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Prof..in Mbeya
Listing #114672 by ›› Prof. Jakihii on 03-Mar-2013, 10:44 am   . 1,617 views . 6 comments . Printed 81 times .  › Flag This Listing

Prof.hadavery long but nice ride from Iringa to mbeya,thaks Aisha mtoto wa kiarabukwa kunizungushia kiuno usiku zima.sauti yako nyororo na kilio wakati wa kufanya mapenzi ndizo zitafanya ni rudi Mbeya tena.prof is off to subawanga now after arriving Tunduma boarder just a few minutes ago.He will spend a night in subawanga then start off for mbeya at ten in the morning.from mbeya he will proceed to Dar.aboard Auric then catch the 13:00hrs precision air to Nairobi.prof. Will cast his vote at 16:00hrs. Dont hate prof. Just pray and work hard to be like him.unlike Kung'u the pilot, prof.ls real
picha za coomer to follow soon.

mlimakitonga.just lie Maai Mahiu

Mbeya mjini


›› c3  03-Mar-2013, 10:49 am, reply_913751
ni---r you cant afford a cab??
›› Isaack Newtøn Sonko  03-Mar-2013, 10:50 am, reply_913752
Jakenya unateseka sana___ lift kwa lorry ??
›› Prof. Jakihii  03-Mar-2013, 11:21 am, reply_913781
Hehee! INS, the joke is in you and c3
›› Luther12 Online < 7 minutes   03-Mar-2013, 12:23 pm, reply_913827
Nice pics prof. Endelea kujivinjari.
›› BottleJuice Online < 7 minutes   03-Mar-2013, 5:15 pm, reply_914045
Ameenda Sumbawanga kuconsult werevu.Kwani una vie County Rep wapi?
›› Prof. Jakihii  03-Mar-2013, 7:28 pm, reply_914143
Hehee Bottle Juice, mimi subawanga niko kikazi na hakuna kiti chochote cha uchaguzi natafuta.
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