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Jubilee Grand Rally Crowd And Flywing
Listing #114631 by ›› crazydude  Online < 7 minutes  on 02-Mar-2013    .  › Report/Praise Listing . 960 views . 13 comments . Printed 66 times . Favorited 1 times

The true stars of the Jubilee campaign have been the People.

The warmth, excitement and cheer created the Jubilee wave countrywide.

The professional pilots and crew of the Flywing made sure the team and staff criss crossed the whole nation without any worries.

Vote for Jubilee, Vote for Prosperity.

Kura ni 1st Round, 65% plus, Natunaringa.

Tuko Pamoja.

I believe.

›› haunted anger  02-Mar-2013, reply_913499   › Flag Comment
Utaring na mshangao 5th
Campaign ya uk ilikuwa concert au rally #Musicians
›› Manyasty  02-Mar-2013, reply_913503   › Flag Comment
Ilikuwa ni the last course of the meal
›› Ombudsman  03-Mar-2013, reply_913576   › Flag Comment
Hii ni TNA not jubilee
›› Fist of Fury Online < 7 minutes   03-Mar-2013, reply_913584   › Flag Comment
Crazydude did u get to see the stunt manuvers being pulled by the CORD choppers? hauezi pimanisha na only a fly past by TNA flywing as u cal it. Let just say the CORD choppers did the full s--- KDF-AF does during presidential/state ceremonies.
›› crazydude Online < 7 minutes   03-Mar-2013, reply_913591   › Flag Comment
Their is only one cord chopper that was a gift to rayila by a european sponsor for a deal he organised. The rest is for hire, let me explain.

Uhuru has 12 choppers. He kept 6 of the best for Jubilee. One was given to Ruto to supplement the new one he just bought. One each for Balala and Ngilu and Three for himself. The other 6 went to his leasing company. 2 were hired by the cardashians for wiper n ford k. The other candidates except Kenneth routinely hire the rest. His leasing company also owns a few cessna caravan planes n a private jet.

Now to hire one chopper can cost you between on average 150k an hour. Now for the whole day average 6hrs is 900k daily for a month is 25 million. For all 6 choppers thats 150m monthly and for the 3 months 450 million.

Uhuru manage to recoup alot of his campaign money from the choppers alone and he is still in business to make more.

So actually you were cheering for Uhuru investments, assets, pilots n crew unknownly. POLE.

›› highlander  03-Mar-2013, reply_913602   › Flag Comment
@crazydude thats real info.
›› third man  03-Mar-2013, reply_913622   › Flag Comment
@crazydude you've hit the nail on the head. These cordishians have no idea how unwittingly they finance the Jubilee campaign machinery ! thanks for showing them just a quarter of the whole picture .
›› Wakaguku  03-Mar-2013, reply_913708   › Flag Comment
In other words CORDashians money financed their opponents campaigns.... That is serious & witty business right there....
›› nitro Online < 7 minutes   03-Mar-2013, reply_913712   › Flag Comment
We know who owns helicopters and who rent helicopters.

Peace to Kenyans! Make love not war!
›› Fist of Fury Online < 7 minutes   03-Mar-2013, reply_913955   › Flag Comment
Jubilants, the issue here was not about who owns kenya rather who had the most creative entrance using choppers. And kama ni hivo then CORD has alot of money to spend = pesa sio shida boss! we can hire ur damn choppers and still have enough to manage to run our campaigns to win the elections hehehaha!... Poleni
›› nitro Online < 7 minutes   03-Mar-2013, reply_913957   › Flag Comment
^^ Very intelligent argument! Clap! Clap!
›› third man  03-Mar-2013, reply_914020   › Flag Comment
*Standing ovation* we have a genious in the house ! !
›› crazydude Online < 7 minutes   03-Mar-2013, reply_914031   › Flag Comment
A fool and his money are easily parted.
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