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Kenyanlist… Very Interesting Indeed!
Listing #17406 by ›› mungadelicious on 19-Dec-2008 12:00 am . 454 views . 2 comments . 105 prints .  › Flag This Listing
Kenyanlist… Very interesting indeed!

I’ve just had this interesting experience in a cyber-café in Nairobi…

I’m not doing well financially so I normally do my browsing in down-town backstreet cyber-cafes that charge 50 cents per minute. Yeah, those ones…! The thing I dislike about them is their cramped, congested, stuffy & noisy atmosphere… blaring music from neighbouring stalls/exhibitions (i.e. kelele!), crudely constructed & creaky computer stations, loud showy empty banter by customers & cyber staff about Facebook, blah, blah, blah, equally loud & irritating banter from neighbouring stalls/exhibitions, city council raids, foul pungent uncomfortable smells from nearby restrooms, “Ngeta”/general pandemonium huko barabarani, etc. It’s a far cry from a cyber I once went to at Sarit Centre in Westlands… 4/= per minute, spacious, comfortable, air-conditioned, blissfully silent with jazz playing in the background & a glass of cold juice or coffee after every 3 hours of browsing!

If I can help it, I’d much prefer to browse in such an atmosphere. If things do not however get better for me by early next year, then I’ll just have to pack my bags and leave our beloved Kenyanlist, amongst other things. It’s called reality… I however know that I would not be missed by many here, given the bitter clashes I’ve had with quite a number of people here! No, that no one needs to tell me! I can almost hear it i.e. “Good riddance…” & “F*ck off… just f*ck off!!”

Sasa today as usual, I’ve been browsing in one of those down town 50 cents per minute joints… I’m usually careful to discreetly log into Kenyanlist, lest I reveal my true identity. Like I say, all I ever seem to hear guys loudly & boastfully talking about in these maskans is Facebook, Facebook & Facebook!

So I think I’ve let my guard down & become careless over time, ‘cause as far as I am concerned, Kenyanlist does not exist in the lives of very many

As I was going about my business on Kenyanlist today lakini, I happened to glance “next door” as I was yawning & stretching, and noted that the guy next door was also busy doing his thing on Kenyanlist… a young fly looking guy (probably in his early 20s), with dreadlocks & a Bob Marley t-shirt!

I froze, bwana…! Kwanza I could see a hidden smile on his face…

Sh*t...! Had he seen my user-name as I logged in? He was cool lakini & continued doing his thing. I thought of logging out at that very moment & splitting, but thought this might draw more attention, so I chilled. No, what I saw was definitely a sly smile…

“Jah Rastafari” then started fiddling with his hi-tech phone. I don’t know whether he was taking a photo of me or what… I certainly hope not!

He then finished off what he was doing & left after kitu 20 minutes, revealing no emotion on his face or in his manner. Maybe I was just being paranoid (I hope so…!)

I’m not going back to that same cyber for some time lakini, u can be sure of that! And if “Jah Rastafari” posts a photo of me here or something close to that, then I’m immediately dropping mungadelicious as my user-name & getting a new user-name for as long as I am here at Kenyanlist!
›› David Online < 7 minutes   19-Dec-2008, 8:28 pm, reply_108733
Hehehe, anyway,i usually login kenyanlist with nokia E61i...,it comes in handy when am travelling,on ma way home i ussually goto world business center along tomboya strt,there i can do my illegal stuff without getting my ass traced.
@munga, u shouldnt worry bout ua ass getting noticed.relax and live life,money or no money.
›› stilldill  20-Dec-2008, 10:40 am, reply_108752
whats t big deal 'bout that? besides even though you change your identity, the way u do your thing here will always sell u out on you nu identity. Jus' kip keepin' on
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