| So Mutula Had A Sexual Relationship With An Underage Girl...
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So Mutula Had A Sexual Relationship With An Underage Girl...
Listing #123501 by ›› ketchup on 08-May-2013 8:05 pm . 2,267 views . 44 comments . 52 prints .  › Flag This Listing
According to NTV, Nthenya who is the girl with a parternity claim against Mutula Kilonzo is 23 years old today.

She gave birth to Mutula's son in 2006...which means she had slept with him when she was just 15. He has been supporting her since.

If this were a common Kenyan, he would be liable for prosecution for having sexual contact with a minor. Now he is a national hero #gofigure
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›› Fmungai  09-May-2013, 5:44 am, reply_977379
It is rumoured the First Prime Minister was gifted a wife of his at about the same age but they try to backdate the girl's date of birth in the history books.
›› OtiaTO  09-May-2013, 6:48 am, reply_977387
The problem is holier than thou hypocrites.

The first prime minister was definitely never holier than thou.

holier than thou: I can tolerate.

hypocrite: I can tolerate.

But I can't stand holier than thou hypocrite.
›› omosachar  09-May-2013, 6:54 am, reply_977389
come on guys, stop falling or rather getting ur heads buried in that crap...,this is the usual Kenyan politics, giving u some f---ing otherwise revelation to derail u from the real sh--! HOW N Y DID HE DIE?
›› Fmungai  09-May-2013, 7:26 am, reply_977395
Why write so much only to prove you don't know the meaning of hypocrite or that there is no 'not holy than thou pedophile '.
›› OtiaTO  09-May-2013, 7:29 am, reply_977397
Example: A priest 'keeps' a concubine, in my view is not the same as a mungatama having 10 mistresses.

If you like preaching about morality when you know you are worse the people you are preaching to, tukijua tutakuanika hapa.
›› rockers parys  09-May-2013, 7:30 am, reply_977398
@omo ...'How' He died: result of Viagra overdose while with 1famous female radio presenter
'Y' he died: coz he's a man born of a woman

Now to the issue of. The 1st PM, it wasn't illegal to marry a gal of 15 in that era,
Bt now it is! Ok, since independence
›› Fmungai  09-May-2013, 7:31 am, reply_977399
And that's what is called hypocrisy.

Not 'holier that thou hypocrisy'.
›› OtiaTO  09-May-2013, 7:33 am, reply_977401
Bado umekasirika juu mtu wako alishindwa?
›› rockers parys  09-May-2013, 7:34 am, reply_977402
@OtiaTo....kama mutula,
He was midwifing the new katiba, bt breaking the same by sleeping with underages
›› Fmungai  09-May-2013, 7:38 am, reply_977405
In 2005 any girl above the age of 14 was legal and fair game.

Mutula was a man who followed the law.
›› OtiaTO  09-May-2013, 7:38 am, reply_977406
@ rockers parys ukweli. Not only midwifing the new katiba, but the moral high road the man has been taking lately, yet here we have a case of paedophilia.

15 years, that is, what kifungo cha 10 years?
›› Senior SSS  09-May-2013, 8:23 am, reply_977421
Those who know Mutula know that even as late as February this year Mutula would always drive to the ranch alone and would get a dish from the village around and thereafter splash her with money.
A very reformed member of the coalition for reforms and democracy, he made sure that he compensated adequately for gifts in kind extended to him generously. The wife was never allowed to accompany him during his weekend visits, which of course tells us a lot.
May be it is human weakness.
Reforms come in many forms, and democracy means freedom of choice among variety. So Mutula did follow the law, was a reformer and truly democratic.
›› Fmungai  09-May-2013, 8:33 am, reply_977428
Seems some behaviours he was guided to in 2005 were hard to reform.

So he deluded people by not having any more DNA evidence born.

That is why people should be protected before they are guided like Mutula in 2005.
›› Avicii Online < 7 minutes   09-May-2013, 9:02 am, reply_977447
I dont know y many in this village hawapendi fmungai. I think they fear the trrouth that he speaks n also from facts. Thats y wenye anashinda retort to saying that he hasnt acceted the cord loss. Accept n move on that u cant substantiate ur argument againist him
›› Temporary  09-May-2013, 9:29 am, reply_977477
@fmungai does that mean that u wud let ur 14 year olf daughter sleep with mutula, moi, or maybe even ntimama?
›› Fmungai  09-May-2013, 9:31 am, reply_977484
It meant that if she agreed there was no problem or crime.

I wouldn't let her sleep with anybody if I had the power.
›› mshikajimzito  09-May-2013, 9:33 am, reply_977487
No wonder he advocated for miniskirts... Alikuwa anapenda vitu fresh
›› Mashcharm  09-May-2013, 9:35 am, reply_977493
The first PM was gifted the girl and he didn't hide the fact,this sh-- head is screwing a 15 year old and hiding her from the public eye..good thing he died on one of his many sexual escapades
›› Temporary  09-May-2013, 9:38 am, reply_977495
@fmunga science and medicine have proven that anyone below the age of 21 isnt really in a capacity to make good judgment in serious situations. this is especially true when they are being coerced or kudanganywa in any other way. a 14 year old is in NO position to refuse or accept sex willingly esp. if she has been told to do so by her parents and other adults. kwanza if u take a poverty stricken 14 year old and show her even 20 bob, she will allow u to do anything to her
›› Fmungai  09-May-2013, 10:07 am, reply_977536
›› Senior SSS 09-May-2013, reply_977421 › Report/Praise Comment
Those who know Mutula know that even as late as February this year Mutula would always drive to the ranch alone and would get a dish from the village around and thereafter splash her with money.

Apparently he was not hiding them from the public eye.
›› Fmungai  09-May-2013, 10:16 am, reply_977552
When science proves such facts the law is supposed to keep up.

The AG is supposed to amend the law and deny less than 21 year olds the opportunity to drink, screw, drive, vote or be in positions of making decisions.

You don't blame Fmungai for 'letting' his 14 year old daughter do anything for 20 bob and you don't punish those that can afford to show the 20 bob.
›› Temporary  09-May-2013, 10:24 am, reply_977565
@fmungai sometimes u just argue for the sake of arguing. even when u know what is right. nimekuona
›› teache  09-May-2013, 12:05 pm, reply_977766
...acheni upanganga! the new constitution which Mutula supported was not in place. Neither was the Njoki Ndungu - Sexual offences Act - So, this dude knew the law.

All the same, he was a REFORMER and defender of the constitution. Ashindwe, it means his grandson, Kethi's was born same time.
›› PAMBA  09-May-2013, 12:16 pm, reply_977787
Hata kama mimi ningekuwa kwa position ya marehemu ningechagua nthenya niwache nduku, why lie!
›› Ndauwo Online < 7 minutes   09-May-2013, 2:33 pm, reply_977997
The wages of sin is death - Povu mdomoni!
Others will meet a similar fate.
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