| Why Is Maina Kageni Making Fun Of Audrey Mbugua
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Why Is Maina Kageni Making Fun Of Audrey Mbugua
Listing #125655 by ›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk on 29-May-2013 9:06 am . 3,067 views . 36 comments . 51 prints .  › Flag This Listing
i mean hey? Maina is only a celebrity version of Audrey.


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›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk  29-May-2013, 10:18 am, reply_995010
@Bada__These are the 'receptor' types.
›› Bada Lingam Online < 7 minutes   29-May-2013, 10:24 am, reply_995014
receptor yani ana receive ama mimi siku fnaya physics
›› Sylar Away < 15 minutes   29-May-2013, 10:28 am, reply_995015
Why are yo'l referring to it as she?
›› D_z  29-May-2013, 10:33 am, reply_995021
@Hi Supu, you well? Kwa nini umechoka kuwa dame...
›› supu  29-May-2013, 10:37 am, reply_995024
hahahhha @ Mutumia:..i love having a real pssy...what i meant is, we should not judge her based on her/his decision....
›› Bada Lingam Online < 7 minutes   29-May-2013, 10:39 am, reply_995025
@supu ati unataka dicki ni kupatie yangu iko hapa you can play with it
›› Sylar Away < 15 minutes   29-May-2013, 10:40 am, reply_995027
@supu, 'its decision'
›› Matumbo Fry  29-May-2013, 10:42 am, reply_995029
^baby I'd like to see it! is it sweet? is it tight? does it smell of fresh strawberry yoghurt? ooooh supu.!
›› supu  29-May-2013, 10:42 am, reply_995030
hahahaha@ bada...i knew you would be on my case..well, am gud with my nini..

@sylar: hhhahaha come on, she is a girl..a cute one for that matter, only with a fake pussy
›› D_z  29-May-2013, 10:43 am, reply_995031
@Supu, I thought umechoka kugeuzwa geuzwa all the time. I think in my next world I want to be a man, a real one
›› supu  29-May-2013, 10:46 am, reply_995036
...@mutumia:...that i am with you.....
›› LateWahome  29-May-2013, 10:50 am, reply_995039
i wonder whether he sucks the d!cks. this is like being gay
›› Sylar Away < 15 minutes   29-May-2013, 10:52 am, reply_995041
This thing is not hot! Besides, how is plastic pvssy meant to be warm and cuddly?

tukuweni serious @half, hio kitu huezi rarua
›› supu  29-May-2013, 11:06 am, reply_995045
....all the same, i think she should migrate to another country....

@Sylay..its a SHE..
›› negrowegro  29-May-2013, 11:07 am, reply_995046
I know this chicka/dude personally.He used to be a hot blooded nigga just like any other his age then hell happened.All of a sudden he got this craze, started dressing in tights, and wore strong perfume, manicure pedicure and the girlie girlie thingy.Nigga after breaking voice started experiencing with female body hormones enhancers. All of a sudden shehe developed an a** and small boobs and even herhis voice tone variations changed. I can even remember a time a guy hit on her in a mat and we all waited for himher to shuka at her stage we laughed at the guy who swore that he thought she was a very good looking chick. Anyway these are the results of parents leaving their children here to go to look for green pastures overseas and leaving the children with their grannies leaving a gap which is hard to fill .
Their dad was a sound engineer at KBC when we had greatwalls then and left for the states with the mum and they didn’t come back to check on their kiddos. Now all you leaving your kiddos with their grannies and house helps are no better as there is no one to tell them where they are going wrong.
›› Sylar Away < 15 minutes   29-May-2013, 11:24 am, reply_995057
@supu, it does not have mammary glands. Neither does it have a Cl!x. Pvssy is not just entry procedures, it must come with the whole package
›› sludgist  29-May-2013, 11:29 am, reply_995062
@thegere bottom line. It was a biological error
›› supu  29-May-2013, 11:29 am, reply_995063
hahahaha @ Sylar..i rest my case....though i would love to feel her clit/pssy..
›› thenges  29-May-2013, 11:50 am, reply_995079
@ slugist enyewe hio ni hujuma.
›› thenges  29-May-2013, 11:53 am, reply_995086
A 68-year-old man from Kinagop, Nyandarua County wants to divorce his 60 year old wife for denying him his conjugal rights.

' Alianza tabia mbaya, kuniambia nikae hivi, pinduku huku, inama hivi na ikafika mahali nikaona kama ataniua huku akisema ni mastylo mpya '
›› scumbag  29-May-2013, 12:11 pm, reply_995097
Shehe looks hot,depending on how you swing....' ni mastylo mpya'
›› shocks  29-May-2013, 12:21 pm, reply_995102
Huyu jamaa anatafuta short cut to lay lesbians. After this sh-- gets legal, atasema she has gone lesbo. Anyway that's how I'd play it if it was me, na singekata johnny dicki.
@ Wamum n supu, chungeni sana
›› babebuoy  29-May-2013, 12:56 pm, reply_995151
... na sasa akienda loo ni wapi yeye hususu? kwa urinal ama kwa ladies?
›› babebuoy  29-May-2013, 1:21 pm, reply_995174
iko nn??!!...Judge should order the plaintiff to drop the pants and the gender issue will be solved instantly... ala!
›› Arnel  30-May-2013, 2:56 pm, reply_996265
i wonder what she thinks of men to hate being a man with such a passion. Nani atamuambia kama sio mwanaume hangezaliwa?
 * Showing only the most recent 25 comments... ›› Show all 36 comments
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