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Presidential Jet
Listing #125086 by ›› mbudi on 23-May-2013 11:23 am . 966 views . 26 comments . 53 prints . 1 favorites .  › Flag This Listing
Apparently the 'nusu mkate' offered to Deputy President William Ruto does not include the use of the Presidential Jet. He therefore has to hire a Jet befiting his status as Co President when travelling on 'official' duties. Aden Duale is shouting his already very hoarse voice hoarser trying to defend the indefensible by claiming that the hiring was the cheapest alternative.Nation Newspaper that blew the whistle on this flagrant misuse of public funds have taken up the challenge thrown by Ruto to apologise or be sued. They have tabled documents showing what is a cover up by the DPs office to mislesd Kenyans
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›› mbudi  23-May-2013, 11:33 am, reply_990449
@ranny misuse of kshs 100 million in 5 days on a non essential errand is not juicy enough for you? God forbid then when it gets 'juicy'!
›› ranny  23-May-2013, 11:39 am, reply_990457
I believe the 18m not the fabricated figure. these media people like making sensational baseless stories.
›› Senior SSS  23-May-2013, 11:43 am, reply_990459
@mbudi, tulia. If NMG does not apologize, a law suit is coming. We know that those who wish to rape East African resources will pay, but the DP is after making sure that NMG is discredited in the eyes of Kenyans. After that we will boycott nation newspapers. That will be the best weapon.
›› mbudi  23-May-2013, 11:43 am, reply_990460
^^^^check todays Nation page 6 for an authenticated copy of the Invoice for 25m being PART PAYMENT for a whole years lease.
›› ranny  23-May-2013, 11:52 am, reply_990469
ai mbudi, didnt the petition teach u anything? unchallenged evidence can look impregnable until it is challenged and exposed for the total rubish it is.
›› mbudi  23-May-2013, 11:54 am, reply_990471
@ranny thanx for educating me. Can we have lunch today?
›› ranny  23-May-2013, 12:00 pm, reply_990475
@mbudi, am in wajir for 2 weeks. But there is a flight coming in from nrb today. why dont you take it, i promise i will make it worth.
›› mbudi  23-May-2013, 12:03 pm, reply_990479
hehehehe I just love your quick quips!
›› KingKenny  23-May-2013, 12:24 pm, reply_990494
Wacheni upuzi .Think like a Ken5an first and foremost not a Cordian or Jubilee person
Fact ..even at 18.5 its a misuse of resources and propagation of same old same old
Libreville is served cheaply by Rwandair nd they have business class

Let us not sugar coat this is abuse of office whether done by Ruto or Ogutu

No wonder mtabakia nyuma kama Rasa bcos u think with ur districts and notur god given 'low mileage almost new one lady driver only' brains
›› Stylezz  23-May-2013, 12:31 pm, reply_990504
@ranny ur sycophancy blinds u.
›› ikondani sana   23-May-2013, 12:44 pm, reply_990515
Acheni Nation wauze gazeti.
›› Fala 12  23-May-2013, 1:01 pm, reply_990529
@ King kenny ni wewe uko nyuma, Ndemo explained it so well, that there were no direct flights between the capitals of the countries that the D.P visited,
so u want Him to fly from say lagos to Nairobi then say to Algeria or to Egypt then Algeria?
shida yetu wakenya ni kutotumia akili
›› KingKenny  23-May-2013, 1:06 pm, reply_990532
Did he have to visit?What strategic or geopolitical advantage did we get from his visit?

Have you ever heard of cost benefit analysis and opportunity cost?

By the way i like ur name fala 12 but i think it would have been better if it were fala 1...ama?
›› Fala 12  23-May-2013, 1:23 pm, reply_990540
fala 1 is better and i will change it to that sir, and yes the trip was beneficial to the country in the sense of aiming to improve trade/business relations between kenya and other african states
›› waigoko_kimengemenge  23-May-2013, 1:28 pm, reply_990542
kingkenny.........only thinks going to london is beneficial. STUPID MAN. Things have changed. There are more opportunities in Gabon than broke and racist london.

Stop thinking with your ass
›› Bwei  23-May-2013, 1:29 pm, reply_990543
i wonder what ruto was going to do in some of those banana republics? we don't trade anything with them..or is it because we are now headed to that status as well.

saddest bit is that we are now being compared with nigeria in terms of insecurity.
›› Senior SSS  23-May-2013, 1:49 pm, reply_990556
@mbudi, the contracted company has already disowned the nation document. The issue is headed to court anyway, so we will know truth from lies.
@KingKenny, from the blackmail we received from the west, Africa now recognizes the need to diversify trading partners. The DP's trip had to do with that and, more importantly to see how the rape of east and central African resources can be stopped.
@Bwei, unfortunately the terrorism we endure in Kenya is directly as a result of our association with the west. We take the bullets for the west. Why should we continue doing so?
›› ranny  23-May-2013, 1:53 pm, reply_990561
there now.Senior SSS has addressed all your misgivings.
›› SHAKA  23-May-2013, 2:01 pm, reply_990569
ruto's visit was to rally these rogue countries to reject ICC.
What was the motive behind leakage of the sensitive information on the aircraft lease/hire to the press.Wasn't it meant to discredit ruto and elbow him out of the key decisionmakers in Uhuru's government.tafakari hayo.

FYI KQ operates flights to congo,Nigeria,Ghana.Libreville was the only connection that would have been required.Safety and connection through europe was an excuse .
›› KingKenny  23-May-2013, 2:07 pm, reply_990576

Pumbaff wewe...u do not even gave half the brain i think you AINT got

Nani alikuambia habari ya london? But where and what are these benefitsfrom these banana republics?

And kamani biasharaunaongea kwa nini asitumie kenya airways ndio a boost uchumi?
›› ranny  23-May-2013, 2:11 pm, reply_990580
oh my, cordians are starting to get confused, mara MKMs are sidelining Ruto, mara Ruto is behaving like the president ursurping uhuru. Now the propaganda about ruto being set up by kiambu mafia has started. didn't your failed propaganda campaigns teache you anything?
›› Bwei  23-May-2013, 2:15 pm, reply_990584
Senior sss, seriously!!!!
›› KingKenny  23-May-2013, 2:24 pm, reply_990597
I was,am and hope to be in the Jubilee camp come next election but i will not be a hypocrite and defend their wrongs .
With sycophants aplenty i am sure they will not mind me being the 'mirror in the wall'
›› ranny  23-May-2013, 2:33 pm, reply_990608
Owino apologise immediately!!! I really hate mungiki. How would u feel if i called u a warthog?
›› Fala 12  23-May-2013, 2:52 pm, reply_990632
Owino, cost benefit analysis for what, jet / alternative transportation for the D.p or for the trip / foregoing the trip
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