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What Does ♪kaunga Ya♪chee♪ Mean?
Listing #133385 by ›› Ndauwo on 10-Aug-2013    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 489 views . 8 comments . Printed 20 times

I liked this song a lot but in our peculiar Kenyan ways, nobody ever translated the words of the song. What language is this?
This was a religious song I think because we sang it during pastoral? Miaka mingi imepita.
›› marco  10-Aug-2013, reply_1060508   › Flag Comment
Sang the same too and it means the 'sin has come into the world'. Language is Kitaita
›› Eyesight  10-Aug-2013, reply_1060520   › Flag Comment
Now that we are explaining songs, what of ngulooo eee nguloo mwololo nguloo eee ngulo mwoewa!!!
›› Ndauwo  10-Aug-2013, reply_1060521   › Flag Comment
Taitas were very few where I grew up so I'm pleasantly surprised that one of their song was so popular. I liked the song. I wish some music video producer would make dvds of these old songs. I would buy that dvd
›› Atlantic  10-Aug-2013, reply_1060523   › Flag Comment
actually that song is also in swahili, it is among the Nyimbo za Injili by evangel publishing house but i cant seem to remember the title
›› Ndauwo  10-Aug-2013, reply_1060537   › Flag Comment
@Atlantic 'kaunga ya chee' must be very tough swahili because the only word I recognise is 'ya.'
♪Kaunga ya chee X 3 ♪
›› tondonyang Online < 7 minutes   10-Aug-2013, reply_1060546   › Flag Comment
This is a taita song.Taitas are good composers and singers to. In the secular side nobody can forget hebel kifotos charonyi ni wasi.
›› Atlantic  11-Aug-2013, reply_1060720   › Flag Comment
@Ndauwo, so many times u have proven to me that u have dificulties in understanding the English language, even though so, just by way of logic u would have gotten what i wrote, 'actually that song is ALSO in swahili'
›› Ndauwo  11-Aug-2013, reply_1060976   › Flag Comment
hehe I agree I don't read well sometimes. I will work on carefully reading every word before responding.
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