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Kenya Police.. Very Weird Picture
Listing #23187 by ›› kilgore on 12-Aug-2009    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 5,244 views . 20 comments . Emailed 1 times . Printed 126 times . Favorited 2 times

don't know what to make of this,

Web Page:

›› abrashe  12-Aug-2009, reply_158419   › Flag Comment
it is called silent drill. it is a 30 min drill with no instruction and use of weaponry. introduced to kenya by israeli commandos to our kenya General Service Unit. (GSU) am an expert on this . you need a lesson or two contact me.
›› mapuoka  12-Aug-2009, reply_158421   › Flag Comment
Hey that mama looks like she can really kick butt, see how the guy in front of her is struggling, and for her, its like a walk in the park.
›› kijanaa  12-Aug-2009, reply_158426   › Flag Comment
where is the mama in the picture?
›› abrashe  12-Aug-2009, reply_158428   › Flag Comment
kijanaa macho hayaoni kidem officer? cutie and pendo can u do that? then stand to be counted.
›› Juguma Diani  12-Aug-2009, reply_158432   › Flag Comment
Seriously ako wapi mama? @ abrashe.
›› Timex  12-Aug-2009, reply_158436   › Flag Comment
@mapuoka...what do you know, that mama probably does that split thingy three times or so a week. for the poor dude, well...that's a new ball game all together, don't you think?
›› Juguma Diani  12-Aug-2009, reply_158443   › Flag Comment
Timex umekuja leo na umeona mama pia? Wapi?
›› kingangi  12-Aug-2009, reply_158444   › Flag Comment
@jd,the one wearing yellow.
›› Tausi  12-Aug-2009, reply_158445   › Flag Comment
the lady is the fair one on the right ... cant you see even the studs on her ear and she is a little busty than the rest.... i like the jamaa on the far left .... haahahaha .. amekaa kuwezwa na hiyo drill
›› waitina  12-Aug-2009, reply_158446   › Flag Comment
@JD the mama is in the background in a red dress.
›› 431053  12-Aug-2009, reply_158447   › Flag Comment
::: re :::
hata mimi na wenza
›› Bemupamlume  12-Aug-2009, reply_158455   › Flag Comment

I watched this and couldnt help to know we have "rotten" Officers.

Hawa hawaquolify hata Yellow Belt.

Rule No 1:
The standing Leg should Not Bend at the Knee.

Rule No 2:
The Heel should be firmly touching the ground

Hawa ni mabunga tu!...........Makurutu......Ha!! I like the name!!
›› Htm  12-Aug-2009, reply_158473   › Flag Comment
Ok I don't get it!! When is this move applicable kwa job? Ama they play volleyball ya miguu?
›› BB  12-Aug-2009, reply_158541   › Flag Comment
›› aragorn  12-Aug-2009, reply_158567   › Flag Comment
Bemu songea karibu ndio utajua sio mabunga wala bangu bangu!
›› Timex  13-Aug-2009, reply_158628   › Flag Comment
@Htm this move is applicable in the line of duty...wakati analima mhalifu boot kwenye sehemu zake za nyuma...hehehe!
›› muitu  13-Aug-2009, reply_158793   › Flag Comment
Bemu, ths is a silent drill not karate, wacha kiherehere kaka!
›› Nassir  18-May-2010, reply_291546   › Flag Comment
Y'all stupid, yaani u looking them drilling how they'll be kicking ua butts during riot n other rowdy demonstration. Y'all f---ed up n u should all think twice, give them a break n let those kicks surprise u. (Only when u are on the wrong ama in favour of them bigfishes, if y'all know what I mean.)
›› Eazy  18-May-2010, reply_291585   › Flag Comment
Male instinct. Notice how the man in the middle is instinctively reaching out to the woman's legs.
›› Mowlem  02-Jun-2012, reply_724737   › Flag Comment
@abrashe - These are APs, not GSU.
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