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Mombasa Import Duty
Listing #18149 by ›› Mjamaa on 21-Jan-2009 8:35 pm . 904 views . 10 comments . 120 prints . 1 favorites .  › Flag This Listing
Hi Kenya KListers. I guess you are all ok. Could some one help me pls. I have identified a car which i need to import to Kenya(mombasa port). The CIF of the car is $5,200.00, 1300cc year 2003.Am stuck cos am not sure of allrelated charges i need to take into consideration... just not to be embarassed with my small budget...

I know kenya liststers have at one point or another imported a car in the recent past. please help me know on how the gava calculate the import duty, IDF charges, registeration cost....etc ..etc.

I will greatly appreciate.

Cheers guys
›› kamakazi  22-Jan-2009, 1:40 am, reply_112070
if you bought the car in Uganda or Tanzania you can just drive across the border.
that was easy one, lakini i went with the detail or lack of it from your question.
i.e are u importing this car from UG/TZ?
›› fisi  22-Jan-2009, 4:50 am, reply_112079
Import Duty: 25% of the CIF value of the vehicle ($1200)
Excise Duty: 20% of the (CIF value + Import Duty) ($1300)
VAT: 16% of the (CIF value + Import Duty + Excise Duty) ($1232)
IDF: 2.25% of the CIF value or Ksh. 5,000, whichever is higher, is payable ($117)

Your duty will be $3849.. Basically it will be approximately 74% of CIF
›› Mjamaa  22-Jan-2009, 8:43 am, reply_112090
@kau wewe wacha story those guys sell cars of 2002 onwards... its fromJapan thanks lakini

@fisi Mansee thanks sana. Sir God aku bless joo, I dint have any info, cheers
›› nikush  22-Jan-2009, 8:46 am, reply_112091
@fisi if i may add you forgot port charges, regisration, clearing charges,
›› tembo  22-Jan-2009, 11:22 am, reply_112103
@mjamaa,depends on the make of the vehicle. these days they have standard duty amounts for specific makes and age. your $5,200 buying price may not assist much.other charges will however include pre shipment inspection, kebs, port charges, clearing, registration, kitu kidogo, etc
›› Mjamaa  22-Jan-2009, 12:42 pm, reply_112110
@ nikugi and tembo thanks for your contribution, lets finalie it up with actual % or something like that, its a suzuki swift
›› Sahau  22-Jan-2009, 1:51 pm, reply_112118
Work with 100% of CIF value and you wont be caught with your pants down. The make is also important you dint say what it is.
›› nikush  22-Jan-2009, 3:36 pm, reply_112127
@mjamaa contact me i may be able help save some cash and you woun't be caught 'pants down' you the tax man is watching
›› BB  22-Jan-2009, 3:51 pm, reply_112131
::: How much $$ :::
›› BB  22-Jan-2009, 3:51 pm, reply_112132
How much will you pay me? Hakuna cha
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