| Madam Senator Naisula Lesuuda Looking Great!
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Madam Senator Naisula Lesuuda Looking Great!
Listing #117794 by ›› jingahii on 21-Mar-2013 11:20 pm . 10,791 views . 31 comments . 152 prints . 2 favorites .  › Flag This Listing
Thanks TNA for giving us such a cute Madam Senator Naisula Lesuuda!
Beauty, Brains and Youth, FYI she is 27.

Oh yes!





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›› WuTang Online < 7 minutes   22-Mar-2013, 12:19 am, reply_935498
but she lied about her age on citizen tv. she claimed she is 28 yet she has worked in KBC for about 7 years.
›› tm  22-Mar-2013, 12:21 am, reply_935499
I knw the girl n family on personal levels some years ago, she's really fine and destined for greatness...her dad- a pastor- is the guy behind her success, a real gentleman
›› pueblo  22-Mar-2013, 12:22 am, reply_935500
Hii kitu iko 37yrs
›› Eng  22-Mar-2013, 12:59 am, reply_935511
This looks like a scandal awaiting to happen..... Si pessimism ni realism
›› kimee  22-Mar-2013, 2:11 am, reply_935529
damn where were this girsl tired of seen ngilu and karua
›› kimee  22-Mar-2013, 2:21 am, reply_935531
Naisula Lesuuda if your r not licked contact me personally
›› Eng  22-Mar-2013, 2:59 am, reply_935535
Maadili kama nguo..... hii mwanamke inafaa kuficha thighs nkt!! I blame you men for not insisting that your women should cover their isht!!
›› kimee  22-Mar-2013, 3:07 am, reply_935537
hahahahahahaha where are you from man loves miniskirts you old bastard
›› Klintony  22-Mar-2013, 6:00 am, reply_935545
Lovely, but I think she is lying about her age. 27 or28 yrs... I think she 30. Let her tell us her year of birth tujifanyie hesabu!
›› Adams  22-Mar-2013, 8:26 am, reply_935584
kitu safi................
›› 1234588  22-Mar-2013, 8:30 am, reply_935589
::: kiti imeraruka :::
hiyo kiti amekalia first and second pic imeraruka i.e kuna kashimo hapo on the left poor studio
›› blizzard  22-Mar-2013, 8:46 am, reply_935606
She's married and she's dressing like that? What happened to modesty amongst married women. I'd expect this from passaris not a lady like Lesuuda!
›› abdubadida  22-Mar-2013, 9:09 am, reply_935623
pwahahaha i dont know her from kbc, so there are people who still watch kbc. I know her from twitter so she is truly digital.
›› same ol gee  22-Mar-2013, 9:23 am, reply_935639
yaani watu waliambiwa didital wakadhani ni mchezo sasa uliza citizen na kbc. alafu sakaja was nominated thank u tna. mtu anipatie bio ya sakaja na oloo they mean bizness
›› bristle  22-Mar-2013, 11:41 am, reply_935791
hizo miguu si zina ka kama hockey sticks hakuna mazgwembe
›› ABUNWASI  22-Mar-2013, 12:19 pm, reply_935836
huyu ni senator wa wapi..? I need to 'devolve' my citizenship..!
›› Thomas Kub  23-Mar-2013, 6:17 am, reply_936423
Ndauo galz equals no cleet.
›› kadinyarees  23-Mar-2013, 12:54 pm, reply_936705
naisula leisuda ni sis wa bensouda? no wonder TNA selected her ndio kesi ikwishe
›› slimdadaman1  23-Mar-2013, 4:12 pm, reply_936877
somebody get me her number !-- Size yangu Kabisa !!
›› Zakale  26-Mar-2013, 11:51 am, reply_938837
Some TNA bigshot must be chewing this!!!
›› ABUNWASI  26-Mar-2013, 2:17 pm, reply_938975
›› wakathambi  26-Mar-2013, 9:24 pm, reply_939308
28 no 34 and upp waliokataliwa ni wanahinchi wakule nyumbani hata sihasa nzimewalemea
›› kimee  28-Mar-2013, 10:32 am, reply_940473
Mrs senator next you strike a pose please spread legs little bit i love upskirt with a white lingerie i promise i will wank till i am blistered and bruised
›› Bada Lingam  29-Mar-2013, 10:18 am, reply_941277
unajua nili sema huyu mama si vajo wa 27 admin aka toa comment yangu
›› webbz  30-Mar-2013, 8:42 pm, reply_942433
damn da thngs i can do to you.
 * Showing only the most recent 25 comments... ›› Show all 31 comments
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Call Nairobi From U S & Canada At 2.5 Cents/min  Listing 27787, 133,746 clicks, 31,077,111 impressions
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