| The Nairobian: Who Is Screwing Tujus Wife?
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The Nairobian: Who Is Screwing Tujus Wife?
Listing #116140 by ›› kingz mojoz on 10-Mar-2013 10:47 pm . 5,095 views . 15 comments . 66 prints . 3 favorites .  › Flag This Listing
a young fmr GSU officer.


›› kingz mojoz  10-Mar-2013, 10:54 pm, reply_923457
pictures speak louder than links/words and am not yr uncle ...get that thru yr thick head
›› MPENDA LUNGULA  10-Mar-2013, 10:58 pm, reply_923461
@ kings = nitro................... when will you start losing weight ? .... kata shonde
›› nitro  10-Mar-2013, 11:01 pm, reply_923463
^^^ fool don't know a thing, from 2morow I will descend on you. ...
›› kingz mojoz  10-Mar-2013, 11:18 pm, reply_923470
Tuju is set for a bruising separation battle in court with his wife of 27 y=
Tuju, a former Foreign Minister, says in an affidavit sworn in four weeks a=
go that he can no longer live as husband and wife with mother of three Ruth=
Akinyi Wanjare because she was openly cheating on him with a young former =
GSU officer who is five years younger than Tuju's eldest son. He also claim=
s that his wife is abusive and violent.
Judicial Separation Cause No. 33 of 2013 filed at the High Court in Nairobi=
lists Ruth as the first respondent and Anthony Ogunda, her alleged lover w=
ho is also referred to as Tony Ogunda in some of the court documents, as th=
e second responndent. Tuju claims he has photographic evidence and telephon=
e messages of the alleged affair (listed as Exhibit RT1.) He claims the two=
have embarassed him by conducting the affair in public.=20
'Sometime in the year 2011 I learnt that my wife was adulterous band (had) =
become very abusive and disrespectful to an extent of playing her adulterou=
s life even at the knowledge of my children and workers. While I was away f=
rom home attending official and business duties, wherein I am mostly requir=
ed to be out of the country or when I am away in politics, I learnt that my=
wife had a partner booyfriend who she used to commit adultery with,' says =
Tuju in court documents filed by Laichena Mugambi & Company Advocates.
Ruth appointed Omwoyo, Momanyi Gichuki and Company as her advocates on Febr=
uary 28 while Anthony wrote to the court on February 27 indicating appointm=
ent of Ombeta and Associates to represent him.=20
Tuju says he got married to Ruth on November 15th, 1986 and have three chil=
dren - two twin daughters and son. All of them adults.
In the petition Tuju claims his wife had gone as far as to bring Anthony to=
their matrimonial home in Karen Estate and she had at one time rented an a=
partment in Ngong for her lover 'where she spent most of her time.' Tuju sa=
id he and Ruth have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for over one year bu=
t Ruth left their Karen home on February 8 this year and threatened to mess=
up Tuju.=20
Tuju is seeking separation from Ruth - a permanent restraining order agains=
t her and Anthony from accessing his residential and business premies in Na=
irobi and Karen. In seeking separation, Tuju offers to give monthly mainten=
ance allowance of Sh 200,000 to Ruth and continue paying her balance of the=
Sh 180,000 bank car loan in two monthly instalments of Sh 90,000.=A0 He ex=
presses fears that if she is given more money than he proposes, she will on=
ly use this to 'maintain her jobless young man.' he also offers to pay for =
any medical bills his wife may incur for what he refers to as her 'behaviou=
ral problems.'
›› Patra  10-Mar-2013, 11:22 pm, reply_923471
Some young GSU officer younger than tuju's own son apparently it is the rude behavior of this officer that is torturing Tuju to the extent he is filing for separation. From the story I think the wife is bipolar and one of the effects of bipolar disorder is Mania and in the manic phase patients tend to be hyper in everything including hpersexuality Rapho should just take her to a psychiatrist and he will get her diagnosed and put on medication that can control her mania and her depressive periods.
›› coldpilsner   10-Mar-2013, 11:37 pm, reply_923479
kingz mojoz you've been extended the rare privilege of being refereed as an 'uncle ' na una ringa kama mwanamke?

you're a pussy boy
›› kingz mojoz  10-Mar-2013, 11:39 pm, reply_923481
coldpilsner, one day i slapped a kikuyu chokora on the streets of nairobi for calling me uncle..ati uncle nisaidie shiriggi. I do not entertain such nonsense
›› coldpilsner   10-Mar-2013, 11:49 pm, reply_923490
patra how can you conclude someone is bipolar by reading a newspaper column? SMH


si a ishi na huyo mwanamke tu
›› MPENDA LUNGULA  11-Mar-2013, 5:09 am, reply_923555
@ nitropig am waiting its on!!!!
›› PAMBA Online < 7 minutes   11-Mar-2013, 7:17 am, reply_923576
@ kings, you should know people in this village, uwesmake is a horse not a donkey and if you doubt me ask admin!
›› Ms. Kitheremende  11-Mar-2013, 7:42 am, reply_923584
Wah my comment was removed by Admin- I wonder what criteria are used to remove comments- it was mild compared to the vitriol being spewed forth here
›› Troop  11-Mar-2013, 10:43 am, reply_923741
Once a woman starts disrespecting and cheating on you, show her the door. Wanawake ni wengi sana.
›› Pinche  12-Mar-2013, 12:48 am, reply_924657
Hahahahahahaha always working forgetting wife need need to uncloged lucky she dint screw the gardener or plumber
›› Patra  14-Mar-2013, 9:53 am, reply_927203
I is called the art of reading between the lines you know the school you got to in high school determines you forever. Why would tUju be willing to continue paying all her medical bills, her behavior is mentioned as being irrational her daughter says the mother has attacked her not just once she disappear for days and comes back like nothing has happened. To add to all this we have dealt with Bipolar patients the tell tale signs are there. It may not be lucid to the lay man but go to school for about 5-6 years get your basic medical degree then may be if you so please come and tell me what you think oops a masters in Psychiatry could also help narrow it down for you.
›› Pinche  14-Mar-2013, 10:02 am, reply_927221
I am suprised people vote for this guy the can't perform in bed what makes you think they will perform in parliament just bunch of ups
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