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A Director At Bidco, Mitul Shah....... Dead !!! #westgate
Listing #137903 by ›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk  Away < 15 minutes  on 22-Sep-2013    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 4,775 views . 9 comments . Printed 40 times

He died trying to save stranded children. He died as a hero. He was until now the team leader - sales and marketing (BIDCO).
›› Knights_Templar  22-Sep-2013, reply_1097141   › Flag Comment
Whaaat? Jeez
›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk Away < 15 minutes   22-Sep-2013, reply_1097148   › Flag Comment
He infact was sending invitations to some cooking competitions this weekend. Sad. He chairs a team sponsored by BIDCO and is a die hard Manchester UTD fan.
›› ziga  22-Sep-2013, reply_1097157   › Flag Comment
R.I.P MITHUL SHAH!............ I KNEW HIM!
›› mumbo  22-Sep-2013, reply_1097161   › Flag Comment
He died a hero! His team is not doing him favours in Manchester
›› nyam_dog  22-Sep-2013, reply_1097163   › Flag Comment
dying aint fair,but its a matter of when and how
›› ziga  22-Sep-2013, reply_1097167   › Flag Comment
^^^^well put!
›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk Away < 15 minutes   22-Sep-2013, reply_1097179   › Flag Comment
When = Too soon

How = As a hero

RIP Mitul Shah
›› kmn Away < 15 minutes   22-Sep-2013, reply_1097251   › Flag Comment
RIP Mitul, all those who knew him, he was a great team leader
›› Dr Atwoli  29-Sep-2013, reply_1103112   › Flag Comment
Mitul was once my Boss...RIP great hero
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A comprehensive merit remuneration plan should be installed rewarding our athletic international ambassadors and we should seek assistance from China on sporting institutions for youth (Whatsup by sasa)

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