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Stripped By A 'malaya' At Koinange Street!
Listing #20293 by ›› kamakazi on 20-Apr-2009    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 10,023 views . 11 comments . Emailed 1 times . Printed 134 times

Bank employee loses trousers on Koinange Street

The incident took place between 5am and 6am on Saturday morning. There was drama at Koinange Street, Nairobi, when a twilight girl took off with the trousers of her client. The public watched in shock as the half-naked man raced after the commercial sex worker with whom he had had an encounter in his car near the Emperor Plaza Building. According to the young man, who confessed that he works for a multinational bank, the woman had agreed to offer the ‘services’ in his car for Sh200. Both got their pants down.

But the woman snatched the man’s trouser and ran to a dark alley. Sympathisers joined in the race as he pleaded: 'Please, niachie documents tu (just leave me the documents please). But the woman could hear none of it. 'Please, don’t take my pictures. I am a ... employee and this story can cost me my job,' he pleaded as crowds swarmed in for the free morning cinema. A Good Samaritan offered him a jacket. And when he went back to his car, thugs had already made away with his car radio, side mirrors and lights. Misfortunes and their twins!

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›› lovemat  21-Apr-2009, reply_130109   › Flag Comment
Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!....serves him right!!!!......may it be a lesson to all.
›› Mr.Hustler  21-Apr-2009, reply_130191   › Flag Comment
hehehe he went for the cheap na akapata balaa.
›› seeker  21-Apr-2009, reply_130213   › Flag Comment
ili iwe onyo kwake na kwa wengine wenye tabia kama hiyo!

now if he just gave his gf the money she buys credit, she would have given him nice goods, in comfortable surroundings and with chances of a repeat performance.

mfalme where are you @ with your sex for money theory?
›› kairitu  21-Apr-2009, reply_130220   › Flag Comment
yes thats tabia mbaya.....mshahara wa dhambi ni mauti........cheap things u pay more.iwe funzo kwa wengine......kama hao.
›› mfalme  21-Apr-2009, reply_130224   › Flag Comment
@seeker: everyone pays for sex in some way - some are wiser than others. Koinange steet??? No no no.
›› eddlove  21-Apr-2009, reply_130265   › Flag Comment
›› seeker  21-Apr-2009, reply_130322   › Flag Comment
@mfalme i asked coz u were comparing morgage with one time payment
›› mfalme  21-Apr-2009, reply_130358   › Flag Comment
@seeker: Now that the cold season is here : perhaps I can lease you?

We can agree on terms, deliverables and a performance evaluation at the end of the contract renewable on performance and availability of funds.

›› ngiabi  25-Mar-2010, reply_254330   › Flag Comment
serves him right
›› kanyole  23-Oct-2010, reply_420742   › Flag Comment
Why the hell on earth go to K-street by the way, na vyenye madem willing ni mob. Holy s---, you deserve that, AMA?
›› Mwax  01-Feb-2012, reply_665257   › Flag Comment
Thats how it be
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