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Simba 1 Inspecting The Military Guard Of Honour
Listing #120913 by ›› crazydude  Online < 7 minutes  on 16-Apr-2013    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 1,486 views . 9 comments . Printed 30 times

President Uhuru Kenyatta for the first time inspects a guard of honour mounted by the Defence Forces on arrival for the official opening of the 11th Parliament.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto, Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Justin Muturi and Speaker of the Senate Hon. Ekwee Ethuro arrive for the official opening of the 11th Parliament

Photos courtesy of State House

Simba 1

Simba 1-2-3 & 4

›› LeoKim  16-Apr-2013, reply_956183   › Flag Comment
^^^ wacha kuhujumu Jonah la Simba.
.Reserved for dynamic duo pekee. zingine ni paka !.
. Wacha kuleta heshima ndogo !
›› Senior SSS Online < 7 minutes   16-Apr-2013, reply_956185   › Flag Comment
›› Soundbyte  16-Apr-2013, reply_956193   › Flag Comment
The country is 50 years old.For Chrissakes get rid of those colonial relics.What are wigs and guards of honour for at this time and age?Mutunga already set the way by telling the judiciary to get rid of those clownish wigs.Why not parliament?Jubilee campaigned on the promise of being youthful and digital.
›› Bandwidth_Bandit Away < 15 minutes   16-Apr-2013, reply_956204   › Flag Comment
Burukenge 3 & 4 are analog
›› tm Away < 15 minutes   16-Apr-2013, reply_956212   › Flag Comment
Dynamic duo.....tosha
›› smata  16-Apr-2013, reply_956218   › Flag Comment
Soundbyte .............so to you we should even abolish the titles such such as president,etc...these are just sumbolic and they are good.
›› ketchup  16-Apr-2013, reply_956220   › Flag Comment
›› teache  16-Apr-2013, reply_956230   › Flag Comment
...na Stevo, unajua habelieve,,,,,hii story iliponyoka wazi wazi...miaka 10 - alisla'ki. Saasa, anaona Simba 1 and Simba two, mbio zao zitamfanya Stevo asahulike. So, ana cheki vile atapenya bunge through panya route...

Atawesmake kweli?
›› LeoKim  16-Apr-2013, reply_956235   › Flag Comment
cordmorons ! do you still think there is a possibility for kitendawili to lead Kenya ?.
.Boss mwenye ana macho aone !.
.mundu muugi ndari mihere ya uhoro !.
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