw63312  12-Oct-2009, 12:18 pm, reply_172481
@crisis read my reply above.

@supu ???????????????
›› Sahau  12-Oct-2009, 12:22 pm, reply_172484
@Baze, I will take you back to school for free:::

"The many achievements of the ancient Egyptians include the quarrying, surveying and construction techniques that facilitated the building of monumental pyramids, temples, and obelisks; a system of mathematics, a practical and effective system of medicine, irrigation systems and agricultural production techniques, the first known ships,[6] Egyptian faience and glass technology, new forms of literature, and the earliest known peace treaty.[7] Egypt left a lasting legacy. Its art and architecture were widely copied, and its antiquities carried off to far corners of the world."


>>So Egyptians built the first ever known ships and glass technology, the rest were copied - do you want me to translate that into swahili or you understand me??!!!!
›› 312jhjkaheqw63312  12-Oct-2009, 12:36 pm, reply_172489
Read further. FYI infor egyptian are Arabs. Northern africa countries are grouped as Arab League country and not african country. When we talk of africa have DRC,Kenya,Nigeria,Burundi and such countries in mind. Sawa

›› nyengese  12-Oct-2009, 12:36 pm, reply_172490
@Baze...there is a difference between aping and integrating .Which one are you talking about?
›› Sahau  12-Oct-2009, 12:50 pm, reply_172504
@Baze i think you need to go back to school honestly. And in which continent is South Africa and Ethiopia?
›› crisis  12-Oct-2009, 1:00 pm, reply_172508
@Nyengese - I think he's talking about copying not integrating
›› nyengese  12-Oct-2009, 1:09 pm, reply_172512
@Baze...Are you aware of how many earth shaking discoveries were made by Africans,Are you aware that Africans had their own complex ruling and judicial systems.We did not copy.Some of this things were FORCED on us during colonialism.
›› afriQan  12-Oct-2009, 6:32 pm, reply_172586
No @ Baze...Q is, what's wrong wit you???????! Yaani wewe kwa hizi comments zoooote huwezi ona ukienjoyiwa na wadhii hapa? na wi funda mma ..your English simply kills me....ati "How many african are working in West and East as watchmen, Plumber,Turn boy in short Manual worker?" ???????????

JD naye hapo juu umenikata miguu ...he he he
›› ottovon  12-Oct-2009, 10:36 pm, reply_172606
@BAZE, You posted your listing in English, which african community new english??????? None, the act of learning english, has enabled education, africans can communicate with one another no matter what part of the world one is, it has enhanced business both in africa and western countries, now think for a second. what could have happened if africans didnt know english? You realize you contradicted yaself, some of the things we learn out of the western are more of good than the tradition of inheriting wives which of course spreads AIDS. Africans will be better off if people like you started to think beyond their noses... and please tell your parents to go and claim for a refund of their money they paid for your schools fees, its obvious you came out dumper than you went their....
›› seeker  13-Oct-2009, 6:58 pm, reply_172877
if your mind is all messed up dont blame anyone but yourself, by the way what are you doing about being a good african?
›› sweetdada  14-Oct-2009, 12:46 am, reply_172904
Is Baze a freakin alien or what? what do u know about western countries?men we have not copied anything but have inherited because u didn't come up with anything that could improve Africans so go back to school and get A life
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Spiritual Singles: East African Singles, Search Today  Listing 170658, 15,847 clicks, 9,903,141 impressions
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